Canton Cover-Up Part 208: Newly Uncovered Video Shows Michael Proctor Dancing And Eating With Colin And Chris Albert At Courtney Proctor’s 2012 Wedding


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During Karen Read’s hearing on September 15 ADA Adam Lally said in open court that there was simply no evidence of Trooper Proctor having a close connection with the Albert family.

In an August 25 press release District Attorney Michael Morrissey claimed that Trooper Proctor “had no close personal relationship with ANY of the parties involved in the investigation, had no conflict, and had no reason to step out of the investigation. Every suggestion to the contrary is a lie.”

Chris Albert certainly was one of the parties “involved in the investigation,” and according to Morrissey this meant that Proctor did not have a close personal relationship with Albert.

However, recently discovered video from Michael Proctor’s sister’s wedding proves that this was a lie.

In two videos posted to Vimeo, Michael Proctor can be seen at Courtney Proctor’s wedding with 7 year old Colin Albert, as well as being seated at a table with Chris Albert, Colin, and Jill Daniels. In the videos they are all seen ironically dancing to “We are family.” Here are Michael Proctor, Jill Daniels, and Colin Albert watching Courtney Proctor’s first dance with her husband.

Because of the Albert family’s close personal relationship with the Proctors, Chris Albert, Colin Albert, and Jill Daniels were assigned seats closest to the dance floor, with Michael Proctor seated at their table.

Here is Colin dancing with Courtney and Michael Proctor.

The other video shows the Proctor children growing up, as well as a picture of Courtney Proctor with Colin Albert when he appears to be no older than 4.

It is hardly news that the Albert and Proctor families are this close, but this is the first time we’ve seen actual video from the wedding. We have seen Michael Proctor’s mother Karen Barsamian-Proctor comment under a 2019 image of Chris Albert’s family, in which she refers to the Alberts as her “second family.”

We have seen pictures of Colin, Courtney, Chris, and Jennifer McCabe’s children at a 2016 party at Courtney Proctor’s house.

We have seen pictures of Colin, Dillon Albert, and Courtney Proctor’s son (Michael’s nephew) on Instagram, with comments from Dillon Albert and Karen Proctor.

We have seen a 2019 obituary for Michael Proctor’s grandmother, in which Chris and Julie Albert express their condolences to the Proctor family.

We have seen a plethora of images on Courtney Proctor’s Facebook page and other social media accounts wishing Colin a happy birthday.

Prior to this the supporters of the Alberts and McCabes have argued that just because there is a picture of Colin Albert and Michael Proctor in the same wedding party, doesn’t mean they actually knew each other.

But now we know that Proctor stood next to Colin for much of the wedding, and sat at Chris Albert’s table to eat dinner. There is absolutely no denying that these families knew each other for well over a decade, and that Proctor failed to disclose this relationship because it would have disqualified him from being the lead investigator for a murder case that took place at Brian Albert’s house. Proctor went out of his way in his reports to make it seem like he had met Chris and Julie Albert for the first time in February of 2022, while investigating John O’Keefe’s murder.

  • Colin Albert was never questioned by State Police until July 18, 2023, nearly 18 months after the murder, but only to investigate allegations of witness intimidation against Turtleboy.
  • Proctor intentionally did not apply for Geo Fence data from Apple that would have shown who was inside 34 Fairview Road at what time.
  • Proctor’s reports did not mention that Colin Albert was inside the house at any point during the night until Karen Read’s attorneys put that information in court filings.
  • Proctor never followed up on a lead that a Ford Edge was parked next to where John O’Keefe’s body was discovered at 3 AM, a mere 3 hours before Karen Read discovered him. Colin Albert drove a Ford Edge registered to his mother at that time.

Michael Proctor did all of this to protect Colin Albert, someone his family loves like a son, according to Proctor’s own mother.

Michael Proctor knew that if any other detective was assigned to this case that they would most certainly question Colin Albert. He knew that Colin was an unseasoned 17 year old who would not stand up well to standard police scrutiny in a murder investigation, and that the best way to protect Colin was to not speak with him at all. For that reason he HAD to be the lead detective on this case. If Colin was never questioned by police then he couldn’t get caught in any lies, he wouldn’t have to show evidence of an alibi, he wouldn’t have to hand over his phone to police, he wouldn’t have to have police look at his hands for signs of a fight, and his life as a college student and football player would remain uninterrupted. If he had disclosed his relationship with the Alberts he would have had to bow out of the case, which would have likely led to Colin becoming a suspect. Had Proctor done so he would be letting his family and the Albert family down.


Michael Morrissey was well aware of all of this, but still issued a press release denying any sort of relationship between Proctor and the Alberts.

He then used his power as DA to demand that protesting of the Alberts stop. When we refused to do so he then launched an investigation into Turtleboy that led to 9 felony charges, which have effectively made it impossible to continue to ask questions of these murder suspects.


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