Canton Cover-Up Part 355: Jen McCabe’s First Day Of Cross Examination Was An Unmitigated Disaster For The Commonwealth



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Jen McCabe testified for four hours today before court ended and will continue to testify tomorrow morning. The much anticipated cross examination from Alan Jackson came as advertised, and we didn’t even get to the most important part yet – the 2:27 AM Google search for “hos long to die in cold.” Here are some takeaways I had from this morning:

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  • Once again it was a McAlbert who appeared to be on trial as Jen McCabe was on the defensive throughout her entire testimony. At no point was any new evidence brought forward about Karen Read’s supposed involvement in the murder of John O’Keefe.
  • Jennifer McCabe came across as deceptive and arrogant. She thought she could talk her way out of everything and often had to be prompted to just answer the question.
  • Whenever she was caught in a lie she would look at the jury to try to reassure them that she was honest and telling the truth. Watch her turn to the jury to try to explain why she forgot about a statement she made. She tried to convince them that this was a normal thing that happens to human beings and not her lying by saying “I’m sure this happens to everyone.”

  • Jen testified that she heard Karen say “I hit, I hit him, I hit him,” multiple times on the way to Brian Albert’s house and again outside the house after discovering the body. She was confronted with her own grand jury testimony in which she testified what Karen said 12 times. Not once did she ever mention “I hit him.” When she looked over the grand jury testimony she read it for a long period of time and was likely thinking of the lie she was going to spin to get her out of this jam.
  • Jen came nervous several times. She just called Michael Proctor, “Proctor Trooper” at one point.
  • Jen claimed twice that Michael Proctor misquoted her in his reports. This is a theme with the McAlberts as last week Brian and Nicole Albert testified that Michael Lank misquoted them in a report in which they said that Caitlin Albert left their house at 12:15 AM, not 1:45 AM that she claimed when she was finally questioned 18 months after John’s death.
  • Jen backed up Matt McCabe’s story that Brian Higgins Jeep was parked outside 34 Fairview Road when they were inside. Neither of them mentioned this in Michael Proctor’s report. Jen claimed this was Proctor’s fault.
  • Jen repeatedly tried to change the subject when caught in a lie by deflecting about “harassment” she’s received. This is a double-edged sword, because most jurors will begin to wonder why so many people felt compelled to protest the McAlberts if they are honest witnesses rather than cop killers.
  • Jen McCabe told the grand jury that she tracks her daughter Allie with Life360 data. This contradicted her testimony today that the Life360 data showing Allie was out until 1:30 AM, not 12:30 as she testified, isn’t accurate.
  • According to reporter Jessica Machado the jurors had visceral reactions to Jen’s mannerisms and testimony that were not favorable to her.

  • Jen said that when she “burst into” Nicole and Brian Albert’s bedroom at 6:30 AM she didn’t see or hear the dog. The same dog that had to be rehomed for being so aggressive.
  • Jen revealed that the text message from Ryan Nagel to Julie Nagel asking if she was coming outside occurred at 12:23. This directly contradicts the state’s narrative that GPS data from John’s phone doesn’t put him at 34 Fairview Road until 12:25 AM. It aligns with John’s cell phone data that shows him ascending and descending stairs between 12:21-12:24. This would explain why Julie Nagel came outside minutes later and told her brother she no longer needed a ride home from him.
  • Alan Jackson illustrated the ridiculous assertion for the jury that Jen McCabe could see Karen Read’s car and tire tracks in the snow, but not see John O’Keefe’s body on the lawn. He established that John’s body was in her direct line of vision if she saw Karen’s car, and she attempted to explain this away by saying she wasn’t looking down. Jackson countered that by pointing out that she was looking at him, but yet she could still see the prosecutor’s table in the foreground without looking down.
  • Jen McCabe’s call log shows she deleted almost 20 phone calls on the morning of January 29, and that she had two phone calls to her sister Nicole that were answered at 6:07 and 6:08. She acknowledged that this is what the data undeniably says and pulled a Shaggy by saying “it wasn’t me.” She claimed she didn’t delete the phone calls and that her calls to Nicole were not answered. This is the 6th time a McAlbert has testified that forensic cell phone data is simply wrong.

  • The 911 call overheard on a voicemail left on John O’Keefe’s cell phone was played for the court. At the exact time Jen’s cell phone records show her speaking to Nicole on the phone you can hear her whisper something about not coming out of the house.
  • Jen testified that she was in shock when she found John’s body because he was her friend. But she called him a “man in the snow” on the 911 call, didn’t go inside to get him blankets, and her husband called him “the guy” in a group text message.
  • Later in her testimony Jen changed her story from “I didn’t delete any phone calls” to “I don’t recall deleting any phone calls.”
  • In a shocking development Jen testified that before handing her phone over to the State Police for a data extraction she asked them if she could delete text messages between her and her daughter. They told her yes. Her daughter was Colin Albert’s getaway driver. Why would the police allow her to destroy evidence?
  • Jen testified that sat down with Kerry Roberts and created a timeline with her. She controlled the narrative from the very beginning, and has successfully manipulated Roberts.
  • As the day proceeded Jen began losing her cool. She said that she couldn’t overhear Kerry Roberts phone call with police, but yet in her text messages she was telling the other McAlberts how satisfied she was with what Kerry was telling police. She doesn’t know how to handle it when she got caught and kept looking at the jury for reassurance while yelling at Jackson.

  • It was revealed for the first time that Jen and Kerry Roberts visited Michael Lank’s house on January 30. This information likely came from the FBI investigation, and showed an inappropriate relationship between the McAlberts and police.
  • Jen testified that she didn’t hear what Kerry Roberts was telling police from another room inside her house, which contradicted her text message saying that she was pleased with what Kerry was saying. She attempted to talk her way out of it by looking at the jury and telling a long winded story that made no sense.
  • Jackson grilled Jen McCabe about why she called John O’Keefe’s phone 6 times between 12:40-12:50. He put it in the juror’s heads that this was likely because they were looking for John’s phone INSIDE THE HOUSE. There is no other reason to call that many times unless his phone got lost during the fight and they needed to find it.
  • Jen testified that all of the calls to John O’Keefe that night, which were deleted from her phone (although she claims she didn’t delete them), were butt dials. There are record amounts of butt dials from the McAlberts on January 29, 2022.
  • John’s father appears to have walked out in disgust during Jen McCabe’s testimony. He’s not stupid – he knows she helped murder his son. When will Paul and Peggy come to terms with what their supposed friend did to John?

One thing is for sure – Jen McCabe is a control freak who is losing it because she is no longer in control. Tomorrow she will have to explain the 2:27 Google search and some of the lies she told on Friday. I will be there in the morning, but will have to leave for her testimony. I will be back in the courtroom for Kerry Roberts who will be testifying after her.


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