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Canton Cover-Up Part 198: Judge Krupp Asks Whether Peaceful Rolling Rally, Ambush Journalism Are Protected Speech – History Shows It Is


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Judge Peter Krupp asked my attorney at my hearing on October 26:

“So, your view is that a journalist can bring a dozen other cars, honking horns in front of a witnesses house, and calling out to neighbors to call on their neighbor to do the right thing?”

However, the honking EXCLUSIVELY took place outside of the Canton Police Department, which is located on the busiest road in Canton. The honking also came EXCLUSIVELY from motorists who were not involved in the protest itself, and were merely driving by during it. At the 2:00:30 mark you can hear a big rig driver loudly honk his horn in support of the protesters, which he was not one of:

Likewise there were honks outside of Turtleboy’s arraignment in Stoughton, and even during that hearing itself. Honking is protected speech.

But the answer to Judge Krupp’s question is YES – protests are DESIGNED to make people uncomfortable. There was an incident less than 10 miles from this courtroom, 250 years ago this December, where a bunch of protesters threw tea into a harbor in order to protest against tyranny and oppression.

Martin Luther King Jr’s organization of the Birmingham Campaign focused on ILLEGALLY disrupted restaurants, churches, libraries, and more with sit ins, and was intended to overwhelm local jails. The march from Selma to Montgomery, as well as the March on Washington, relied heavily on blocking traffic while marching.

Civil rights icon John Lewis famously said on the 55th anniversary of the Selma March, which he “illegally” participated in, “never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” He also spoke of the importance of large groups of people getting together and being loud and peaceful in the streets, which he said was a better alternative than watching an injustice play out in a courtroom:

“That is what we believed in, what we were all about — a mass movement, an irresistible movement of the masses. Not a handful of lawyers in a closed courtroom, but hundreds, thousands of everyday people—disciplined, peaceful people — taking their cause and their belief to the streets.”

In the summer of 2020 we heard nationwide cries of “no justice, no peace,” in response to the death of George Floyd. This happened BEFORE Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with killing him. Like Turtleboy, these protesters were speaking out against what they believed was corruption and injustice. Unlike Turtleboy, they used threats and destroyed private property to force the government to do what they wanted them to do. They believed that the most effective way they could petition to the government to address this corruption was through large, disruptive demonstrations in public.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez stated in 2020:

“The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable. Activists take that discomfort w/ the status quo & advocate for concrete policy changes. Popular support often starts small & grows. To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable… that’s the point.”

Congresswoman Ayanna Presley, who is the chosen, elected representative of parts of Norfolk County, and who speaks for the citizens therein, stated in 2020 that “there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

Turtleboy was doing EXACTLY what this elected leader of Norfolk County directed her and others to do – making noise in the streets in response to unrest in the lives of Karen Read and other victims of police corruption.

All of these LOUD, disruptive protests had one thing in common – they all led to political change. The Boston Tea Party led to the creation of the greatest nation that ever existed – one where people are SUPPOSED to be able to speak freely without fear of arrest. The Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 led to creation of the POST commission in this state, which ensures that corrupt police officers like those who brought these fraudulent charges into this courtroom, cannot continue to oppress free citizens. The Selma March and Birmingham protest led to enactment of civil and voting rights acts.

What Turtleboy and his followers are doing is no different what any of these people did. In fact, it is the most American thing you can possibly do – come together in large groups to peacefully protest and DEMAND that the government stop oppressing. In response to this exercise of freedom the VERY SAME oppressive government agencies Turtleboy’s supporters were protesting against, sent men with guns to an award winning journalist’s home, criminalized his non-violent activism, raided his house, took his personal property and tools of his trade, violated his right to privacy, and compromised this thousands of confidential sources. They did this to send a message – STOP protesting against government corruption or we will rob you of your freedom.

On October 26 this court asked if a journalist could bring a dozen other cars honking horns, in reference to a July 22, 2023 “rolling rally” through the town of Canton. Although we do not concede that there was any honking of horns from participants in the protest itself, even if there was, it would be protected speech. It’s easy to protect quiet, non-controversial speech in support of the government. But the most important speech in need of protection is speech that is loud, controversial, and critical of the government. That is exactly what Turtleboy attempted to accomplish with the rolling rally.

Additionally, Turtleboy had been publicly stating for weeks prior that he would be organizing this peaceful protest in Canton. At no point did Canton Police Chief Helena Rafferty issue any sort of statement that this would be illegal. It was only afterwards that Chief Rafferty and the State Police began to launch an investigation and find a way to criminalize protected speech by weaponizing the witness intimidation statute.

Turtleboy is not hiding what he and his followers did that day. As a matter of fact, he filmed the entire protest on his YouTube channel. As you can see from the highlights of the rolling rally, it was attended by women, small children, elderly, and people of all backgrounds. Here are images and videos of what the government wants you to believe is “witness intimidation.”

The purpose of all peaceful protesting is to attract the attention of the media, so that the message can be amplified and the government is forced to address the corruption. The rolling rally was attended by Boston Magazine reporter Gretchen Voss, as well as local news station who broadcasted highlights of the peaceful family event. To date Turtleboy has been the only person arrested for being there.

Prior to the peaceful protest on July 22 Turtleboy announced, as he has hundreds of times prior, that he wanted the protest to be peaceful and nonviolent. He specifically ordered people NOT to attend if they couldn’t control their tempers and didn’t think they could remain peaceful:

Turtleboy is proud of what he did on July 22. So proud that he still has the 2 hour live stream of the event posted on his YouTube channel, because he is that confident that it was legal, protected speech. At the 41:30 mark Turtleboy arrives at the home of “victim” Jennifer McCabe and points out that she has no trespassing signs on her front lawn, and would not be stepping foot on her property.

Weeks earlier those signs were NOT there when Turtleboy went to her home to question her about her involvement in the murder of a Boston Police Officer, so he rang her doorbell and stood in front of her door, which was wide open.

The ONLY intimidation and violence on the day of the rolling rally came from the alleged victims in this case, and their supporters. Elizabeth Proctor, who has a stay away order on Turtleboy, posted a picture on Facebook of local activist Angela Chan O’Donnell, who like Turtleboy has been a vocal critic of the government and attended the rally with her 3 year old son.

Elizabeth Proctor did this in order to scare her into ever attending the protest. No one stepped foot on her property during the protest, and children had set up a lemonade stand across the street knowing the rally would be going to Wentworth Road. During the protest Elizabeth sent someone to Turtleboy’s house to leave a note vowing to publicly his address, conceding that much like Turtleboy’s actions, such behavior was perfectly legal.

The only illegal action that occurred in Canton on July 22 was when a woman named Diana White, who is a close friend of the same government officials Turtleboy’s supporters were protesting, threw an egg at a 5 year old boy who was with his mother in the protest. To this day Turtleboy has been charged for his actions that day, but she has not:

There is nothing unique, novel, or illegal about Turtleboy’s tactics. So called “ambush journalism,” in which journalists surprise people they are investigating by confronting them on camera in order to ask them questions and make them feel uncomfortable, has been a commonly used, highly effective tactic for reporters for decades. There are too many examples to count, but here are several.

Compilation of Boston reporter Mike Beaudet confronting subjects of HIS investigations, including a judge in public.

Rachael Rollins threatens reporter with arrest outside her house after being confronted about road rage incident FIRST REPORTED BY TURTLEBOY.


Reporters and protesters occupy streets outside of Derek Chauvin’s home on May 27, 2020, BEFORE he was charged or arrested for any crime, in order to persuade the government to charge him with George Floyd’s murder. This tactic turned out to be effective.

Turtleboy is using these exact same tactics to persuade the government to charge Michael Proctor and others with covering up the murder of John O’Keefe.

Protesters protest outside of homes of Supreme Court Justices in order to urge and coerce them into upholding Roe vs. Wade.

Alex Stein confronts Brittney Griner at airport.

Inside Edition confronts fare evaders. 

Reporter Bill Melugin confronts real estate imposter scamming people out of security deposits.

Reporter Bill Melugin confronts man selling sick puppies.

Reporter confronts Philadelphia Mayor at his home, and gets assaulted and challenged to a fight.

Compilation of reporters knocking on doors.

Reporter confronts Ilhan Omar in elevator.

Reporters confront Las Vegas elected official Robert Telles at his home BEFORE he was charged with any crime.

Reporter confronts officer Matthew Boynton, not yet charged or accused of crime.


Reporter James O’Keefe confronts subject of his investigation.

Reporter confronts woman involved in fraudulent signatures for congressional candidate in Rhode Island.

Activist confronts Senator Jeff Flake in elevator, preventing him from leaving, in order to persuade him from voting against confirmation of SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh.

Turtleboy has also used these tactics as part of investigations. In September of 2020 Turtleboy began holding loud, disruptive protests outside of a nonprofit in Boston owned by Monica Cannon-Grant. As a result of Turtleboy’s investigations into Cannon-Grant she was investigated by the US Attorney’s Office and has since been indicted. The people Turtleboy is protesting are also under investigation by this same US Attorney’s Office.

On Wednesday at 3 PM we will be having a full hearing in Norfolk Superior Court to make these arguments in front of Judge Krupp. All are welcomed to attend.


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  1. What I feel needs to be further investigated in this case is the affiliation between Brian Albert and the owner of Matt Kelly’s Pub. There is a correlation there, trust me. The bar owners brother was alos a longtime MA State trooper, and Proctor may have connections there.

    1. Yes, because anyone who has ever known any of the Alberts is part of the conspiracy, right? I imagine the conspiracy even goes so deep as to spoof GPS signals to show JO never entering the house!

      How are you smooth-brained turds going to react when the jury finds KR guilty in about 30 seconds flat? Will you protest and march in the streets, will you send Aiden a cake with file in it, or will you hopefully just slink back under the logs and rocks you were hiding in before you started falling for this bullshit?

      1. Well you see that’s the thing, there would be none of this “bullshit” if there wasn’t so much bullshit! So if you are bothered by the fact that people believe Read isn’t guilty, then your issue is with those that CAUSED Read to look not guilty. Your anger should be towards Brian Albert, Proctor, Bukhenik, Tully, CPD, and the NCDAO. But it’s not about that is it, this is about your hatred for Aidan, you could care less about O’Keefe.

          1. You know it, just can’t actually prove it. My kid used to know Santa was real, just that pesky issue of proving it! So IF Read killed O’Keefe, then go ahead and be pissed at all the moron cops, investigators, and DA’s office for not being able to prove it, not the ones that dont blindly believe statements without facts. If they did their job, and she did it, you could prove it.

    2. This is the second time I believe you mentioned Matt Kelly’s and someone there, or the owner knowing inside info about the Read case! I hope in gets looked into, or you can reveal more.

      1. I ASSURE you, there is a connection there. The parents of the aforementioned lived in Canton since the early 70’s, and were good friends with Bernie Albert.

  2. The judge was NOT impressed with your arguments but feels he needs to consider them onlhy due to your claim that witness harrassment is a protected activity under the First Amendment. This is similar to a famous case where a Supreme Court justice was asked to distinguish between erotica and pornoigraphy, and he replied “I know it when I see it”. Anyone who isn’t brainwashed knows that your lacrosse game antics and chasing away business outside of D&E Pizza was harrassment, not journalism. And announcing on a live show that “I’m going after their families!” isn’tjournalism eother, it’s harrassment, You know it, I know it, and the good judge knows it too.

    The judge was also not impressed with Bradl turning in his petition so late and expecting it to be heard the next day.

    None of this was a win in court for you, looosah.

    P.S. Is it true the long-suffering Julieann is talking to a divorce attorney?

        1. So you’re ok with framing an innocent person? Just as long as it’s not you, right? Lying sacks of shit, all of you

      1. Why don’t you visit the Turtleboy graveyard and ask all the people who he has brought to justice or down a couple hundreds pegs?? I think they will disagree. Speaking of clowns, who is this one, Krusty the horrible mother, Chrissy Albert, Jen, Jill? The possibilities are endless. So many douchebags, so little time

    1. Hello again Kate, would you please consider downing a bottle of pill tonight, ya know fit everyone’s benefit?

    2. Omg enough already. You’re the lossah for reading every blog and writing a fucking novela in the comments. You honestly think people will actually read all this nonsense you blab about? Keep it brief. P.s. your comments scream boomer. I bet your real name is Sharon Albert.

  3. You’ve offered an absolutely persuasive case here; smart to highlight that this approach to protest is not associated with or limited to any particular political perspective – it has been used across the political spectrum to successful effect for hundreds of years.

    1. Lord knows Bradl’s not doing it. He IS getting paid well. Just remember TB isn’t paying the bill, all of us poor Turdle Riders are paying him. From what I’ve seen, I want my money back. Lauren Hayden could do a better job, and she’s not even an attorney (yeah, she passed the bar exam, but so did Chat-GPT).

      1. Hey Krusty McAlbert, you’re so far from a turtle rider. You’re not even the watery shots that come from a turtles ass. Hope you have a VPN but if your Chris prob not since you don’t pay your bills. Can’t wait to see who you really are. With all this information you have I’d be careful. It’s not hard to add names to a civil rights/liability lawsuit. Nevermind the feds. Well atleast you had a good run. Even if u get elected again the feds will take you soon after… good luck buttercup bwhahahaha

  4. I am not trying to piss off the people who believe Karen Read hit John O’Keefe but if anyone can provide answers to these questions.
    1.Why did state police change their story from a 3 point turn to over a year later changed it to she backed up and hit him at a speed of 24mph
    2. No one in the house witnessed Karen hitting John but yet they are all witnesses
    3. There was 1 witness who saw Karen parked in front of the house by herself
    4. Why was 3 minutes of footage deleted that would show Karen driving by with no broken tail light
    5. There is another witness who plowed the street and said there was NO body laying on the front lawn in only 2 inches of snow at 2:00 am
    6. Why there was a ford edge parked in front of where they found John 2 hours later and the snow plow driver testified he had to drive around the ford edge at 3:00 am
    7. Why was there only 6 droplets of blood in the snow with a 2.5″ gash the snow and ground should have been saturated with blood.
    8. Why a decorated BPD officer would not go out and talk with local and state police after finding a dead BPD officer on his front lawn
    9. Why didn’t CPD go into the house and investigate after they found a man with no coat and missing 1 shoe who is friends with the BPD officer who owns the house
    10. How did state police find a piece of tail light on top of 12 inches of snow 12 feet from the street and CPD missed it. It would have been too far back for a Plow to have dug it up.
    11. Why did they rip up the basement floor when it was only 4 years old and why sell the house for 50 grand less then asking price in the peak of the market.
    12. Where’s the dog
    I am sure there is more but can you explain any of these facts

    1. They can’t. Anyone on here that doesn’t have the same questions you are listing has to be one of or related to these criminals. Their days is coming.

  5. This IS what journalists do. They ask questions It’s no different than Woodward and Bernstein, Mike Wallace and Ayatollah Khomeini.
    Power will never have to concern themselves with what we have to say if we can’t even exercise our voices.
    God bless the United States

  6. I agree with this entire thread, except for on small item. The protesting outside of a sitting US Supreme Court Justice house is actually illegal. Should pull that one off this article.

    1. Yeah I kinda agree, also as much as people might complain about my comment, in regard to the protests outside Derek Chauvin’s, it WAS during the BLM protests, so law enforcement looked the other way and allowed rioting, so I guess he’s (Chauvin) is lucky they didn’t drag him from his house, burn it down, and beat him to death, none of which probably would’ve been investigated! But……..the issue before the judge is, when does the law get applied, why, and does this fall into that application of the law. Personally, I think it does, it’s a time of over stepping by government and law enforcement, ALL people are tired of it, not just minorities! That’s what was being protested here. The inept, conflicted investigators, and a DA’s office that basically says, “whatever, you need to believe what we tell you!” No, NO we don’t, you need to prove and justify what you tell us!!

    2. It is only illegal if certain stipulations are broken. The law is subject to interpretation and by circumstances.

  7. People in charge of govt just don’t accept that citizens are the press and they’re not going to.

    In the minds of dumb ass judges, the legacy media and prosecutors only MSNBC, NPR and the Globe are press. The Herald and NY Post don’t even qualify.

    The Leftist have taken control of 90% of the institutions they don’t care about rights or fairness. You’ll be dropped by your bank and insurance company for your political speech next.

    Become a Paparazzi you’ll be treated better.

  8. Is an Activist Judge with glasses mentally and legally competent to hold hearings? Seriously he can’t even read or see… without eye glasses. Seems like he is cheating and isn’t a true judge, perhaps his constitutional rights should be limited. The same goes for Ambush Journalists, Activist Judge Krupp knows they can’t use the first amendment!

    Give me a break, Activist Judge Krupp and everybody else knows the Bill Of Rights is only for people and things that the government likes.

  9. TB, stick to the facts and history without including such retarded fucks as AOC and the Squalid Squad. You don’t need the bad press associated with such scum. You’re good.

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