Canton Coverup Part 350: Chris Albert Accidentally Puts Colin Albert Inside 34 Fairview Road When John O’Keefe Arrived, Julie Albert Caught Lying About Phone Calls With Courtney Proctor


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Chris and Julie Albert took the stand in Day 8 of the Karen Read murder trial and they were the complete dumpster fire you imagined they would be. Chris became the first McAlbert to officially confirm that his son Colin Albert was inside 34 Fairview Road, and Julie was caught lying about how frequently she talked to Michael Proctor’s sister on the phone.

For the last year the McAlberts have been insisting that Colin Albert was not inside 34 Fairview Road when John O’Keefe arrived there at 12:20. If John O’Keefe was hit by Karen Read’s car outside of the house then it wouldn’t matter if Colin was inside the house at the time. However, if John went inside the house while Colin was there then it could potentially implicate him in the murder. The fact that his family and friends have been so persistent that he was never inside the house is all the reassurance you need to know that John O’Keefe went inside Brian Albert’s house.

As evidence provided to Boston Magazine free lancer journalist Gretchen Voss, the McAlberts offered up this text message between Allie McCabe and Colin Albert, which purportedly shows her picking up Colin at 34 Fairview Road at 12:10 AM.

The text isn’t authenticated and is merely a screenshot. Anyone can delete texts from a conversation, but they would appear in a data extraction. It seems hard to believe that the two of them never spoke again until February 20 after Colin’s former neighbor was found dead on the lawn of his uncle’s house. The text also doesn’t say where “here” is when Allie McCabe texted him at 12:20. “Here” could be his friends house where she was picking him up to drive him TO 34 Fairview Road.

After leaving Brian Albert’s house shortly after 12:33 Colin needed to establish an alibi. That is likely why he called his friend Erin Beatty, who didn’t answer the phone at 12:33.

Chris tried to get Erin’s father Tom to say that this phone call never happened, which he refused. Consequently the Beatty family has been viciously attacked and threatened by the McAlbert Mafia, leading to this December 2022 Facebook post from Tom Beatty.

But all of this effort to cover for Colin Albert’s presence inside Brian Albert’s house when John O’Keefe was arrived went out the window this morning when Chris Albert himself offered testimony confirming that Colin was indeed at his uncle’s house. Chicken Parm Charlie told Adam Lally that he arrived at his home on Maple Street between 12:05 and 12:10, went upstairs to bed, and was awoken 10 minutes later by his son Colin.

If Chris arrived home at 12:05, went upstairs, and the Colin arrived at 12:15 then it would fit in his timeline for Colin leaving Brian Albert’s house at 12:15, before John O’Keefe got there. But unfortunately for him surveillance video from the Waterfall Bar shows him leaving closer to 12:14.

It is an 8 minute, close to half mile walk from the Waterfall back to his condo on Maple Street, which means he had to have gotten there no earlier than 12:20. He told David Yannetti under cross examination that he went upstairs and dozed off within 15 minutes, and that his son Colin woke him up after arriving home 10 minutes after that. Apparently Chris hadn’t done the math in his head, because this meant that Colin got back at 12:45, which means he didn’t leave at 12:10 (it’s a 5 minute drive from Brian’s house), which means he was at 34 Fairview Road when John O’Keefe got there. Watch him stutter at 1:45 when he realizes that he just implicated his son by putting him at the crime scene.

All that work covering up for Colin was for nothing. And it was his own father who ultimately did him in. This is why I couldn’t wait for this trial – these people are a deadly combination of arrogant and stupid. They think they can talk their way out of anything, but they say too much and in turn destroy themselves.

Julie was a hot mess herself. She was chewing gum on the stand and appears to have the same dermatologist as her sister Jill Daniels.

Julie testified that she “rarely” spoke to Courtney Proctor on the phone. But she apparently didn’t realize that the FBI investigation revealed that they spoke on the phone 67 times over a period of 8 months, including a 12 minute phone call on the day Karen Read was arrested. The same day she offered Michael Proctor a “thank you” gift for arresting Read. She was given her phone records by Attorney David Yannetti and had to admit she had been caught in a lie. Luckily Auntie Bev and Lally were there to bail her out time and time again, as legitimate questions were objected to and sustained. On a rare occasion when this didn’t happen Julie looked towards Lally to save her, and reluctantly answered by saying “I don’t recall.”

It should be noted that on May 18, 2021, John O’Keefe (who was apparently a turtle rider), sent Julie Albert a text message containing a link to a Turtleboy article about a Canton middle school girl who was bullied on the school bus for not supporting BLM. Julie responded by saying “That is my worst fear – ending up on Turtleboy.”

She has now been featured dozens of times and was a 4 seed in Ratchet Madness.

Chris and Julie Albert have tried to portray themselves as close friends of John O’Keefe who had no animosity towards them. But in testimony today it was revealed that they viewed John as a “get off my lawn guy” because he yelled at Colin Albert for trespassing on his property and throwing beer cans on his lawn. These images were also introduced into evidence, showing the Alberts mocking John by taking pictures on his property and sending them to him.

These are two grown adults, one of whom is unemployed and the other who operates a welfare pizza shop. They have collectively had almost two dozen judgements against them for not paying bills and taxes.

And this is how they behave. This is the kind of values they’ve imparted on their sons.

Neutral observers watching this case for the first time are stunned by Judge Cannone, who is clearly trying to sabotage the defense. She has frequently sustained objections from Lally when critical evidence is introduced during cross examination. Today she refused to allow the defense to use pictures and videos from Courtney Proctor’s 2012 wedding, which shows Chris, Colin, and Julie Albert sitting at the head table with Michael Proctor, thus establishing a long term friendship with him.

Cannone saved Julie Albert by ending her cross examination at 12:28, a full 32 minutes before court was supposed to end for the day. Tomorrow she will have to continue where they left off, and she’ll be followed by Brian Albert, who was seen for the first time entering the courthouse during a Karen Read proceeding. His attorney Greg Henning was waiting for him at the top of the stairs.

Things are starting to get a lot more interesting.



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