Canton Cover-Up Part 255: Clerk Magistrate Finds No Probable Cause For Witness Intimidation Against Canton 9 Juvenile, Charges Dismissed


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Three weeks ago the Canton Police Department filed a criminal complaint against a 17 year old juvenile, attempting to charge him with violating Chapter 268 Section 13a picketing a witness, and Chapter 268 Section 13b felony witness intimidation. The juvenile’s alleged crime was peacefully protesting outside of D&E Pizza, which Selectman Chris Albert said made him feel scared and intimidated, and which the police claim was likely to affect Albert’s testimony in the Karen Read case. His son read “Colin Albert was in the house,” which Colin’s aunt Jill Daniels admitted when she came on as a guest on the Live Show.

“Colin Albert was in the house” is simply a statement of fact, not a politically motivated sign. The sign had no intention of changing Chris Albert’s testimony or intimidating him in any way.

Today the juvenile had a hearing before a clerk magistrate in Dedham who would decide if there was probable cause to move forward with criminal charges. Although the bar for probable cause is extremely low, the magistrate found that there was no probable cause for violation of 13b, and that although there was probable cause for 13a the clerk elected to dismiss it altogether.

Timmy is a senior at Tewksbury High School and was threatened with suspension by school administraters. It’s completely inappropriate for the school to have done this for several reasons:

  1. He wasn’t charged with a crime
  2. He wasn’t convicted of a crime
  3. Kids who are charged and/or with crimes still have a right to attend school  (I taught in Worcester for two years, kids regularly missed school for 2-3 weeks at a time to go to lockup before returning to class)
  4. The magistrate’s hearing was not public record, so the school would have no way of knowing for sure that a criminal complaint had been filed by CPD

What Helena Rafferty and the Canton Police Department attempted to do to this young man is criminal in and of itself. She tried to ruin the life of a minor because he peacefully protested outside of Chris Albert’s restaurant on a public sidewalk. This was the entirety of their interaction, in which Albert was clearly the aggressor.

“Protesting in front of a witness? You must be proud of yourself.”

Trying to get a minor charged with a crime because he made you feel uncomfortable? Chris must be proud of himself. Too bad it failed, much like his business, his parenting, and his ability to please a woman.

Just a reminder, when Chris’ son Colin was 17 he was inside a house where a Boston Police Officer was beaten unconscious and dragged outside to die in the snow. His son Colin is a sociopath who regularly posts videos on social media threatening to murder other high school kids. And he has the gall to lecture other 17 year olds about how they shouldn’t be proud of their behavior.

I would take Timmy any day of the week over Colin. Timmy is civically engaged and standing up for something righteous. He wants justice for John O’Keefe and Karen Read, and he’s brave enough to confront the man whose brother and son were present in the house where O’Keefe was murdered. Timmy should be proud, and so should his parents. Chris should be ashamed, but he’s not because he has no shame.

The fact that Chief Rafferty is this ignorant when it comes to understanding how our laws work speaks volumes about her incompetence and lack of leadership. The bar for probable cause is extremely low, and the criminal complaint that she ordered to be written couldn’t even make it past a clerk magistrate. This is exactly why CPD needs to be audited.

The magistrate did find probable cause for 13a picketing a witness, but the fact that the magistrate dismissed it shows that he realized that it was morally wrong to charge a kid with a crime for peacefully protesting. What kind of message would that send other civically engaged youth? That was a direct shot at Helena Rafferty, as the magistrate clearly viewed her as cold and evil.

Timmy’s Attorney Bill Gens is also representing 6 of the other Canton 9, who have hearings on January 4 and 18. It’s unclear if this will have any effect on their cases, as every magistrate is different, and they will have their hearings in Stoughton. But it doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day they’re going to win, I’m going to win, and Karen Read is going to win. It’s just a matter of time.

I would be honored to have Timmy as a guest on the Live Show tomorrow night, if he is interested.


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