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Canton Cover-Up Part 20: DA’s Office Claims Picture Of Jennifer McCabe’s Daughters With Trooper Michael Proctor Are Not Really Her Kids In Court Filings

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Tonight on the Live Show at 9 PM (which you can watch by clicking here and subscribing to our YouTube channel), we will be going over the entire memorandum from the Commonwealth in opposition to Karen Read’s attorney’s motions to produce animal control records and Brian Albert’s cellphone records. However, one of the things that stuck out to me most was this allegation from the Norfolk County DA’s Office, stating that the defense was wrong when they alleged that State Trooper Michael Proctor was pictured with Jennifer McCabe’s children on a Facebook post.

This would be significant because the defense is claiming that Trooper Proctor was a close family friend to the McCabe and Albert families, and chose not to disclose this because he is actively protecting them. Most of evidence that has been presented of the relationship between Proctor and these families are Facebook pictures from Proctor’s sister’s Facebook page showing McCabe’s and Albert’s at Proctor family functions.

It would be an extremely easy thing for the Commonwealth to disprove that the girls pictured with Proctor in our original story are not Jennifer McCabe’s children. If the defense would be so brazen as to lie about that, any normal person might ask themselves what else they were lying about? I had a hard time believing that the DA’s Office would present something to the court that I could disprove by sitting on my phone looking at Facebook pictures.

But I underestimated just how stupid and incompetent DA Michael Morrissey and ADA Adam Lally are.

In the image I shared I redacted the children’s faces in order to protect them from being featured on the blog.

That’s because I care about children and believe them to be innocent of the sins of their parents. But by including this in their memorandum the Norfolk County DA’s Office, the McCabes, the Alberts, and the Proctors, have shown that they don’t care the least bit about shielding their children from this. They too can be sacrificed in defense of the adults inside 34 Fairview Road on that fateful January night. In order to disprove the Commonwealth’s allegations I have no choice but to show the unredacted image from court documents.


The girl in the pink is Proctor’s niece (his sister Courtney’s daughter). The girls behind him are two of Jennifer and Matt McCabe’s four daughters, Olivia and Madison McCabe.

Here’s the same girl on Jennifer McCabe’s still wide open Facebook page a year prior to the Proctor image.

She’s the varsity goalie for Canton girl’s lacrosse now.

Here they are the two girls in Jennifer’s current 2021 Facebook profile picture.

It’s the same two girls. It took Adam Lally two weeks to come up with that, and it took me two seconds to debunk it. This is one of dozens of examples of how weak the Commonwealth’s case is now, and how desperate they are to try to protect the people who killed John O’Keefe.

“The juvenile female depicted is not one of the McCabes four daughters.”

Yea, we know. But the two girls right next to him at a private family party, that he stopped by while on the job, clearly are. Maybe they were just lost? Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the angle the prosecution goes with now. They are that desperate.

Here is another picture showing Proctor’s sister at a family event next to McCabe children, with Chicken Parm Charlie (Chris Albert) directly behind her.

Here’s Proctor’s sister sharing a picture of Colin Albert as a little boy, and again as a teenager.

Here’s Colin Albert, who was so close to the Proctor family that he was in Proctor’s sister’s wedding party, right near the State Trooper who is actively covering up his involvement in John O’Keefe’s murder.

But please, DA Morrissey, tell me more how “he is not” a close family friend.

Then again, we already knew that Jennifer McCabe doesn’t really care about protecting her children. If she did then she wouldn’t have helped cover up a murder, knowing it could put her and her husband in prison and prevent them from watching their daughters graduate from high school.


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