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Canton Cover-Up Part 224: Hearing Tuesday In Stoughton For Court Order To Return Phones And Computers To Turtleboy 


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On Tuesday at 2 PM I will have another hearing in Stoughton District Court for an emergency protective order for my phones and computer.

motion for protective order

We are asking for 4 main things:

  1. An order preventing the corrupt cops I’ve been writing about from looking through my phone.
  2. The appointment of a taint team headed by a neutral party to screen the devices and prevent police from accessing privileged information.
  3. That the Commonwealth pay for this.
  4. The return of all my devices, including the old iPhones I haven’t used in years.

As my Attorney Tim Bradl pointed out, I am being targeted not because I broke the law, but because I practice advocacy journalism that has been embarrassing and exposing the same corrupt public officials who are now prosecuting me. This has never happened before in Massachusetts, as they are weaponizing the witness intimidation statute in an effort to silence me. They seized the tools of my trade and arrested me at my children’s bus stop in a blatant attempt to scare me out of reporting on their criminal behavior.

My two active phones and one active computer contain:

  • Privileged communications between me and my attorneys in ongoing lawsuits, including the Jamie Genereux lawsuit in Middlesex Superior Court, the Julia Mejia lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court, and another matter in district court.
  • Messages from thousands of confidential sources, who only shared information with me under the promised condition of anonymity. All of these people are having their privacy potentially violated as well.
  • Messages from sources within the State Police who have bravely come forward on stories I’ve work on involving police corruption, including the 2017 Troopergate story, and the Karen Read case. This is just a way for Michael Proctor and Brian Tully to find out who’s been snitching on them.
  • Exculpatory evidence I can use to defend myself, including text messages, pictures, and other data that will prove intent of my actions.
  • Materials involving other stories I’ve been working on that don’t involve Karen Read.
  • Private medical information.
  • Private, personal communications with friends and family.

I’ve been involved in lawsuits before where the people suing me have attempted to order judges to hand over my text and email communications, which judges have denied because of reporter’s privilege. The Commonwealth is attempting to weaponize the witness intimidation statute to get around that.

All of this is just a fishing expedition by a bunch of corrupt cops to find out who’s been providing me information about their criminal behavior. It’s all based off of a suspicion that I’m conspiring with their real target, Karen Read, to target the people who are framing her for murder.

I look forward to my day in court on Tuesday, November 28.


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  1. I would not be surprised to see your devices disappear. Remember that corruption has no limit. These people will stop at nothing to silence you.

    1. I expect that Aidan will get his devices back. I just think that an officer of the court will hold him down while another officer of the court stuffs them up Aidan’s ass one at a time. Perhaps Bradl can petition the court for some grease.

    2. There’s a fantasy you should’ve kept to yourself, ya know, people judge! But hey, it’s 2023, fags and trannies are the new demographic that we cater too, so maybe you’re on to something sunshine!

  2. Dude i hate to be the one to break this to you but those dirty cops have been rubbin their dirty cop nuts all over your phones and devices. I’d throw all that shit out and start fresh. Like the fine people of Canton, you sir deserve the best technology. Treat yourself its the holidays.

      1. Your boys in blue fucked up and instead of doing the right thing and owning up to there mistakes they are trying to send an innocent person to jail. Fuck Canton cops and the state police for being shitbags. No taillight fragments found at scene until Karen Reads car was towed. I don’t know how anyone with functioning brain can actually believe that Karen Read ran him over and just kept driving. I don’t care if I drank a half gallon of booze I would still know I ran someone over. Canton is shithole with a bunch corrupt cops. I don’t live there and will never go there now. This is America and cops should be following the laws not breaking them to save one of their own. It’s disgusting that you are actually sticking up for them. If I did live there I would be burning the town down and starting fresh.

  3. Sorry, but you honestly think they didn’t do a data dump on all of your shit as soon as they got to the IT guy??? Come on man!

  4. My keen legal mind tells me that you don’t stand a chance in hell. Also insisting on the return of old phones you claim you noblonger used is Highly Suspicious.

    Also at the last wellness check some fucker called in on me the Nashua cops took down my license plate and warned me about DUI. I am a classy lady and would not drive drunk. Also, my grammar cooze stinks pretty bad.

    1. Well Ms. Arundale, an intelligent person would know he wants all his devices back, even ones he no longer uses, because they contain user data. Just because he hasn’t used them in weeks/months/years, doesn’t mean that the NAND Chip wiped itself clean! Also, if the MSP confiscated his device’s as evidence for the witness intimidation charges, they only need devices he has used during the timeframe of the alleged intimidation!, why would they need to see the data on devices that have nothing to do with the intimidation charges?? Now that is what is highly suspicious!

      1. Let’s make a bet, I will bet you $100 that Aiden and Karen won’t be doing anytime. Colin is such a douche judging by is pictures of being a fake tough guy and flipping the bird in every other picture. Oh and by the way this is my real name pussy from Canton. I don’t need to hide who I am when I make comments. I’m real man and I stand by what I say.

  5. Speaking of returning things, seeing as you declared on Merb34ST’s channel that your attorney is charging you a flat fee and that you’re all paid up…will you be refunding the leftover money in the legal defense fund? And if you don’t, will you be showing us where the money was spent?

    1. Showing us? Who is us?
      No one else cares dumb ass.
      You follow every time this guy is on someone’s channel. You follow everything because you can’t help yourself. Sucks to be you.

    2. Just because he’s paid up doesn’t mean the attorney didn’t charge him six figures and the legal fund is a way to recoup some of those funds. Are you that destitute that you don’t understand how finance works? I swear you people give yourselves away that you’ve never gotten out of the gutter.

    3. The rest goes to Karen for her legal defense. That’s never been a secret. It’s not like you donated, but that was a cute try.

    4. Of course he won’t the man’s a liar. If he has no problem ruining a star athletes life and academic career than he is most likely ok with stealing

      1. Star Athlete, you must be joking? He wasn’t going anywhere and now he might not need to worry about his future. Of course that is if a real investigation is ever done.

        1. So earning a full ride scholarship isn’t going anywhere for you? Collin could be the next tom Brady and you turtleslobs will still call him a bum

          1. A full scholarship to a d3 school? Cool story.

            Would it be surprising that any of these people tell others there was a “free ride” for Colin? And, I would wager, if you called out that lie you’d hear the same people say “well they can’t you’ve out athletic scholarships but they told us they would have…”
            These people don’t lie. They believe that anything they have to say, whether in court or to their slob friends eating shitty pizza, that makes people look up to them is the truth just because they said it.

          2. I’m sure it wasn’t the cheapest one in the state!
            Bridgewater. Haha
            Might as well be Massassoit.

        2. I defend TB on most things, but the Leigha Genduso affair silence was extremely disappointing. Lies of omission by a guy who extols the virtues of the truth isn’t a good look.

    5. This is an old Krusty “gotcha” tactic. Misappropriated funds! Things have changed since you tried it before. We’re all going to keep donating anyway…whether he needs it for current legal fees or not. See…we like Aidan and the journalism/entertainment/renegade justice he provides. Something that I understand you cannot comprehend (you yourself being so epically unlikable), but that’s how it is now. You need a new approach. And a new personality. And a new skin care routine. And…

  6. Yellow cottage tales is so desperate now all his videos are about you and same old bs he writes about Karen.
    He said 2 months ago game over and he was moving on.
    No one will watch so he just keeps adding nonsense videos with a title to get attention.
    With zero valid content.
    Now he has a tribute to John just to get clicks.
    Absolutely disgusting and pathetic.
    Is it because he couldn’t raise any money for himself? What’s the guys deal?

    1. People get tired of conspiracy theories and don’t take kindly to an all Americans education and maybe life ruined by lies.

      1. I know I feel bad for Karen Read. Could you imagine what she’s been through all this time. Do you think the plow guy was lying when he said no body on the lawn at 2:30am? He is clearly on record saying that. I don’t know if Colin was involved but somebody in that house knows. That house should have been searched as soon as John was loaded into the ambulance. I’m not even a cop but that would have been my first move. Of course if I didn’t want to solve the murder I would have done what the cops did in this case. Dumbasses! They should be fired!

      2. Not quite sure what you said, as it’s not a formed sentence.
        It’s only a conspiracy theory if they are not all connected.
        In this case they are.
        Yellow cottage tales is a grifter. Now he’s writing a book😂.
        In his words “I talked to Chris, he’s a nice guy, Kate is great “. Silly, silly man.
        Who would read his book when he barely has anyone watching his dumb videos?
        Whose life is ruined by lies?
        Karen Read’s life.

  7. Good luck, Aidan. When all is said and done, go after Brian Albert. He’s the Moe of these stooges. He’s the murderer and they’re doing his bidding. From Most Likely to do Meth 1994 McCabe to his retarded size queen nephew Colin. He is the puppet master.

    1. Well turtlenuts got charged with ,7 felony’s and Brian still has a clean record. Conspiracy theory much?

      1. I’m pretty sure it was 8 but who’s counting. The DA and the shitbag cops are so corrupt I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to add on more. Unfortunately for them the truth is not on their side and the charges will go nowhere. This is same DA’s office that couldn’t get a conviction on a cop killer who clearly shot a cop! Think about that for a minute, now tell me you think he’s going away.

  8. Have seen a few posts here regarding the owner of the Canton watering hole Matt Kelly’s Tavern. Coincidentally, that owner was quoted in a recent Globe article regarding the outcome of the Special Town Meeting (see quote and link below). Kind of interesting to hear his views on this. Kelly is a retired Boston Police detective, and one would have expected his support of an investigation given that John O’Keefe was a fellow officer. He also emphasizes that “we have only heard one side”. Is it reasonable to deduct that Kelly is a friend of the McAlberts?

    Peter Neville, 68, also voted in favor of the investigation.

    “There’s too much back and forth to not really take a hard look at whether or not — I don’t necessarily believe there’s malfeasance or anything like that, but hey, why don’t we find out for sure?” he asked.

    Frank Kelly, who grew up in Canton and owns a local pub, said he has been hearing the speculation about O’Keefe’s death from patrons for months but did not attend Monday’s meeting because he now lives in Sharon.

    Kelly said he supports the Canton police and would have voted against the investigation. After hearing what Read’s attorneys and supporters allege happened that night, he is waiting for prosecutors to present all their evidence at trial.

    “Quite honestly, we’ve only heard pretty much one side of the story,” he said. “We haven’t heard the other side because the prosecution, obviously, they’re holding things tight to the vest, as they well should. We’ve got to hear both sides of the story before we can make up our mind what really happened.”


    1. Frank Kelly was suspended from BPD for a year for using excessive force while arresting a suspect in Boston’s combat zone. BTW he did NOT grow up in Canton.

  9. you and all of us know they already gone through your stuff. even if you win they got all the names and info even if they say they didn’t take any feel sorry for the people you used as confidential informer. feel as if they do anything wrong no matter how minor cops will have an attitude

      1. No he’s spot on, the MA state police are some of the most corrupt cops in this country! Is Proctor still working because I don’t think he is!

  10. “ongoing lawsuits, including the Jamie Genereux lawsuit in Middlesex Superior Court, the Julia Mejia lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court, and another matter in district court.”

    My understanding is that Mejia won’t settle unless Aidan confesses to the general public that he made that shit up. As long as he won’t do that, she won’t settle, no matter how much money he’s offering. Aidan publicly questioned a Latina woman’s credibility; you need to be incredibly stupid to open a can of Whoop-ass that big, those women will reach down your throat and tear your dick off from the inside.

    “Another matter in district court” – looks like a fun research project. Good thing I’ve got access to Courtlink.

    1. You are the dumbest person on this site, congratulations! I always thought it would be a rotation of stupid people but after the last few weeks I see it will always be you!

  11. i see that an individual illegally impersonating me has responded. So awesome that they are so stupid that they comment on a page that captures the IP address of every comment. Impersonating an individual, may be criminal – Krusty, Bert or those who may have been infected by them – keep posting, your IP address and more identifying information is captured.

    Mr Magoo can see that Karen is being framed and she is the patsy that The Canton Mare decided would take the fall. Lucky really was Lucky as they would have railroaded him and IMO, his brother would have stayed silent the entire time.

    The history and veracity of ALL witnesses will be evaluated should this ever be brought to trial. Any communications to Karen’s attorneys may be considered privileged so the many “stories and rumors” will become public information, but I have zero personal knowledge of any of that.

    Of course Kate Peter’s communications with anyone but her lawyer are FREE GAME, including those with MAO (so perfectly named). Of course they would name themselves after the most vicious mass murderer of the 20th century who stole human rights from all. Great Job Krusty – keep proving that you are sorely lacking in education and knowledge (but may have “sores”)


    1. Blow it out your ass, you drunken witch.

      Nobody in their right mind would want to impersonate you. What’s the upside of that? A sketchy employment record, a less than stellar credit rating, a vitamin B deficiency and an impaired liver function?

      Here’s the thing: you’ve made yourself a (very minor) public figure in all of this, what with your ravings on X, Facebook and in the Live/Turtleclub chats. That makes you the legal object of parody. There’s nothing you can do about that. If there were you would have had Eric Neal’s videos about you taken down long before this.

      You remind me of a family friend who, by virtue of answering the phone and scheduling appointments at a doctor’s office, feels that she is qulified to give medical advice. Your failed career as a paralegal most certainly does NOT qualify you as any sort of legal expert. As amatter of fact, if you’ve given Aidan legal advice and he took it, you couild do six months in jail. And the MSP will cheerfully drive to your shitty apartment complex in Nashua to pick you up.

      Maybe you could share a cell with Kate, and may the best woman win.

  12. Thanks turtlenuts for ruining the faith of policing for Canton residents. Listen the blue line is thin but honorable.it makes no sense that a police department with zero discipline issues would cover up a murder. Think you need another layer of tinfoil. Also proctor took down the limes of Brian walshe and if he didn’t do his due diligence mr.walshe would still be out there murdering. I doubt Chris Albert would be elected to the board if his son did what he was accused of. That’s why we wait for the courts issue orders and not random citizens because that have no idea what is really going on and the sacrifice our boys and girls in blue actually make.i live in Canton and things were a lot more peaceful before you got involved. Maybe actual residents don’t like outsiders coming in and ruining star athletes lives. Just a thought

    1. The police in Canton are stupid or just ignorant for not investigating a death properly! If a dead body shows up on my lawn the cops are going to search my house.

      1. They did go in his house. Lank and goode and quickly realized the crime scene was on the property line.

        1. You’re shithole town is getting what it deserves. Maybe have the cops do their jobs instead of hanging off the albert family’s nuts! The cops there really suck. Just the other day they were trying to arrest protesters to protect the shitbag alberts. Fuck Canton until they can get their shit together. Except for all the people in Canton who are fighting the good fight and trying to get the cops to do their jobs.

          1. There is protest and then there is intimidating witnesses. The Canton cops are trying to preserve the integrity of the case.

          2. Integrity??? That is just gold.
            They lost all integrity (if ever had an) when they did the worst possible job of investigating John’s death. Also, same in Sandra Birchmore case.
            Complete BS.
            Completely incompetent!

          3. Your right our town is getting justice. Read will be convicted and Aiden will have to continue to wack off

          4. You can’t even get a vote in your own townie world. You think a jury would possibly find her guilty?
            Go to the my chapter YouTube channel.
            He covered this case.
            He’s based in Ireland.
            2 million followers.
            Read the comments from all over the world and maybe you will see what people outside your townie mentality believe.
            Sorry your f’d.

      2. Just because a body winds up on someone’s yard does not mean they killed them. It just means a body landed in your yard

        1. So a body landed in his yard? Did he land on his head and then punch the ground so hard that he bruised his hand. Anybody that doesn’t know that John was beat to death in that house has to mentally handicapped or sucking off the cops in that town. How’s the corrupt Proctor doing these days?

        1. Are really that stupid to believe that there aren’t any corrupt cops out there. Cops have been dirty since the day they started to wear the badge.

      1. How about I get Colin to come mentor you.i know how to get a hold of him and you will shit your pants by just looking at him. Kids a machine

        1. Send him my way. Pussy should be your new screen name. Honestly though you send that bitch Colin my way! I would really enjoy it and might be willing to meet halfway!

          1. He is currently in route to the cutter house. He is also bringing his favorite uncle along with him.

        2. Empty threats from a “townie”, oh wait, wait a minute, “How about I get Colin to come mentor you.i know how to get a hold of him and you will shit your pants by just looking at him. Kids a machine”. Are we talking about the same unfortunate, innocent teenager, that is being portrayed as a thug??? You fucking idiots can’t help yourselves and just shut the fuck up!! You literally open your mouths and prove people’s speculations, not there was ever any question he’s a fucking retarded thug!!

          It’s better to have people THINK you’re an idiot, than speak and PROVE YOU’RE AN IDIOT!

        3. Your words, “you will shit your pants by looking at him, kids a machine “
          We just saw him last week at the canton win.
          He looks like a little scared kid.
          Yes, real scary. Your definitely good for some laughs.

    2. I hope you didn’t vote for Chris albert. That guy is deadbeat and can’t figure out his own finances. Why anyone would vote for him to manage the town’s money must be retarded. There are way to many people that know each other and protecting each other instead of doing the right thing. Clearly the results from the vote show that the true people of Canton have had enough.

        1. What’s your name losah so I can look you up and see if you look as stupid as you sound! Chris albert is the biggest shitbag in that town. Do you pay your taxes? Or do you follow your scared shitless leader and not pay taxes like he does? Have you ever killed anyone like chris has? What qualifications does Chris have to run a town?

          1. He does pay his taxes. Or he would be on the tax hit list the assessor puts out every year.

    3. If I lived in that town I would make sure Chris was removed from any town positions. I can’t believe a bunch a retards voted him in over the actual qualifed person. 🤯

      1. Nothing that blogger says is true. I will give him credit for turning a town on its head all because he wants to bone Karen read

        1. Man you’re reaching here. I don’t care if he wants to bone Karen. What I do care about is a bunch of shitbag cops ruining people’s lives. You really need to get some facts straight. Look at the pictures of John. Use your eyes and tell me that’s from a suv backing into him. Then look at the retards trying to convict Karen and tell me that’s who you are betting on. I can see you aren’t the brightest bulb on the tree! If you fact check that bloggers history you will see he’s been truthful. As well as the fact that he will correct stories that might need corrections unlike the retards from Canton! Ask the State Police about that bloggers truthfulness, his reporting brought to light all the shitbag stealing from the taxpayers. I guess someone special like you from Canton likes paying people for not working. Cops really need to get a clue in Mass.

        2. Just this comment alone shows how trashy you are, you have zero class!! And if everything is on the up and up with CPD what is there to worry about?? Stop being a trash bag and start showing a little more class and maybe citizens might take you a bit more serious!!!

    4. Please do not put too much faith in the POST commission, at least not at this point. Questions related to compliance with POST commission disciplinary reporting requirements is a big question. Brockton Police Department also has zero disciplinary records that show up – at least as of the 9/19/2023 reporting date that is published online. The POST commission also only collects DISCIPLINARY records initiated by the CPD – thus, if things are swept under the rug they will not appear. So the funded audit should help shed light on these issues. Keep in mind – it is the actions of some members of the Canton Police Department that has ruined the reputation not people (in or out of CPD) asking questions. It is the right and responsibility of residents and non-residents alike to hold police accountable. Corruption isn’t acceptable if the residents are OK with it – its not how things work. Let’s function in a fantasy land where Karen Read actually caused the death of O’Keefe – there is clearly evidence CPD and MSP mishandled this entire investigation. This is not debatable by any honest person with integrity. Their mishandling of this entire investigation starting from the minute CPD arrived fuels the “tin hat” conspiracies you referenced. The idea CPD did not secure the inside and outside of this residence as a potential crime scene is deplorable. The idea Brian Albert was not interviewed, s search warrant for the home was not secured is behind disgraceful. That the CHIEF OF POLICE would take the liberty of following up on the scene of a murder alone and do subsequent searching of the scene – to a location where he has well known personal relationships – its gross mismanagement of a criminal investigation. You don’t agree – someone should do a formal inquiry into the number of times he has done independent crime scene investigations while in his role as a senior administrator in CPD. If the answer is (most likely) zero, why this case? The fact that Proctor misspelled the names of nearly every single person in his initial reports (can be intentional tactics to help names from eventual internet searches), that Proctor hid the characteristics of his relationships with parties central to this series of events ARE THE CAUSE of these questions. The most kind interpretation of the “investigation” into this case is shoddy and inept. If this case is as it the state wants to believe – MSP investigators should be fired for malfeasance and CPD should never be able to handle another criminal investigation again. Integrity breeds trust.

      1. It was satire guy I thought someone may have caught on to that. I was impersonating a back the blue boomer

      1. Thanks it was meant to be satirical but also sound real. I was going for the quintessential back the blue boomer

    5. You know what is the best.
      That picture of the clown select board when they lost. The funniest picture ever!!
      That needs to be a meme.
      Priceless humor!

    1. Don’t you have a circus to be in? Oh yeah you’re from Canton so you’re right where you need to be clowndouche!

  13. Hey guys, Ricky here. When Danny was caught giving criminal records to his former boss, Tom Quigley, who was then charging people $900 for the check, they took his computer too. Thankfully they gave it back.

  14. It’s sure looking like Tuesday is going to be an epic day in court, what with the 3rd party violations of Aidan’s bail conditions.

    I’ll give you this: Aidan is a short cowardly man under most circumstances, but he’s going to be displaying a ton of balls walking into that courthouse on Tuesday knowing that in all probability he’s being cuffed and kept in jail until sometime in February.

    I imagine Julie files for divorce and full custody on Wed.

  15. Here’s where the McAlberts are 10x smarter than Aidan Kearney.

    When they realized that they were being targeted by Aidan and KR, the first thingtheir attornies told them was to ignore it and go about their lives,it’ll blow over. they followed those instructions, no matter how hard they found it; Matt McCabe was 5 seconds away from burying his fist in Aidan’s face at that lacrosse game.

    Then, when it didn’t blow over and they found themselves targeted by an online mob led by an adderall-fueled sociopathic blogger, they were again told to just keep quiet; “these people are lunatics, and anything you say will be twisted and used against you.”

    So, unlike Aidan, they’ve actually been following their lawyers advice, not because they’re hiding anything but because they know there isn’t anything to hide. Soon enough KR goes to trial, TB will be in jail, and if there’s anytning left in the Kearney estate the McAlberts are going to take it all away with a nuclear-bomb of a civil suit.

    Aidan, on the other hand, has been unable to keep his mouth shut, and as a result is in all probability going to jail for 90 days on Tuesday.

    1. “Smarter.”

      ☝️ Spends his whole time explaining why AK is an idiot for opening his mouth and speaking truth to power; claiming there is no evidence implicating members of the Albert family; then proceeds to explain why not saying anything, utilizing the machinations of power and burden of proof are all examples of being high IQ 🤦

      Now replace the claims regarding Karen Reads guilt under those same circumstances. What is the logical conclusion (the only one really) any reasonable person would probably come to?

      Lack of self awareness.

    2. IF any of the “McAlberts” were in fact guilty of the murder and/or coverup of John, would their attorneys give them any different advice than what you suggested above? Would they have been advised to do ANYTHING different than they’ve been doing?

  16. Imo there are in fact anti tb people commenting….tht r imo in fact harrising harrassing him on his own tbdailynews . He is a award winning journalist imo and people are asking for his cert. Who gives a sht he doesn’t imo need to show or produce this to anyone. Only ppl that ask are imo clowns…. Have a nice day. Btw Natalie is really leaky imo

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