Canton Cover-Up Part 49: Albert And McCabe Families Celebrated Karen Read Murder Indictment By Getting Drunk And Posing For Fist Pictures At Ned Devine’s


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John O’Keefe was murdered on January 29, 2022, inside the home of Brian and Nicole Albert at 34 Fairview Road in Canton. None of the at least 12 people who were inside the home that night were ever considered suspects, and in the immediate aftermath of O’Keefe’s murder only 4 – Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Matt McCabe, and Jen McCabe – were questioned by police at all. The 4 should have been considered suspects, but instead were allowed to gather hours later and speak to their friend Michael Proctor at the McCabe’s house. None of the other people who have been proven to have been in the house that night – Emily Fabbiano, Kathryn Doody, Sarah Levinson, Caitlin Albert, Brian Albert Jr, Julie Nagel, Colin Albert, and Tristin Morris – were questioned by State Police. Almost a year later Nagel and Levinson were briefly interviewed.

It wasn’t until October 2022 that Attorneys Alan Jackson and David Yannetti said any of the names of these people in court. Prior to that were able to live their lives like nothing happened, and must have been elated that they had literally gotten away with murder. In April and May a grand jury was convened and Brian Albert was one of the many witnesses who testified. As a result of his testimony Karen Read was up-charged from manslaughter to murder, and this was cause for celebration by the Albert and McCabe families. On June 5 Kevin Reardon, the nephew of Jen McCabe (son of her older sister) posted pictures of several of the co-conspirators celebrating his 21st birthday at Ned Devine’s in Boston by getting drunk, eating at Chris Albert’s pizza shop, and posing with the obligatory hardo Albert fist.


This was four days before Karen Read was officially charged with murder, but they all had full knowledge that a grand jury had been convened and chosen to indict her.

This picture is particularly eery.

Why does this family full of grown men always feel the need to pose with their fists out like that? The fact that they would do this 4 months after several of them were involved in using those same fists to murder John O’Keefe, shows how depraved and sick they are. The people in pink are confirmed to have been in the house that night, and the people in green may have been in the house that night.

Left to right – Bob Galvin (married to Jen McCabe’s sister), Tommy Galvin (her nephew), Chicken Parm Charlie, Brian Albert Jr, Joe Reardon (married to Jen McCabe’s sister), Brendan Albert, Brian Albert, Kevin Reardon (Jen McCabe’s nephew), Tristin Morris (Caitlin Albert’s boyfriend), Chris Albert Jr, a sometimes boyfriend of Jen McCabe’s niece, Big Mac.

Back row left to right: Bob Galvin, Chris Albert, Kevin Reardon, Brendan Albert, Brian Albert Jr, Caitlin Albert, Big Mac, boyfriend guy, Nicole Albert, Brian Albert, Tommy Galvin

Front row left to right: Tristin Morris, Kevin Reardon, Michelle Rardon (Jen McCabe’s sister), Denise Galvin (Jen McCabe’s sister), Chris Albert Jr, Jen McCabe, Julie Albert, Nicole Galvin, Annie Reardon.

This picture is iconic:

Chicken Parm Charlie in the background making his mediocre pizza, Jen McCabe stuffing her face, and Brian Albert with that evil look on his face as his gut tries to bench press the buttons off his shirt. Meanwhile Jen’s two daughters are home alone while she’s getting trashed.

Also in that picture is Emily McCabe, the oldest college-aged daughter of Jen who was at the game with her the other night. Why does this family always feel the need to party and get drunk with their children? Why does every male Albert feel the need to pass on his first name? As if carrying on the family legacy of a guy who killed someone in a vehicular homicide and fled the scene is something to be proud of.

Kevbo blocked me moments after I tried following him, but you can check out his account here.

What none of these people ever do is really commemorate who John O’Keefe was. They wear “back the blue” crap everywhere to show their support for Michael Proctor and Brian Albert, not John O’Keefe. They go to court dates out of hatred for Karen Read, not love for John’s family. They’re celebrating Karen Read’s unjust prosecution, not so that someone will be held accountable for killing him, but so that they’re not held accountable. The only images they ever share of John are those of him as a Boston Police Officer, because using his death to hide behind the thin blue line is the only purpose John ever served for them. They never show images like these.

Because none of them knew about who he really was, or cared about him in the least. If Jen McCabe gave a shit about John then she would’ve called 911 instead of Googling “how long to die in cold,” in order to provide cover for her family members who killed him.

When law enforcement arrived at 34 Fairview Road they did not consider Karen Read a suspect, despite the fact that she was allegedly (according only to Jen McCabe and Caitlin Albert’s best friend) confessing to killing him at the scene of the crime. She was never detained and wasn’t spoken to by Proctor until hours later, after he took over the investigation and held the family and friends pow wow at the McCabe house with Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Jen McCabe, and Matt McCabe.

Yet to this day Colin Albert, Brian Albert Jr, Caitlin Albert, and Tristin Morris have NEVER been questioned by police, despite grand jury testimony putting them in the house at or around the time O’Keefe was killed. Caitlin Albert’s parents conveniently said she had left with Tristin moments before John arrived, saving her from any sort of questioning. But Brian Albert Jr, a grown man in his mid 20’s, was there for everything and still has not been questioned by police.

When Karen Read arrived at 34 Fairview Road she was screaming out for help and trying to save John O’Keefe’s life. There were emergency vehicles everywhere making loud noises with their emergency lights on. It would’ve been impossible for anyone inside 34 Fairview Road not to know they were there. Yet Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Brian Albert Jr, and potentially Caitlin Albert, did not come outside. None of them offered blankets, asked what was going on, or tried to help in any way as a police officer lay dying on their front lawn.

Instead they got together 4 months later and celebrated the murder indictment of a woman they all knew was innocent, by posing for pictures with their fists out.

This wasn’t a 21st birthday party, it was a “we’re not going to jail” party.

But now the tables have turned. Critics have asked, “why does Turtleboy only go after the McCabes?” The answer to that is, they’re the only ones still attempting to live their lives normally. They’re the only ones who aren’t in hiding. Brian and Nicole Albert had to sell their home because it was a crime scene, and get rid of their family dog because it has John O’Keefe’s DNA all over it. They’ve been in hiding since April and until now no one knows where they’re living.

That all changed yesterday, after one of our sources went to their new apartment at 909 Washington Street Apt 3 in Norwood, and saw Brian Albert walking inside with an unidentified male.

It’s unclear if that is Colin Albert, one of Brian’s sons, or someone completely unrelated. But the fact that he’s living life as a cornered rat, counting down the days until he’s eventually charged with John O’Keefe’s murder, is incredibly satisfying.

Can’t wait to meet you guys!


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