Canton Cover-Up Part 226: Avon Man Missing For 3 Months Found Dead In Backyard Well After Avon Police, Norfolk County DA State Police Unit Do Little To Search For Him


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A 45 year old Avon man named Keith McKechnie, who has been missing since early September, was found deceased in a well in his backyard on Saturday, and it appears as if law enforcement dropped the ball.

Family members of Keith McKechnie are mourning their loss after his body was found in a well in Avon on Saturday. McKechnie, 45, who lived on East High Street, had been missing since September. His brother said he had told investigators to check the well long ago. His brother, Aaron, said he immediately suspected his brother may be in the well, but says investigators didn’t look until this weekend when the family found something using a GoPro camera.

“I don’t know what took precedence over this,” he said. “I let them know that I believed he was still on the property and the one place to look for him … and they never did … I guess they just didn’t care.”

His family members have been posting about him for quite some time, and had alerted police that his glasses were found next to the well. But they refused to search it, forcing the family to use a Go Pro, which eventually led to the discovery.


Avon Police did not post anything about his disappearance until 5 days ago.

Avon is a small town with a population of under 5,000. It doesn’t have a lot of problems, so if one of the well known 4,519 residents goes missing for 3 months it should be a big deal. You can’t just disappear completely these days, so the fact that he didn’t turn up in any other states, and that his glasses were found near the well, and that he suffers from mental health issues, should’ve been an indicator that perhaps he was in the well.

This is Avon Police Chief Jeffrey Bukunt.

And yes, that is in fact his real name.

Chief Bukunt’s department is small and his resources are bare, but instead of expending time looking for Keith his department had to focus on Turtleboy starting on September 27. That was the day that State Police detectives Yuri Bukhenik and John Fanning went to APD headquarters and asked to speak with a dispatcher who had run a license plate belonging to Jennifer McCabe. They lied to her and told her that they had a search warrant for her phone. The dispatcher was scared, and instead of alerting her that she had the right to ask for union representation and a lawyer, she agreed to hand over her phone. But the warrant never actually existed.

The purpose of looking in the dispatcher’s phone was to review communications she had with a blogger named Turtleboy, to see if she had conspired to send license plate information. They believed she had been plotting for years to nefariously send information to Turtleboy for the purposes of intimidating witnesses.

However, all they found were messages from the dispatcher, in which she offered to run a license plate. Thanks to her public service we were able to confirm that Jennifer McCabe was inside State Police Detective Michael Proctor’s home with him and his wife Elizabeth. This incident occurred exactly one month to the day after District Attorney Michael Morrissey issued a video press release in which he unequivocally stated that the Proctors had no personal relationship with the McCabes or Alberts.

No one was intimidated by the dispatcher’s actions, or by Turtleboy’s in writing about her findings. However, the Proctors, McCabes, and Morrissey were all revealed to be unethical state actors who intentionally lied to the public for the purposes of covering up the murder of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe. For this reason Turtleboy was charged with conspiracy to commit witness intimidation.

The dispatcher was not charged with any crime, but Chief Bukunt made it clear that she would be terminated if she did not resign her position. Again, all this woman did was confirm that the District Attorney was lying about a cop killer’s personal relationship with the lead detective who was helping her frame an innocent woman and cover up a cop’s murder.

This is what the Avon Police Department and Norfolk County DA’s Office were doing with their limited time and resources instead of looking for a missing man, whose family insisted he might be in the well. Morrissey had the nerve to issue this statement over the weekend:

His thoughts are with the McKechnie family that night, but weren’t with the family in the months in which he was missing. During those months his thoughts were with himself, the Proctor, McCabes, and Alberts, as he plotted to coverup a murder, frame an innocent woman, arrest an award winning journalist for criticizing and exposing them, and hide information from the FBI as they investigated and likely bugged his office. Chris Albert has gotten many personal meetings with Morrissey in the last few months, and all of the time and resources spent protecting his feelings could’ve been spent looking for Keith McKechnie.

However much you hate and despise these people, it’s not nearly enough. They are pure evil, and they will not win.


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