Canton Cover-Up Part 24: Same 3 Troopers Who Used Google Searches, Cell Phone Pings, DNA To Arrest Brian Walshe For Murder Withheld That Evidence In Karen Read Case 

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Four months ago Brian Walshe was under investigation for lying to police about the whereabouts of his missing wife Ana. Days later he was arrested, held on $5 million bail, and eventually charged with murder. The judge, DA’s office, and state troopers who are overseeing the investigation and prosecution of Brian Walshe are also overseeing the Karen Read “murder” case, including CONFLICTED State Trooper Michael Proctor. Sources close to the matter tell us that the primary reason the Norfolk County DA’s Office is not dropping the charges against Karen Read is that doing so would be an indictment on the reliability of Troopers Proctor, Nicholas Guarino, and Connor Keefe. In short, if she walks, he could walk.

Last week the Boston Herald reported that Trooper Proctor lead the initial investigation into Brian Walshe:

On January 7 Cohasset Police received an email (likely from Walshe), claiming to be kidnappers who had Ana Walshe. This email prompted Trooper Guarino to apply for a search warrant for all electronic devices in the Walshe house.

In a January 20 affidavit Trooper Connor Keefe cited the cell phone data that showed Ana Walshe’s cell phone ping inside the Walshe residence.

On January 17 Walshe’s charges were upgraded to murder, thanks in large part to extensive DNA testing and incriminating Google searches Walshe had made using his son’s iPad.

Just to review – prior to murder charges being filed against Brian Walshe on January 17, 2023, the DNA evidence, cell phone pings from the victim’s phone, and the Google search history were all made public. Based upon these things State Police applied for and received a search warrant for Walshe’s house and discovered Ana Walshe’s blood in the basement.

Yet the same State Troopers and DA’s Office still have not handed over DNA evidence from John O’Keefe’s body, attempted to hide cell phone pings showing O’Keefe was inside 34 Fairview Road, attempted to hide Google searches and other cell phone data implicating Jennifer McCabe in O’Keefe’s murder, and never attempted to enter the home where O’Keefe’s phone pinged to test for blood and DNA evidence.

Trooper Connor Keefe conducted the friendly interview with Jennifer McCabe at her home.

In September Karen Read’s defense team added Attorney Alan Jackson. In February of 2023 Jackson hired digital forensics expert Richard Green to do an analysis of the iPhone that McCabe had voluntarily given to State Police. His review discovered what had previously been unreported by State Police and the Norfolk County DA’s Office – Jennifer McCabe searched for “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, deleted all of her phone calls from 5-7 AM, and attempted to erase any trace of Brian Albert as a contact.

Trooper Guarino had full access to the same extraction report that Richard Green did (using Cellebrite), but intentionally left out Jennifer McCabe’s 2:27 AM Google search, and her deletion of phone calls, Google searches, screenshots, and contacts.

Trooper Guarino was formally a police officer in Norwood, a town that abuts Canton.

Like Trooper Proctor, he was also local to the area, and likely had many professional dealings with the Canton Police Department. He either intentionally withheld McCabe’s incriminating behavior with her phone, or he is completely incompetent.

Additionally, we were sent another image tying Trooper Proctor to the Albert family. Here he is doing Crossfit with Canton Police Officer Kevin Albert.

Things the State Police did to investigate the murder of Ana Walshe that they did NOT do to investigate the murder of John O’Keefe:

  • Obtained a search warrant of the home where the victim’s phone pinged
  • Stepped foot in the home to search for blood evidence related to the victim
  • Handed over all Google history extracted from the forensic analysis of a witnesses phone to the Norfolk County DA’s Office
  • Submitted DNA evidence to the court within 2 weeks of the investigation beginning
  • Considered people suspects based on information they were aware of regarding last known location of the victim

If the charges were dropped against Karen Read it would be an admittance that Troopers Proctor, Guarino, and Keefe are unethical and willing to manipulate evidence to send innocent people to prison. This information would be a God send for Brian Walshe’s attorney. Therefore Karen Read must continue to suffer unjust prosecution so DA Michale Morrissey, and three corrupt State Troopers can keep their jobs.


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