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Canton Cover-Up Part 56: Matt McCabe And Michael Proctor Attended Golf Tournament In Canton Together Saturday Despite Well Publicized Conflicts Of Interest 


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Over the weekend the Kevin Mutch Classic golf tournament was held at Brookmeadow Country Club in Canton. On their Facebook page they have pictures of all the participants together before teeing off. Let’s see if our readers can play a little game of Where’s Waldo Canton Edition, and identify two well known names tied to the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder.

I’ll give you a hint.

Big Mac is pretty easy to identify, but the guy in the pink shirt with the shades, hiding in the back, has worn that shirt before.

He’s also worn Mutch Classic hats on family vacations.

Oh look, it’s CONFLICTED State Police Detective Michael Proctor! And his team got second place!

I don’t know who Nick White, Craig MacDonald, and Matt Coleman are, but they’re clearly morally bankrupt individuals since they don’t mind openly associating with a man who has been protecting a house full of cop killers for the past 17 months.

There is NOTHING mediocre white dudes in their 40’s like these two like to do more than put on a polo shirt, go to a charity golf tournament, and pound down Truly’s and Dylan Mulvaney Lights in the clubhouse afterwards. They’ve both been going to this tournament for a couple years.

Sources tell us that although McCabe and Proctor were not in the same foursome, they were seen socializing afterwards in the clubhouse.

If Paul O’Keefe and the rest of the people who claim to want justice for John O’Keefe, actually want Karen Read to be convicted of murdering him, why aren’t they offended that a key “witness” and the lead investigator who was previously photographed with the “witness'” children, make no effort to hide the appearance of impropriety and conflicts of interest? Everyone is watching and following this story. Dateline, 20/20, and 48 hours have all been seen in the courtroom. There are rumors that a documentary is being made by a major streaming service. Yet two of the major players who have been accused of being involved in the coverup are going to a golf tournament together like none of this is happening, and posing for a picture that they knew would be shared on social media.

If you want “justice” for John O’Keefe, and you want to stop reading about him in the media, then why aren’t you offended by the fact that these people are so openly corrupt? Why aren’t you offended by the fact that everyone is talking about this and yet they STILL pose for pictures together at social events? This is all helping the defense, and will all be used in court if Karen Read ever goes to trial.

In McCabe’s interview at the friends and family meeting held at the McCabe household 6 hours after O’Keefe’s body was discovered at 34 Fairview Road, McCabe told Michael Proctor that he looked out the window and saw Karen Read’s car facing south on Fairview Road. He told Proctor that minutes later he looked out the window and saw an “inverted V shape tire tracks” in the less than one inch of snow that had accumulated at that point. Yet he didn’t see O’Keefe’s 217 pound body lying on the flat lawn, which would’ve been in his immediate line of vision if he saw the V-shaped tire tracks. It would be physically impossible to notice tire tracks from 30-40 yards away, but not the human body 20 yards away that was situated in between McCabe and the tire tracks. Read’s defense team pointed this out in court:

Why didn’t Michael Proctor question him about this obvious hole in McCabe’s story? Why was Matt McCabe not considered a suspect despite being inside 34 Fairview Road when John was murdered? How did Matt McCabe not see O’Keefe’s body again at 1:47 AM when he left 34 Fairview Road and drove just feet from where the body was found 4 hours later on his way to dropping off Julie Nagel and Sarah Levinson?

Michael Proctor never asked him those questions because Proctor has been spearheading the coverup since day one.

Meanwhile, Proctor’s wife Elizabeth is back on social media after being exposed for calling multiple people’s workplaces and trying to get them fired for commenting on the fact that her husband is protecting cop killers.

She’s posting pictures of their new dog Daisy at their “forever home.”

Sorry Elizabeth, but your husband’s forever home is in federal prison, where scum like him belongs. It’s really a shame that you two chose to reproduce and do things that will ensure that your children grow up without a father.

But your wholesome family pictures aren’t fooling anyone. Your husband is a morally bankrupt shell of a man who was prepared to send an innocent woman to prison to protect his cop killing friends. I also have two kids, and I would NEVER do anything that would allow the law to separate me from them. But your husband lives in this incestuous cop town, and since he’s about 15 years younger than Brian Albert he desperately seeks his approval. He got excited about the fact that Brian Albert needed his help. This made him feel special, wanted, and accepted into the group. Just like Jen McCabe, your husband put Brian Albert before his children. Hopefully today was the last father’s day they will ever spend with him. Good luck keeping the house after your upcoming federal indictments wipe out your life savings like it’s done for Karen Read.


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  1. We NEED to hear more about the “duffel bag” allegedly taken by the FEDS from the property of one Craig MacDonald…who appears briefly in this article.

    Quote of note–>Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice TO DECEIVE!

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