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Canton Cover-Up Part 363: Michael Proctor Committed Perjury By Making Up Story About David Yannetti Harassing Courtney Proctor At Elementary School While He Was Meeting With Star Witness Lucky Loughran



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On Wednesday Michael Proctor ended his two days of lying by telling a whopper of a “whoa is me” tale, attempting to justify why he has such a personal hatred of David Yannetti (as was revealed in text messages unearthed by the FBI investigation into him). Unfortunately there was no laugh track when Proctor testified that the investigation into Karen Read was done with the “utmost of integrity,” and Yannetti “dragged my name through the mud” with “no basis or facts” because Yannetti has pointed out how conflicted and corrupt he is due to the fact that he never disclosed his long, close family relationship with Chris Albert’s family. But then he added a twist at the end when he alleged that Yannetti showed up at his sister’s school on Tuesday “where he’s not welcomed”, to meet a witness, and after being informed by a teacher that he couldn’t be there he refused to leave and instead asked to speak with Michael’s sister Courtney Proctor.

This all began the previous day when the anonymous McAlbert Mafia began sharing this picture of David Yannetti meeting Lucky Loughran in the parking lot of Kennedy Elementary School.

First of all, attorneys are allowed to meet with their star witnesses prior to going to trial in order to review their testimony. Adam Lally has done it with almost every witness thus far. Loughran is arguably one of the most important witnesses in the entire trial, as the Canton DPW plow driver has told Read’s private investigator, Turtleboy, the FBI, and State Police the same story – John O’Keefe’s body was not on Brian Albert’s front lawn at 2:30 AM when he did his first plowing of Fairview Road, and that he would have seen a body had a body been there. He also told all four people he spoke with that he saw a Ford Edge parked at the flagpole at 3 AM where John’s body would be discovered three hours later.

Loughran’s brother is on the Board of Selectmen and voted against the CPD audit. He is a lifelong townie. He has ZERO REASON to lie to help Karen Read, and every reason to want to help the McAlberts. Yet Lucky is bravely telling the truth.

Courtney Proctor is a special education teacher at Kennedy School.

Just a reminder – her brother repeatedly referred to Karen Read as “retarded” in group text messages with his friends. In another text message with Courtney, Michael Proctor said of Read “hopefully she kills herself.” Instead of expressing her disgust with her brother’s comment Courtney replied by saying, “let’s hope she does so she doesn’t drag this out for this family.”

That alone is disqualifying of a teacher. Courtney Proctor wants an innocent woman to commit suicide so that her corrupt cop brother doesn’t drag the murdering McAlberts through the mud.

After hearing Proctor make this wild allegation in court I decided to ask Yannetti about it outside of court on Wednesday. He told me that Proctor committed perjury by making the whole story up about asking to speak with Courtney Proctor, and that he had no idea she worked there. According to Yannetti it was Loughran who asked Yannetti to meet in the Kennedy School parking lot after Yannetti initially suggested the DPW headquarters. He had no idea that Courtney Proctor worked there. He met with Loughran there, drove Loughran’s route the morning of John O’Keefe’s murder, then got in his car and left. Proctor’s wife Elizabeth saw the picture online and they concocted a story about how they were the victims of harassment because it’s the only thing the Proctors know how to do.

“I was a first hand witness today to perjury by the lead investigator who is framing my client.”

The smile on Yannetti’s face when Ted Daniel asked him if Loughran would be telling the same story about the Ford Edge and not seeing O’Keefe’s body on the front lawn when he testifies really said it all:

“He lives in that community. He will not be bullied. The truth is the truth. And I look forward to putting Brian Loughran on the stand.”

Yes, he will. And it’s going to be devastating to the Commonwealth.

This is what all of the McAlberts have done throughout this entire affair – pretended to be victims when in fact they are the aggressors. Elizabeth Proctor did it better than anyone when she harassed random people at work, demanding they lose their jobs for making Facebook comments criticizing her husband, and then cried about “witness intimidation” when others did it to her employer.

P.S. If you were at all inclined to feel bad for Peggy O’Keefe, just remember that she laughed out loud when Proctor read his messages calling Karen Read a “cunt,” and mocked Yannetti like it was all a big joke after Proctor made up that lie on Wednesday.




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  1. Chippybear LullyWabbit and Bukake make for quite the group chat. What’s the label Misogynistic HalfWits of the MSP?

  2. I’m confused. If he was about to commit perjury, why did the defense object to stop him from talking? They were going after that first responder for perjury, so why not go after Proctor? He would be a much bigger target for them.

    1. Because he knows neither the State or the Judge is going to hold him accountable. It is one of the biggest problems with our judicial system is that perjury is allowed if it benefits the State’s case.

    2. My guess is it’s a double edge sword they didn’t know what he was gonna say to object so they had to at least hear what he was saying because they wanted to hear what he was saying. When someone saying something crazy about you, you want to hear what they’re saying and then once they knew they objected immediately I asked the same question of my wife who works in the private legal world

  3. When all is said and done, every one of these bald parasite trashbags working for the state is going to be utterly unemployable. The world knows who they are now. And more importantly, the world knows what they are now. They are utterly vile people.

  4. Aidan, it was actually Elizabeth Proctor who’s calling the employers. I know you know that, we learned it from you! 🙂 You need to fix the article.

    1. I was coming on here to say this myself, he knows that it was Lizzie, we learned that from him. Good article, as usual TB.

      1. I see that he gets things mixed up here and there but its probably due to stress of being persecuted for going up against crooks in power. They use and abuse their position to silence and gaslight and threaten anyone who tries to expose them.

  5. I give it two weeks after “not Guilty “ there all called in to HQ. Told to resign , or get fired

    1. While I agree that the LE folks in question display vulgar and unprofessional behavior, my money is that no action will be taken by any MA entity–county, town, state. I think that’s the nature of all these institutions.
      Remember, being a dirt bag is not illegal (I think in some quarters of NJ it’s a requirement). It’s the conduct (or rather, lack thereof) of the investigation that is blowing me away. It smears the good name and honorable work of so many others. Any shout-outs for Barros?
      I’ll bet dinner at Capitol Grill on the bet that, for any corrective action to take place, we need to wait for the slow grind of Federal wheels.

    2. They will all be put on paid administrative leave while under ” investigation” Then they will retire with their full pensions Thats who things work in this corrupt state

  6. Hos long till there are a bunch of spots open on MSP? Lally should probably apply at Best Buy after this. What if anything do you need for your new HD TV? Who if anyone can change their testimony 2 years after?

  7. Seriously though, what is going on with all of the MSP and their shaved heads?
    We know Proctor has been a balding fuc£ for awhile . But Tully? Aidan has posted recent photos of him. He had a full head of hair.
    Now, they ALL have freshly shaved heads? Is this so after the trial they think none of us will recognize them? Or, is the “para-military” organization they fancy themselves to be some third reich ish?
    Neither scenario would shock me with these clowns. Yet, the fill me with horror.

    1. You’re that idiot Jack that shills for Read on the Globe comment section. Get fucked, you rancid piece of shit.

  8. Pulitzer for Aidan Kearney Best Investigator.
    Now let’s get that over-reaching law they used to charge you off the books.
    Justice for Officer John O’Keefe and Sandra Birchmore, never forget
    Freedom and Exoneration for Karen Read

    Enlighten the Voters why qualified immunity should continue to apply to bad actors.

  9. Mrs OKeefe facial expressions are deplorable as a parent of a murdered victim- she knows Jen did this with her boyfriend Brian- and nephew Colin. Yes let’s not forget Jen is Brian’ Albert’s side piece for 10 years now.

  10. “Pull up”
    “I’ll beat your ass!”
    “Bang bang!”
    Fuck the Canton keystone cops with love from London England!
    Free Karen Read!

  11. Minor correction; the woman who called other people’s employers, etc. was “Elizabeth” Proctor (the wife), Courtney is the sister of conflicted Michael Proctor

  12. The Governor and the state attorney have got to wake up to their corrupt state. Make a name for themselves and clean up Massachusetts! But what am I saying this is the Kennedys home state.

  13. Neither The State nor Canton Police will do anything about their corruption. Proctor HAS to go, but he has 150,000 MORE texts from DiCicco, Bukake,Tully and MORE with similar stuff on them. “Boss, you try and do me, and I’m bringin’ you down with me. Actually, I’m bringin’ everyone down with me”. No one is clean here…… NO ONE. Even the District Attorney is dirty on both the KR case and Turtleboy case. This is how it works in MASS.

  14. I will be home in the Berkshires next week for my cousin’s memorial. I live in the northern mountains of Arizona and watch the trial every day. I hope to have time to appear in person and support Karen with ALL the amazing folks who do this unconditionally on a regular basis ❤️. Also, I have a little gift for Aidan as an appreciation for all he does!

    1. Are you on a first name basis with “Karen”? She is a sociopath on her way to prison. You FKR supporters are disgusting excuses for human beings.

      1. Is that you Jen? I hate to break this to you, but you let your clown mask down and we all got to see the real you. You are one really horrible ‘person’. Not sure if you’re human.

      2. Are you kidding me? Have you been watching the same trial as the rest of us? 7 weeks later and the commonwealth has only proven reasonable doubt. Sad people can’t see the Truth

        1. All of the dumb obese cunts with their flabby arms cheering for murder defendant Read as if she’s Joan of Arc are in for a rude awakening when she gets sentenced to years in prison. She leaked autopsy photos of the man she supposedly loved to the abusive prick Aidan Kearney because she is a sociopath. You townie chowderheads need to get fucked.

  15. I’m surprised Proctor didn’t find more taillight at the elementary school. What a dirty piece of trash he is and his filthy animal of a wife is almost as bad.

  16. I thought Jen MCAbes cross examination was a biblical truth enema. Poopy pants proctor has lived up to his nickname. This man is so full of shit and Jackson is making all of it come out of him. Tell us all what a leaky balloon knot feels like, poopy pants proctor.

    1. You idiotic south shore cunts are in for a reckoning. Read is going to prison be she killed her cop boyfriend.

      1. Do you just stalk this page all day and talk out the side of your ass? Go watch law tube so every single attorney reporting on this case can break down exactly why this will be a NG verdict. Even Ray Charles can see the reasonable doubt oozing from this case. Yea she killed her cop bf by reversing at a whopping 24mph while he just stood there waiting for the hit, yet has no injuries consistent with vehicle strike. Gtfoh bitch

        1. No. I call out pussy morons like yourself while you parade your obesity in front Norfolk Superior Court, cheering for a cop killer. You are a dumb cunt.

      2. Aaaaaany second now we’ll have that truth telling bombshell that proves everything. My balloon knot’s pucker factor is real.

    1. YES, MA is very corrupt but only the powerless (poor, minorities, females) and whistleblowers learn this. And once they kick you down, they keep their foot on your throat (harassment, gaslighting) while hoping you to commit suicide. MA is especially corrupt regarding real estate transactions. There’s zero protection (buyer beware) for our biggest purchase (30yr commitment) yet there’s a “Lemon law” to protect our purchase of an automobile, tho only a fraction of that cost. The gov only intervenes if they’re losing money, such as poor people with (over-priced) junk-box cars breaking down cant get to work, earn money to pay their taxes. lol

    1. TB is infatuated with Read and has been in her employ to spread lies and bullshit for nearly two years. All these idiots have been played because they’re beyond stupid.

      1. Hmmm you come across as a very bitter person and pretty vile.

        Considering the first Articles we’re written in April 2023 and we are currently in June 2024 it’s pretty clear to everyone that your math ain’t matching!!

        I’ll help you out there are 12 months in a year so April to April is 12 months plus May and half of June …..so I make that exactly 14 months since the first article was written!!

        Not the 24 months that you claim!!

        It’s interesting though that all of the witnesses that have zero ties to the McAlberts have a completely different story to what they are telling eh??

        Nick Baross saw a cracked tail light “that wasn’t completely missing”

        Video evidence at 05:08 shows it not missing and video at 16:07 shows its not missing as witnessed by not only Baross but also the tow truck driver!!

        Lucky Loughran saw no body at 02:30 and then a Ford Edge at 03:30 exactly where Johns body lay.

        There’s butt dials by 3 people who were at the same party all on the same morning butt dialling and butt answering and butt hanging up.

        Celebrite is accurate when it confirms their testimony but wrong when it exposes their collusion!!

        Apple Data is correct when it shows jen climbing the stairs to go to bed ….but wrong when it puts John in the house!!

        Google searches and their timestamps are correct when Jen can blame Karen for them ….but incorrect when it shows Jens consciousness of guilt!!

        The tail light caused the scratches to Johns arm ….yet there is no blood on the tail light??

        There is Johns DNA on the blood stains on his Jeans and 2 unknown DNA profiles on the exact same stains ….sooo how did male DNA get mixed up with his blood??

        Johns shoes have Johns DNA on the inside ….and also 4 other MALE DNA profiles also unidentified!!

        This is just a sample of your sheer ignorance to the facts in this case!!

        May I suggest that rather than waste your time on here writing diatribe on behalf of your paymasters ….perhaps invest your time getting an education in COMMON SENSE!! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

        1. Karen the sociopath is going to prison, you moron. Now go greet people at Walmart, you waste of sperm.

          1. @tinfoil you stupid fucking McAlbert bootlickers are all the same type of vile cunts online, just like you are in public. The funny thing is that you think by projecting your delusion out there so loudly that people can’t see the truth for themselves.

      2. Tinfoil, why kind of drugs are you on? You need to replay the day you were in court. YOU sunk the ship.

  17. I was going to say that their actions, particularly those of Troopah Proctah, were going to be rewarded with promotions – but your comment is a lot better.

  18. That imbecilic “expert” witness sounded like Kamala. Ooof, the state should quit while they’re behind.

  19. Lol. Which drunken mcalbert are you? You’re all over the page, all over the place. Conclusion, just another low-life mcalbert.

  20. New to this whole mess, but would love to float an alternate theory. Karen and O’Keefe were apparently having relationship issues, but who knows how much he had shared with her over their time together about his so-called friends. Afterall, they were raising a family together. The McAlberts see this relationship falling apart and decide to invite them over to get a better idea on whether they think that Karen might be a risk to their freedom if she no longer is dating O’Keefe. Afterall, if they’re dirty enough and bold enough to do this and think they can get away with it then who knows what other shit they’ve pulled over the years. They confront O’Keefe in the house after seeing an argument between him and Karen, and things get heated. The dog comes to the defense of whichever McAlbert was getting into it with O’Keefe, and attacks O’Keefe who then defends himself by attacking the dog which really sets off the McAlberts and they do something stupid. Now it is up to them to tie up the last loose end and frame Karen. Hopefully Karen has a good memory and can recall whatever it is they don’t want to share. That’s my little story. Goodnight everyone!

  21. Website update feedback: half the time it doesn’t load, comments and links goes directly to Amazon and the comments section format is now just a list. Worse than before…

    But good content as usual TB. Just difficult to access.

  22. What is so gross to me is seeing the nasty looks being shot at Karen and her defense, by the following- Peggy Okeefe, the snotty woman sitting next to her the first day of trial, butthole mouth Dugal, some big beastly bitch who looks like she will eat the whole court room…. Do they not realize that the jurors see that and take those looks seriously?!

    While the looks do not prove whether Karen is guilty or not guilty, they definitely prove that these people have zero class and are just angry that John told Karen the TRUTH about his own family. Death and Money ruin families every day.

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