Canton Cover-Up Part 195: Colin Albert Is Alleged Victim Of Witness Intimidation From July 8 Voicemail Despite Not Being An Actual Witness Until July 18


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Colin Albert is one of the 8 “victims” who is an alleged victim of witness intimidation due to comments I made on YouTube on July 8, 2023. At the 2:23:30 mark I called Colin Albert during the show, much like I do other subjects of stories I’m working on, to let him share his side of the story. He chose not to answer, so I left a voicemail. As you will hear, I did a comedy bit where I imitate Colin’s behavior on a video he had previously posted on social media. I was mocking Colin for his previous threats on the “advantage boys,” who he vowed to “f*** all you up,” and made gun sounds at the end. I then abruptly changed my tone to a more serious tone and asked him about his alleged involvement in the murder of John O’Keefe.

The Commonwealth is calling this “witness intimidation” because it allegedly made Colin sad and forced him to drop out of college. They failed to point out that Colin had his dorm room visited by 2 FBI agents in April who gave him a subpoena to testify in front of a federal grand jury investigating a coverup in O’Keefe’s murder, which means that he is a suspect in John O’Keefe’s murder.

The Commonwealth also forgot to point out that on July 8, 2023, Colin Albert was not a witness for the prosecution because no one from the DA’s Office or the State Police had ever spoken with him until he was interviewed by his family friend Trooper Michael Proctor on July 18, 2023.

The only other time he spoke with investigators was on July 26, 2023, as they were building a case against me for “witness intimidation.”

Colin was inside Brian Albert’s house on the morning of January 29, 2022, although the Commonwealth claims that he he left before O’Keefe arrived. Regardless, Colin never told this story to police because he was never questioned by police. The only four witnesses inside the house who spoke with police – Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Jen McCabe, Matt McCabe – never mentioned anything about Colin being there that night.

In later filings by the Commonwealth they began to admit that Colin was there, but that his family members all said he had left the house prior to O’Keefe’s arrival.

It’s important to point out that Colin himself never told police that he had left prior to O’Keefe’s arrival, because he was never questioned by police until July 18. Until then his family members spoke for him. If Colin wasn’t at the house when John O’Keefe was killed, and he wasn’t at the bar with them prior to the after party, and he wasn’t questioned by police until July 18, 2023, then it was impossible for Colin to be a “witness” in the case on July 8, 2023. And if he wasn’t a witness when I allegedly intimidated him, then he can’t be a victim of witness intimidation.



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