Canton Coverup Part 348: Commonwealth Bar Witnesses Praise Karen Read, Show Michael Proctor Lied In Charging Documents Used To Indict 


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Today might be the best day Karen Read has had in her murder trial and the defense hasn’t even had a chance to call their witnesses yet. The Commonwealth witnesses today were all people present at CF McCarthy’s or the Waterfall Bar prior to Karen Read driving John O’Keefe to Brian Albert’s house. It was an extremely boring day, as Adam Lally has found a way to make the most riveting murder trial in the country into an absolute snoozefest. He grilled the witnesses one by one about what kind of beer they were drinking, what sports their kids played, and whether or not they knew someone named Sully.

It was heartbreaking to watch Michael and Katherine Camerano struggle holding back tears as they talked about that fateful morning and their last encounter with O’Keefe. Both of them described John and Karen’s relationship as “normal,” their interactions as “caring and affectionate,” and neither heard any of them talk about breaking up.

It was disgusting to watch Lally put them through hours of testimony with an unclear motive. At the end of the day all Lally seemed to was debunk his own theory that Karen killed John because she was angry and on the verge of a breakup. This shot of her arriving at the Waterfall Bar was particularly telling.

John and Karen had been together for two years. Most people I know who have been together for that long greet each other with such love and happiness.

Curt Roberts, the husband of Kerry Roberts, was also CF McCarthy’s with John. He had nothing to add at all and the only woman he had a bad word to say about was his wife, who apparently likes to “come home in a mood” if he doesn’t shovel the driveway.

Kurt knows all about that from his domestic violence arrest, after Kerry slapped him in the face and he said in front of his young children that he was going to “bash your mother’s skull in.”

He was followed by a bartender who said that Karen didn’t appear drunk. It’s notable that you can only see Karen drinking one drink at CF McCarthy’s – not the 9 that we’ve been told she had.

After the bartender were the real MVP’s – Nicholas and Karina Kolokithas. The couple, whose children play sports with the McAlberts, testified that they were at the Waterfall Bar when John and Karen showed up close to 11 PM. According to Michael Proctor’s report Karina told him that Karen was complaining about John’s mother, and John’s children were interfering with private time for vacations.

It turns out this was a complete lie. Karina actually said the opposite – Karen told her how much he admired John’s close relationship with the children, how much John sacrificed for them, and how Karen wished that other members of the O’Keefe family stepped up and helped him with the children. The only mention of a vacation was how she was looking forward to an upcoming vacation that they had booked, indicating they had no plans to break up.

Proctor didn’t include any of that when he testified in front of the state grand jury, leading to Read’s indictment for murder.

Karina’s husband Nicholas was even more enamored with John and Karen’s relationship, telling Alan Jackson that they were affectionate and loving towards each other to the point when his wife asked “why aren’t you like that with me?”

He and his wife couldn’t have possibly been a better witness for Karen Read.

Nicholas also testified about observing Brian Albert and Brian Higgins play fighting just a few minutes before leaving the bar.

What kind of 50 year old men put up their fists at a bar like the Notre Dam mascot, pretend to fight, play wrestle, hump each other from behind, and then kiss and grab each other’s asses?


They were literally crashing into one of the tables, causing the barstools to move. Almost as if they were warming up for what was about to happen. Albert and Higgins, who was jealous of John because he had the hots for Karen, stared down O’Keefe as last call approached.

Finally, Karina testified that Jen McCabe was INSISTENT that John and Karen come over after the bar, telling them in a drunken stooper, “Come with meeeee, it’ll be fun, it’s a suprise!”

Almost as if the whole thing was a setup. Certainly they wouldn’t plan to murder a Boston cop inside Brian Albert’s home, but perhaps they wanted to tune John O’Keefe up a little to remind him of his place in the Canton hierarchy.

Oh, and remember the “bombshell” still image of Karen Read’s Lexus in the driveway, showing what appears to be a broken tail light?

Yea, they just never brought that up.

Traditionally state’s witnesses are supposed to help the state convict defendants. But it looks like the “bombshells” the McAlbert Mafia have been insisting would come at trial appear to be nothing more than knockout punches for the defense.





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