Canton Cover-Up Part 217: Kevin Reddington Says SJC Giving Karen Read Access To His Client’s Cell Phone Records Is A “Win” For Jennifer McCabe And Brian Albert


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Jennifer McCabe’s Attorney Kevin Reddington provided a quote to the Boston Herald yesterday in regards to the SJC’s recent overruling of Judge Beverly Cannone’s denial of a Rule 17 motion, which now gives Karen Read access to McCabe’s Verizon records from January 29, 2022.

“Clearly this is a win for Jen McCabe and certainly Brian Albert.”

  • Why does Kevin Reddington care about the interests of Brian Albert, who is not his client? If push comes to shove his client will have to testify against Albert to save herself extra years in prison. Yet here’s Reddington, cheering it on like it’s a victory for his client.
  • Why is this a “win” if there’s nothing to hide on Brian Albert’s device?
  • Why is Attorney Reddington treating a murder case like it’s a game to be won?

If Reddington were representing an innocent client then the first thing he would do would be to remind the media that she is in fact innocent. Karen Read’s attorneys refer to their client as “factually innocent” almost any time they mention her. But the only thing Reddington could say about the ruling was that it was a “win,” because now the public will have no knowledge of who she communicated the day before she conspired to murder John O’Keefe, and the days after she did.

Now let’s take his tacit cheerleading for his own client, and compare it to the messages he sent me on July 22, the day I organized a rolling rally that came to his client’s house (which he said was “great”).

Oh, how the tides have turned….

As you can see, Reddington asked me to speak off the record, which I never agreed to. He praised the rolling rally, complimented my reporting, and credited me with “showing” Karen’s innocence. He said I had amazing skills as an investigative reporter, and do not get the credit I deserve, although he believes that will change as a result of my reporting on his client.

Just to review:

  • When it came to his own client the only thing he could say was it was a “win” that Verizon only had to give Karen Read 1 day’s worth of his client’s cell phone records, on the day in which she conspired to murder a Boston Police Officer who was the guardian for her daughter’s friend.
  • When it came to Karen Read he went out of his way to message a reporter on Facebook who has been openly hostile to his client, praise the reporter’s skills in exposing his client, and make it clear that he believed that Karen Read was innocent, which in turn would mean that his client was guilty.

Reddington’s cope meter was off the chart when he said that the SJC’s ruling only “allowed what was already on the record.” Except the Verizon records will show EVERYTHING that she deleted from her phone that day. Until now the defense has had to rely upon forensic expert Richard Green to use Cellebrite to find all deleted data. We know as a fact that Cellebrite did not find everything she deleted since there are calls to John O’Keefe on his phone that do not show up on Rick Green’s Cellebrite extraction report from McCabe’s phone.

Let’s also not forget that in April Reddington told the media that Jennifer McCabe had passed a polygraph test, which showed no evidence of deception.

“My client, Jennifer McCabe, has been vilified in pleadings. They are spinning it,” attorney Kevin Reddington told the Herald Monday. “It’s going nowhere. The whole scenario is baseless.”

Reddington, a top lawyer in the region, is hitting back at Read’s legal team who claim in motions that McCabe and Brian Albert were inside the Canton home on the night of the death and are partly responsible.

Reddington said McCabe passed a polygraph test showing “no evidence of deception” or any conspiracy or coverup.

“This rabbit hole the defense is trying to go down will sputter,” Reddington added, saying his client called 911 and any search was done on behalf of Read.

It has now been 7 months since he said that, but he still hasn’t shown the test results that would show the world that his client was likely innocent. I reached out to him today for comment but have not yet heard back.

I also reached out to Reddington on September 25 to ask him why his client’s car was parked outside the Proctor household that evening, considering the DA’s Office’s repeated assertions that there is no personal relationship between the Proctors and the McCabes. He declined to comment, but used an emoji to NOT deny a personal relationship between the two families.

Kevin Reddington represents guilty people for a living, so it’s not surprising that he was able to see Karen Read’s innocence from my reporting. But his lukewarm defense of his client in comparison to his aggressive cheerleading of Karen Read, shows you that even Jennifer McCabe’s attorney knows that she is guilty and complicit in the murder of John O’Keefe.


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