Canton Cover-Up Part 211: Emails Reveal DA Spokesman David Traub Asked Boston Magazine Reporter Out To Dinner Prior To Publication Of Pro-Commonwealth Story 


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This is Boston Magazine reporter Gretchen Voss.

Gretchen reached out to me in June and wanted to do a sit down interview about my coverage of the Karen Read case. I accepted and Gretchen came and visited me at my home for a two hour sit down interview, which I consented to be recorded. She seemed to be in awe of just how corrupt the case was, and I got the impression that she, like any objective person, could clearly tell that Karen was being framed.

After the interview Gretchen and I corresponded several times via text with questions she had about the case. She attended the Canton Rolling Rally on July 22, and although this has now been deemed a criminal event she was not charged with picketing a witness or witness intimidation.

After the rolling rally was over I went to the Waterfall Bar, where my movements were being documented by a plus-sized friend of Jennifer McCabe named Michelle O’Toole Gallery, whose fupa rolls were seen flowing while yelling “go to Hell Aidan Kearney” as I did my perp walk into Stoughton District Court.

Gretchen also met up with me at the Waterfall Bar and we spoke for about 10-15 minutes. She told me that Kerry Roberts, Jennifer McCabe, and Matt McCabe all refused to interview with her if she was including “the blogger” in her story. I assumed she would take this as a red flag as most real reporters would, since people with nothing to hide aren’t afraid to talk to the media.

Gretchen’s visual presence at the Rolling Rally was noted by the McAlberts though. She was at the July 25 hearing in Dedham and vented to me afterwards how Peggy O’Keefe and Kerry Roberts in particular were giving her glaring looks. It seemed obvious to her that one side had nothing to hide, while the other side was hostile towards anyone who was seeking truth.

A few days later I spoke with Gretchen on the phone and she told me that the Alberts and McCabes were referring her to a woman named Kate Peter as their official spokesperson. Last week Ms. Peter admitted guilt in West Roxbury District Court on charges of violation of a harassment prevention order. Since then Stoughton and Boston Police have each filed additional charges of violation of a harassment prevention order against the same victim. Ms. Peter has a long and documented history of child abuse and neglect, culminating in her youngest two children being permanently taken from her by the state after a reunification attempt failed. She runs something called a “troll mafia,” where her YouTube followers organize harassment campaigns, and she brags to them about how she bribes her 16 year old daughter with cigarettes, gives her condoms and lets boys sleepover at her apartment, and lets her kid’s friends smoke pot in the house.

Ms. Peter has nothing to do with the story and no relation to the Alberts and McCabes. The only reason she has taken an interest in it is because she has had an obsession with Turtleboy for years, saw the attention the story was getting, and had to insert herself into it. She spent her New Years Eve walking around Boston asking strangers if they knew who Turtleboy was in a failed attempt to prove how irrelevant I was, and has repeatedly threatened me with physical violence from “real men” if I attended her court proceedings. She constantly comes to my house and harasses my parents and other family members via the mail, which she brags about on YouTube. Most recently she had her 16 year old daughter send horrific threats of violence and rape directed at my children, which she then used in a failed attempt to get a harassment prevention order on me, claiming that I was trying to kidnap her daughter.

Despite knowing all of this Gretchen Voss still used this woman as a source for the story she was working on, and accepted the fact that she was the official spokesperson for the Alberts and McCabes.

When Gretchen’s story came out it was completely biased towards the Alberts and McCabes, and included links to Ms. Peter’s YouTube channel, where she compiled out of context clips from my show. She failed to mention that her source was a criminal with a history of stalking, forgery, and child abuse.

Gretchen also attended my arraignment, but instead of sitting with the media she sat between her friends Chris Albert and Jill Daniels.

A recent public records request with the Norfolk County DA’s Office shows that her story may have been influenced by a personal friendship with spokesman David Traub. The two of them emailed regularly about her story, and on August 25 Traub sent her Michael Morrissey’s press release, in which he blatantly lied about Trooper Proctor having “no personal relationship” with any of the witnesses. Gretchen did not ask him about that, despite knowing it was an obvious lie, nor did she press him about the First Amendment implications of a District Attorney demanding that American citizens stop peacefully protesting what they believe is an injustice. Instead she told him what a relief it must be for Jennifer McCabe and Brian Albert to know that the DA was banning people from protesting their involvement in a murder.

Shortly after that the conversation became flirtatious, with Traub telling her that the two of them needed to go out for dinner after the story was over, and sucking up to her by telling her how much he was looking forward to her story.

When Gretchen was at my house she asked questions about my personal life, while venting about her ex-husband and complaining that she wasn’t making enough money to pay her rent in Concord. I had no interest in any such conversation and kept it professional. On the other hand, David Traub asked her out for dinner, which she seemed excited about. Coincidentally the story turned out to be favorable to Traub’s side.

Traub explained to Gretchen Voss in other emails that when Proctor said he was “on scene” in police reports, he did not mean at the actual scene of the murder, and attempted to explain Proctor’s whereabouts the entire day, without providing any evidence.

Traub included an email he wrote to ABC News, in which he gave an alibi for Colin Albert, without providing any evidence to back that alibi up.

We now know that the evidence referenced in the Boston Magazine story was a screenshot of a text message between Allie McCabe and Colin Albert, which doesn’t mention Fairview Road at all and appears to be doctored.

When I asked Voss about how she confirmed that this screenshot was legitimate she told me she couldn’t talk about sources.

Traub told Voss that Karen Read’s phone “will likely prove to be of value,” despite not knowing what was in it, which he blamed on the defense.

ABC News asked him how the Canton Police could have missed 35 pieces of red tail light, a missing shoe, and bloody hat. He offered no explanation and simply stated that the State Police found these things after more than a foot of snow had fallen because they have special abilities to find things that the Canton Police do not.

In an August 29 email Traub claims that the Commonwealth now has complete access to Karen Read’s phone. This would show her location throughout the night, and would also show her ascending and descending stairs like John’s phone did if he never went in the house, since the two of them were in the car together.

On July 31 Gretchen seemed to mock “the new conspiracy and corruption theory,” and eagerly awaited his lying rebuttal to it.

On August 2 Traub referred Voss to disgraced FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer as a source, who knows nothing about the case, continually lies on Twitter about it, and is being used by the Commonwealth to amplify their lies on social media.

This is the kind of media that the DA’s office approves of – one where the reporter blindly believes their lies, amplifies their propaganda, and accepts dinner invitations after its over. But when you don’t do what they tell you to do, and you don’t report the way they demand that you do, they charge you with 9 counts of witness intimidation.


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