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Canton Cover-Up Part 241: Norfolk Superior Court Won’t Make Michael Morrissey’s Communications With DOJ Public Even After Entering Into Evidence


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All discovery in the Karen Read murder case have been made public on Masscourts.org, and can be plainly seen by the public. If you search the Karen Read docket you will see dozens of links for “images” showing what evidence has been entered into evidence by both sides.

Usually these images take you to stuff like this:

The public does not get to see this evidence, but the defense and prosecution both do. They can only be made public if they are included in motions, like Brian Albert’s interview with State Police.

Yesterday Michael Morrissey told the Boston Globe that he had handed over his communications with the DOJ to Karen Read’s attorneys:

“Morrissey said his office had provided the Read defense team with communications with the federal law enforcement.”

However, when it was docketed with the court they specifically made sure that no image was included.

It can be assumed that this discovery was Morrissey’s communications with the DOJ, but we can’t know for sure because they specifically did not say what it was.

Even while telling the media about how transparent they are being the Norfolk County DA’s Office is still hiding information from the public that is favorable to the defense. Then when information gets out there that helps Karen Read in the court of public opinion the Commonwealth makes motions to gag them for “tainting a jury pool.”

Innocent people don’t act like this.



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  1. Lol..I see a sharp resemblance between Morrissey & Peter Griffin
    does anyone else see it?!🤷‍♀️ Just sayin’

  2. Fuck that gravy balloon!!! The real good shit is coming when Turtle gets his F.O.I.A documents from canton! That’s going to be a treasure, and hopefully will be the nail in the coffin for Berkys blowie queen turned police chief! And the cheeseburger pimp!! Morrissey is so fucked it’s awesome. The fact he went from being so confident and smug to now acting like a scared little pussy makes me smile. Don’t worry Brian Tully you and your cowardly clown unit are going to get a reality check. You fucking idiots may as well start eating your service weapons now and save your families from watching you asshole get arrested on the news.

  3. Its crazy that there is little to no oversight on any of these motion filings or submitted evidence. This guy should be disbarred, he clearly knows how to work the system, and no one says a word.

    1. Exactly the reason we need a complete overhaul of the judicial system. Innocents being framed, abuse of the system by the club of cronies…corporate jails for profit..something is seriously wrong in the USA.

  4. Last sentence: Bingo. This is not how innocent people act. What sunk the Watergate people was not the crime but the COVER-UP.

  5. You know proctor had a big influence on morresey telling him colins a good kid and don’t need his life ruined and got him onboard the coverup

  6. I fear its not over. Morrissey may have dirt on Levy or maybe if im reading too much in between the lines.
    Certainly still of the opinion the Feds could wash this to keep up appearances.

    1. I have said it before, and I will say it again. The owner of Matt Kelly’s Pub knows more about what happened that night at 34 Fairview Rd than what he is admitting.

  7. Dewlap noun a fold of loose skin hanging from the neck or throat of an animal especially that present in many cattle “com’on let’s hear some more of them there mooing sounds” Bubba

  8. Everyone I talk to says the same thing regarding the case State vs. Read, that is, “there is something really wrong there!”. That’s the quick comment, in depth conversation obviously go into the “why’s” of what’s wrong. Morrissey has to know this is a case they won’t win, we have all seen the documentaries on TV where a DA won’t take a case to trial because even though they believe the person is guilty, they aren’t sure they can PROVE it. What blows my mind is that he actually thought people would look past the obvious, and just go with his narrative. It’s like he’s standing on the grand staircase of the Titanic saying, “we’re fine, we’re not sinking, join me for dinner in the dining room”, …………and Sharon Albert and Canton Protector are sitting at the table with a napkin tucked into their shirts!

  9. What a disgusting fat fuck Morrissey is even his jowls have jowls.

    Hopefully karma does its thing.

  10. Morrissey’s blood type is sausage grease, he has enough sugar in his blood to bake a wedding cake.

  11. Rather wait for Aidan to teach the class, do not feel like doing homework. The family photos surrounding Morrisey are priceless!

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