Canton Coverup Part 62: Matt McCabe Coaches Youth Soccer Team In Lancaster, Jen McCabe Acts As De Facto Mother For John O’Keefe’s Niece 


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The McCabe family went on a vacation to Aruba last week, but unfortunately for them turtle riders are everywhere.

Despite her involvement in the murder of John O’Keefe, Jen McCabe continues to pretend like none of this is happening.

Upon her return sources from inside Canton High School reported to us that on Friday Jen McCabe brought O’Keefe’s niece to orientation, and is listed with the 14 year old girl on the school’s sign in sheet. (Even the teachers at Canton High School despise you Jen, and run to us with information about you.) Prior to McCabe’s family and friends murdering her uncle, the teen girl was accepted into Bishop Feehan, where sources tell us John wanted her to attend high school to get away from the Canton townie lifestyle. She went there freshman year, but John’s mother unenrolled her and is now sending her to public school. If she attends Feehan she might meet kids from outside Canton, and won’t be as easy to control.

Not only did Jen McCabe help kill O’Keefe by Googling “how long to die in cold” instead of calling 911, she chose to get extremely close with his family afterwards in order to manipulate them. We know from her call records that she called O’Keefe’s mother in the hours after he was pronounced dead. We know that her good friend Kerry Roberts goes to court dates with her OR Paul O’Keefe. We know that O’Keefe’s niece and nephew weren’t interviewed by the police until a month after their uncle was killed, giving McCabe plenty of time to convince them that Karen Read was a crazy drunk who killed John O’Keefe.

Think of how sadistic this is. Jen McCabe has essentially taken over John O’Keefe’s family after she helped kill him. She WANTS his niece and nephew to become full blown townies like her children will, which includes attending Canton High School. She’s pulling her out of the school John wanted her to go to in order to keep her close to her family. John fought his own mother for custody of those children and won because he wanted a better life for them. Now his mother has allowed her son’s killers to be a part of her grandchildren’s life because she’s too naive and filled with hatred for Karen Read to open her eyes and see that she’s being manipulated.

With family like that who needs enemies?

Over the weekend Matt McCabe coached his daughter’s youth soccer team at a tournament in Lancaster.

What do the parents of the girls on this team think of the fact that their daughter’s coach was inside 34 Fairview Road while John O’Keefe was being murdered, lied to police about what happened, and has been actively covering up his family’s involvement in killing O’Keefe for the last 17 months? Maybe I need to show up at their next game to ask. If the McCabe’s insist on continuing to behave like this I will have no choice but to continue to make things uncomfortable not only for them, but for everyone they choose to associate with.

Meanwhile, Colin Albert was seen recently on an 85 degree day outside of D&E pizza wearing a hoodie.

Turtleboy is everywhere. If Colin chooses to play football for Bridgewater State in the fall I will be there for his practices as well. Maybe the coaching staff will appreciate distractions like this. We will find out.


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