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Canton Cover-Up Part 206: 911 Audio Reveals Multiple Motorists Called Police Over Stoneham Karen Read Overpass Protests


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The Free Karen Read/Free Turtleboy highway overpass standouts have been an almost daily occurrence across Massachusetts and parts of New Hampshire for the last 2 months. Peaceful protesters have been coming together, holding signs and raising awareness about the case in Norwood, Weymouth, Kingston, Seabrook NH, Saugus, Worcester, Holyoke, Westfield, Millis, Oxford, and countless other locations.

The Marble Street overpass on I-93 in Stoneham has been one of the most frequented by protesters, as the rush hour traffic ensures maximum visibility.

Unfortunately, as we have seen with a lot during this saga, these peaceful protests have led to calls for censorship. Multiple people wasted the police’s time by alerting the to this traffic hazard in Stoneham, which they hoped would put them to an end. See if you can recognize any of these voices.

“They have several signs. I thought it was just a one off yesterday, but today they were back.”

Oh no, not signs! She thought these scofflaws would just do it once and go away, but they came back the next day! Look at these criminals!

“I hate to be a rat but this is the third day in a row they’ve caused a 20 minute backup in rush hour traffic with signs saying Free Karen Read.”

Sir, you definitely do NOT hate being a rat. Here’s a thought though – perhaps there was a 20 minute backup on the high way BECAUSE it was rush hour traffic.

“There’s about 14 or 15 people on the bridge causing a traffic jam.”

Next thing you know they’ll allow billboards and other signage along highways! The traffic is the protester’s fault, not the drivers in bumper to bumper traffic choosing to look at them.

The more this movement grows the more they will try to silence us, and the more we will push back. The Canton Police are trying to arrest peaceful protesters for being in eyeshot of a deadbeat who killed a man in 1994, the Commonwealth is trying to gag Karen Read’s attorneys for talking about the case, and an award winning journalist is facing decades in prison for asking questions to a bunch of cop killers. But the more they push back, the more we fight back. Because we ain’t got no quit.

I am humbled and honored that so many complete strangers are giving up their free time to hold signs not only for Karen Read, but for me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


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  1. First of all, “I hate to be a rat” No, you don’t
    Secondly, how are people standing on a bridge causing gridlock? Attention jackass’s, you’re supposed to keep your eye on the road, not reading signs unrelated to traffic control. The gridlock is caused by the volume of traffic, not by pedestrians on a bridge

  2. So then what about all those highway sites that are where someone died? It’s usually a cross with flowers, etc? Isn’t that a distraction as well.

    What about when the summer is ending on Cape Cod and all those year long residents are on overpasses waving goodbye to the tourists? Isn’t that a distraction?

    Cars pulled over on the highways are a distraction as well.

    The point is as drivers we face a lot of distractions on the road and we need to learn to manage them. The biggest distraction is our own phones.

    If they take away the rights of Karen Read / Aidan Kearney Supporters to stand on an overpass then they need to evaluate a lot of other scenarios and eliminate those as well.

    1. They better remove those electronic MASSDOT signs before those start causing traffic with the stupid messages they put on them.

      1. We’re fucked, plan and simple!! It’s not the signs, it’s not the people, is what’s on the signs! It’s just like N. Korea, and the former USSR, “have all the signs you want, as long as they say what we tell you!!

    2. Next they say you can’t stand there with an American Flag, like people have been doing forever!! Hey come to think of it, did they even tell the BLM crews to get off the overpasses?

  3. I might go to one of these protests to try and score a GILF or MILF. I’ll invite Wendy Murphy to guarantee I get some scissoring action.

  4. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” – Ronald Reagan
    – keep fighting!

    1. Unfortunately, the Dems figured out that they’d have to change the entire demographics of the US in order to win Presidential elections. They’ve imported enough to swamp every future election with enough scumbags to completely overwhelm the votes of the working yt middle class.

    1. Why the fuck would you do that?!? Are you that eager to declare “I’m a follower!” to your neighbors? You know the instant the neighbors start Googling they’re going to discover what a grift this has all been, right? It ain’t gonna make you look like an Einstein, that’s for sure.

      1. I was asking for all myself and my neighbors who are also looking for lawn signs to support attention to this story. There are about ten of us on the main drag and regardless of what your desperate mind thinks, there are hundreds of thousands of people in Mass following this story. Including many of the boys in blue who don’t want common citizens to turn their backs on them over a few bad apples. Boo hoo to you !

          1. Just looking for my lawn sign. No reason to continue arguing with murdering sympathizers.

      2. How is it a grift?? Oh wait, “being a follower” means you take an interest in an innocent woman being locked up for a murder she didn’t commit?

        I posted this yesterday on another blog, but some other troll apparently can’t answer it, so maybe you will. I doubt it.

        Explain this:

        No crime scene tape. BA stays in his house, No ring cameras collected from the neighbors. No one searches BA’s house (there could have been someone else injured/dead in that house and they never checked). Missing coat and shoe on JO. Phone calls/texts deleted by JM. Library footage “missing”. Family friend made the lead investigator. Geofence data incomplete due to lack of IOS phones. Apple health data shows JO ascending/descending 3 flights. Lexus going 24.2mph in reverse (in snow and purportedly drunk) in 62 feet??? (after theory of 3 point turn made fun of due to utter impossibility). 35 taillight pieces found in a blizzard after just CLEAR cocktail glass found at scene. JO found 12 feet from road (I hit a deer going 35mph the other day – it landed 3-4 feet from where I hit it). 5 undocumented “searches” for taillight pieces. Chloe. Basement floor done over. House sold for 50k less than asking price. The FORD EDGE (4 in the Albert family?)

        There are 18 points that seriously call into question Karen Read’s guilt….frankly, the Lexus data is the only one I need….that and the fact that NO ONE saw John O’Keefe there in the tiny bit of snow from !2:30 -6AM.

        What say you??

        PS- my screen name is “it was never a death investigation’ because it never was – reports from later that day show police referring to it as a motor vehicle homicide, whereas it should have been a death investigation, and you know it.

        1. That is awesome!!! but 1 more fact- the snow plow driver said there was no BODY on the Alberts front lawn when he drove by at 2:30 am

          1. Oh, I was just scratching the surface with that list. These people have no idea how they are going to get raked over the coals. Jackson and Yanetti and Little 2024.

      3. Blindly believing made up “facts” presented by the DA and a conflicted investigation, yeah……..who’s the follower? They keep changing their story, you blindly believe it, LMAO

    2. Concerned Citizen: Join the Justice for John O’Keefe and Karen Read Turtleboy Official FB group. Contact @RayLudvigson for signs!

  5. Here’s an interesting conundrum: Kate Peters lost her children, and the McAlberts act like they’re royalty in Canton, but neither of those facts prevented Aiden from being arrested and charged with 9 felonies, and neither of those facts prevented all of those women from dumping his dysfunctional ass at the same time. What are the odds that either of those facts will prevent him from serving time? Answer:none at all.

    And now, with the leaked messages showing him doubting Karen Read’s story, and communicating with her to coordinate the witness intimidation, and with the morons protesting in Canton at Aiden’s subtle “read between the lines” request and thereby violating his conditions of release…well, hos long until he’s actually behind bars? I say Thanksgiving at the latest. I doubt his freedom will last until Dec 5th.

    He must be pretty scared by now, I imagine, and afraid to leave his immediate neighborhood.

    A year from now there won’t be a Turtleboy Sports, and both he and Karen Read will be behind bars.

    But shit…if he’s got 4 or 5 angry chicks wanting to get revenge on him, and an angry wife, and (from what I hear from the school) whiny not-so-bright children (bad home environment will do that), well, he might just regard being in jail as a vacation of sorts.

    1. Krusty get back to your full time job of digging through Aidan’s garbage cans, like the trash Sasquatch panda you have always been, looking for his dirty tissues to eat and add to your TB shrine. Don’t forget to bring your bottom bitch hot dog water riccio along for the ride maybe he can help you find some old Newport butts in the dumpster to feed to your the remaining crotchfruit you’re allowed to see

      1. While I agree with almost everything you said here lol the way “Albert Shannon” writes comments on every single article here leads me to believe it’s none other than Sean McCabe. He has a certain style, if you will, and it’s so clearly him. Go check out his comments on the Turtleboy FB page under the shared articles there and you’ll see what I mean lmao

    2. I’m sure there are plenty of places online where you can comment and people will agree with you and believe your bullshit, yet you come here! What a pathetic life, everyday reading TB so you can troll the comment section! Will you please consider suicide?

      1. Listen I support Aidan and Karen Read 100% and I agree with everything else you said but please don’t ever tell someone to commit suicide it’s a VERY SERIOUS THING. Thank you

      1. Too funny, because either your the same person or in the same boat. You need and want that so bad.
        Your pissing yourself that this went this far, and so much had been exposed.
        It sucks that you are corrupt.
        It’s sucks that you won’t look at truth because then you or your people are screwed.
        No matter what happens, your old life is gone.
        Sucks to be you.

        1. I can’t wait until turtle is my cell mate
          He better save that defense fund money because he’s going to need protection in prison

  6. Hmm I recognize that first voice o think that crazy twat stalker broad from (Earlier this year) court recordings who had her cheesehog fat mother lie under oath for her (and no it’s not Krusty). these people need to get a GRIP. Third voice sounds like a Calilou but idk

  7. Nice pictures. They say “We’re not smart enough to be paralegals”.

    And from personal experience I can honestly say that’s not a real high bar.

  8. I can tell you that here in Stoneham we want these people to go away. They’re worse than Jehovah Witnesses.

      1. I’m sure she’d read up on the case, especially now that KR’s friend Natalie has leaked the messages she relayed between TB and KR (as well as proving that TB spoke to KR via phone and Signal). She’d then look at all of these misguided morons who took Aidan’s word and cry “Why? WHY?!?” louder than when that bimbo Tanya had her knee whacked.

    1. Speak for yourself not all of Stoneham. You have 8 – votes what’s that tell you? Go home and don’t look if you don’t like it!

    2. You start by insulting another religion.
      I’m not sure anyone likes you! I work in Stoneham all the time, for over 25 years. In fact one of my employees lives there so I should ask . It’s a town full of very nice people who hate snakes .

  9. A bunch of sudden calls complaining about the overpass standout are clearly an effort of the canton crew to stop it. The message is “stop the small town corrupt bullshit steering the investigation away from the people in the house, calling them witnesses so they can’t be allegedly criminally liable”. All common sense shows he was ragged out half dead.Theres also some car computer data showing something happened earlier outside the house but nobody saw it. CANNOT SAY THIS ANY MORE CLEAR…please fairly investigate anyone who was anywhere near that house from the minute O’Keefe left that bar..that means everyone’s phones and seperate detailed interviews about what they saw and said. Steering the investigation away from the owner of the house after a clearly beat up coworker basically freezes to death on his front lawn with one shoe on clearly indicates the good ole boy fix was in full effect here..all the people ask is for a wide wider all encompassing investigation they tried to make this one open and shut

  10. How about don’t allow cops to cover up a murder and we won’t have to stand out with signs! Don’t arrest a journalist for reporting. How about that? Fuck your traffic

  11. Oh boo hoo get over it! If these protesters were representing BLM or protesting climate change then they’d be fine with it, right? Get used to traffic and backups on an interstate in Mass, it’s everywhere anytime of day now you douches.

  12. Do these callers have a lives? Honestly of all the things to call police over… there’s ALWAYS traffic by the stoneham exits because 93 and 95 are right there…

  13. Why did the lockdown have to end?!!!! Greatest years of my life!…

    I told them give the hospitals 2 or 3 weeks to flatten the curve on March 10 2020 😂… closed the schools😂 then I said we’d re-open June 18, 2020 LOL 😂 they believed me😂. Told them George Floyd and BLM mass protests were safe… just because I could. Made aisles one way only in grocery stores 😂. Playgrounds had crime tape around them, we took down the basketball nets, you couldn’t walk on the fucking beach 😂. Do you know how many deplorables I fired? how many careers I crushed? the power was intoxicating.

    Then I canceled 4th of July 😂, cookouts, labor day, Halloween, and said no turkeys over 12lbs 😂 for Thanksgiving and that was 6 months later…. on June 15, 2021 I had to re-open the state worst day of my life….

    Phase 3 step 1, 40% capacity… increased mask guidance for indoor venues, no live music, plexiglass partitions. Phase 2 step 2 outdoor dining. Daily death reports, new infection rates, meaningless covid tests.

    I ordered non essential workers to stay home from work.. for fucking years😂. I closed the schools. Robert Kraft was flying paper masks and safety glasses in from China like a hero as if safet glasses stop viruses 😂, Marty Walsh paused the re-opening and went backwards 😂. Fuck man those were some heady times.

  14. The COVID bullshit really pumped these people’s self importance up to ridiculous levels.

    They love calling the police on anyone who offends them.

  15. Would. Would (no homo). Would. Would. Would. Would. Would. Would. Would. Would. Would. Would. Would (no homo, again). Would.
    I’d even hit nana, just slide the ol’ eyepatch over the other side so she can imagine she’s getting hit by Van Johnson and BANG BANG – she’s queen of the “Scrap Metal Drive to Beat The Hun !!” dance at The Continental once again…

  16. Now every time I see campaigning on an overpass I am calling the police.
    Let’s see them show up every time.
    I doubt it, but remember they did this.
    Don’t let anyone step on your first amendment rights!

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