Canton Cover-Up Part 233: Boston Police Wife Jackie Dugal Denies Being Behind Anonymous Twitter Account Intimidating Karen Read Supporters, Then Gives Herself Away 


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Two days ago we published a story about the wife of a Boston Police Detective who has been using a previously anonymous Twitter account to harass and demean Karen Read supporters, going so far as to send a post card with urban dictionary terms to a woman who lives in Virginia. Jackie Dugal is the wife of Karl Dugal, and previously harassed and intimidated Karen Read on the courthouse stairs during a post-court press conference.

Shortly after being outed for her despicable behavior on the @Allamovie2490 Twitter account, Jackie made the account private for about 24 hours. She then used her real Twitter account @Jacqueline_Mo to post that the fake Twitter account was not her.

The fact that Jackie is denying that it was her is an acknowledgement that she understands that if it was her, it would be unbecoming, unprofessional, and inappropriate for the wife of a Boston Police Detective, and a mother of young children, to engage like this online. The account frequently demeans people for their physical appearance, and refers to Karen Read as a 43 year old skank.


Jackie blamed “both sides,” and used gaslighting techniques to present herself as the victim of bullying, when in fact she was the aggressor. She is consumed with hatred for Karen Read, and by extension Karen’s supporters. She then continued to do what these people always do when they are presented with facts and evidence – hide behind John’s family and pretend that she is advocating for them.

Meanwhile, the @Allamovie2490 account has been adamantly denying that they are Jackie.


The account even changed it’s bio to “is not/never was JD (Jackie Dugal).”

This is the exact language Jackie used on her real account when she denied being behind the @Allamovie2490 account.

More importantly, if that the fake account is not her, then why did it have a copy of her license and credit card on her phone?

Is this anonymous poster a personal shopper for Jackie Dugal? Or does Jackie send pictures of her license and credit card out to random people for storage in their cell phone data? And why did the @Allamovie2490 account remove that tweet? Jackie on the fake account made it clear that she wasn’t going to answer those questions.

You’re not good at this Jackie.

I’ve been there before, girl. I was previously anonymous when I began posting as Turtleboy. But after a trip to Buffalo in 2014 a blogger up there figured it out and posted receipts that were tough to deny. I denied it anyway because I didn’t wanna lose my job as a teacher. But I can tell you from experience that owning what you say is a liberating experience. If you really feel this way about other people then stop being a coward and put your name to it. We all know it’s you, and the ruse is officially up.

All of this once again goes to show how these people just lie and deflect when confronted with facts and evidence proving a conclusion they aren’t willing to accept. There isn’t just some evidence that Karen Read might not be guilty, there is overwhelming, undeniable proof that she is innocent, and that the people inside 34 Fairview Road murdered John O’Keefe. They don’t believe anything they say, and they hide behind anonymity because they all have respectable jobs and lives, and would otherwise be embarrassed to be associated with the things they are publicly saying.






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