Canton Cover-Up Part 31: Recreation Of Karen Read’s Midnight Ride Confirms Defense Timeline About When John O’Keefe Went Inside 34 Fairview Road


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Two weeks ago in their opposition to Karen Read’s request to examine Brian Albert’s cell phone and dog, ADA Adam “Lunchbox” Lally put together a timeline that he believes disproved the the defense’s cell phone expert, who said that John O’Keefe was inside 34 Fairview Road at 12:21 AM. According to video footage from the Waterfall Bar examined by Trooper Michael Proctor, O’Keefe and Read were seen leaving the bar at 12:11 AM.

As you can see they made sure to mention the cocktail glass that O’Keefe allegedly stole, in order trick the reader into believing that the broken cocktail glass found by the Canton Police next to John’s body was the same one he stole from the Waterfall. They also mention that it had only just begun snowing, debunking the idea that a significant amount of snow had fallen at that point.

Lally’s memorandum later goes on to state that Karen Read’s car was seen outside the Canton Library at 12:15 AM, and then at 12:17 AM outside of Temple Beth Abraham.

The defense’s forensic expert said that John O’Keefe was inside 34 Fairview Road by 12:21 AM because it shows him ascending or descending stairs, which he could not do in a car. Adam Lally’s smoking gun, which he believes disproved the forensic expert, is that Trooper Nicholas Guarino located a WAZE search in John O’Keefe’s phone, indicating that he searched for directions to 34 Fairview at 12:20 AM, and arrived at 12:24.

This would mean that it took 13 minutes (12:11 to 12:24) for Read and O’Keefe to get in her car and drive the 2 miles to 34 Fairview Road.

Except there’s just a few problems with this:

  • The WAZE location data cited says Karen Read’s car was located at 34 Fairview Road at 12:59 AM. Every single witness, include the McCabes, have all said that she left before that. The two missing minutes of video from the Canton Public Library from when Read traveled by there on her way home, were well before 12:59.


  • The Commonwealth mentions that Axiom location data shows that the car is at 34 Fairview Rd at 12:25 AM, and traveled at a speed of 0.6346 meters per second. This is designed to make the reader think that Karen Read accelerated (in reverse) and intentionally ran O’Keefe over, because no one uses meters per second to calculate speed. Lally did this intentionally because that converts to under 2 mph.

  • Trooper Guarino had full access to the same extraction report that Richard Green did (forensic expert), but intentionally left Jennifer McCabe’s 2:27 AM Google search out of his report, along with her deletion of phone calls, Google searches, screenshots, and contacts. Nothing Trooper Guarino reports can be trusted at face value.
  • A WAZE search for directions from the Waterfall to 34 Fairview says it’s a 5-6 minute ride depending on which route you take. Read and O’Keefe went a slightly longer way.

According to Lally, O’Keefe texted McCabe from Karen Read’s car at 12:14 AM and said “where to?” At 12:18, one minute after he passed the Temple on Washington Street, O’Keefe called her again to clarify where the house was. McCabe said Read left at 12:45 AM, contradicting the Commonwealth’s own “data” that says she was there at 12:59.

To test this all out me and my camera guy Richie decided to go to Canton and film ourselves recreating Karen Read’s entire night. I did a private livestream so as to not tip off the authorities that we were in town. One of the things I wanted to see was how long it would’ve taken Read to drive from the Waterfall Bar to 34 Fairview Road, since the Commonwealth denies the forensic data showing O’Keefe in the house at 12:21. At the 33:20 mark of the video I pass by the Waterfall Bar. I pass the Canton Library a minute later, coinciding with the 12:15 image of her car passing the library one minute after the “where to” text. It took me less than 7 minutes to get to the house despite hitting 2 of 3 red lights:

I realize it was snowing on January 29, which would likely slow down the drive. However, there would be significantly less traffic at 12:15 AM and they were less likely to hit the red lights we did at that time. We were also driving extremely slow as we did not know our way around town. On our first attempt doing this we got lost.

We arrived at the Temple 3 minutes into the drive, coinciding with the video footage showing Karen drive by at 12:17 (3 minutes into her trip). We turned onto Cedercrest Road 4 minutes into the drive, which is the exact time that John O’Keefe called Jen McCabe to clarify the address, which would make sense since everything on Cedercrest looks the same.

About 6 minutes into our trip (which would’ve been 12:20 AM) we came across Fairview Road and overshot it, just like Read did.

This is the exact minute (12:20) that O’Keefe did the WAZE search for 34 Fairview Road. He realized they had passed by the street, so we did a U-turn, just as Read did, and approached Fairview Road from the other direction.

This is where Ryan Nagel saw Karen Read, as he was coming from the other direction and attempting to turn onto Fairview Road. He allowed Karen Read to go first, and she pulled into up next to the driveway.

If Karen Read had done exactly what we did then she would have arrived at the house at 12:20 or 12:21 at the latest. Witnesses all state that she pulled up next to the driveway before moving down towards the flagpole at the other end of the property. This would make sense since it was snowing, O’Keefe was only wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, and she would want to drop him off as close to the door as possible so he could make a beeline to get inside. He could’ve made it to that door in a matter of seconds without being seen by Nagel.

After dropping him off she pulled up past the mailbox towards the flagpole and waited for O’Keefe to text her and say that everything was OK inside.

Keep in mind, O’Keefe didn’t really know anyone in the house except for Jen McCabe, who insisted that he come there. Moments later he was moving up and down stairs. This indicates that he was likely set up by her and ambushed.

Read waited by the flagpole to hear back from O’Keefe since she was distrustful of the people inside. She waited a few minutes and heard nothing so she continued in the direction she was facing (no three point turn) and went home. Nagel claims that Read was inside her car by herself when he passed by her and left, and that O’Keefe was not lying in or around her vehicle. All of this proves that O’Keefe was already inside the house.

As you can see in our video above, Read would have passed hundreds of homes with Ring cameras, as well as the Canton MBTA station. If her tail light was broken from running O’Keefe over with her car then it would’ve been picked up by dozens of cameras. We know that State Police went door to door asking for Ring footage, yet they haven’t produced a single piece of evidence showing her tail light broken at that point.

The Canton Library footage would have been invaluable. The camera is located in the circled part of the library, and would have perfectly gotten a view of Read’s passenger side tail light.

But those two minutes have mysteriously disappeared.

The traffic lights at the intersection also have cameras on them, as did most traffic lights in 2022.

But the most important thing I wanted to investigate was whether or not it would’ve been possible for cars traveling by (or the plow that went through multiple times) not to notice the body of John O’Keefe lying 12 feet from the curb for 5.5 hours (12:30 to 6 AM). At the 29:20 mark of this video I had Richie (who is the same height as O’Keefe) lie down in the spot where O’Keefe was found. I drove by and filmed from the front and it was impossible not to notice him.

Yet only Karen Read (the backseat passenger) was able to see his body. Keep in mind, the three women (Kerry Roberts, McCabe, Read) were driving around for the sole purpose of looking for O’Keefe’s body. Their eyes would’ve been on high alert for any sign of him, especially when they got close to 34 Fairview. Yet Roberts and McCabe claim they didn’t see his body because of the “cluster of trees” and snow obstructing him.

But as you saw in the video, the trees don’t obstruct your view at all when approaching where his body was. Critics will argue that he would’ve been harder to see in the snow on January 29. McCabe said that there was six inches of snow already, yet she somehow saw his cellphone underneath his body. But that doesn’t add up because images from the crime scene at 8 AM show less than 3 inches of snow, and the snow would’ve actually illuminated his body more than anything.

There also wasn’t tall grass obstructing him then, as there was when we went.

Let’s also keep in mind that the Commowealth is alleging that John was out there since 12:30 AM when Karen Read ran him over and propelled his body 12 feet from the curb. Julie Nagel and Sarah Levinson got a ride home from the McCabes between 1:30 and 2 AM. Nagel was NOT interviewed by state police until a year later, when she suddenly claimed that she saw a “dark object” in the snow. The McCabes and Levinson say they saw nothing.

They would have been much closer to John’s body than Karen Read was when she drove by at 6 AM, there would’ve been less snow on the ground, and their line of sight would not have been obstructed by any trees. They knew that it wasn’t believable that no one saw anything. They also knew that if someone did see a dead body they’d stop the car and call 911. So the story about only seeing a “dark object” provides the perfect cover for them.

There is no possible way they did not see O’Keefe’s body at 2 AM. These means one of 2 things is true:

  1. They are lying about not seeing his body.
  2. His body wasn’t dumped outside yet.

Initially I believed it was #1, but the more I think about it #2 is more likely.

Then why did the phone last move at 12:31?

Answer – they put it there before dumping his body. How else would Jennifer McCabe know that the phone was underneath his body? The same body she couldn’t see from 20 feet away.

How does that explain the 2:27 AM Google search for “how long to die in cold” if his body hadn’t been dumped in the cold at 2:27?

Answer – she knew that the plan was to dump the body on the lawn after she left with Nagel and Levinson. The less those two younger women saw and knew the better.

What if Karen Read had come back to 34 Fairview Road on her own and the body wasn’t outside yet?

Answer – they’d tell her that John never came inside, she’d go on her merry way, and they’d frame her like they did anyway. Who are the police going to believe? A BPD Sergeant or the drunk girlfriend?

None of the people interviewed by Trooper Proctor were brought to the police station. None of their interviews were filmed. Many of them had over a year to get their story straight. The crime scene was contaminated as people and gawkers walked by it during the snow storm.

Nothing about this investigation followed any sort of protocol, which makes sense once you realize that the entire thing was a coverup.


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