Canton Coverup Part 64: Brian Albert Paid To Have Basement Floors Redone Less Than 4 Years Before Having Them Redone After John O’Keefe’s Murder


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Defenders of Brian Albert point out that there’s nothing unusual about having your basement floors redone if you’re planning on selling your home as he did in 2022. But according to a source we spoke Albert had his floors redone in October of 2018, and they would know since Albert considered hiring their company.

I’m gonna send you something but it needs to not show my name or my company. I grew up with John O’Keefe and also know Brian Albert and did work on his house. Not sure if what I send you from October 2018 will help but it may. My company did his kitchen floor over but we sent him two estimates for his basement floor which was ruined from a toilet backup and he got insurance money. He decided to hire a family member to replace floor. 

John didn’t deserve what happened to him. I’m not even sure if it’s gonna help you but it wouldn’t make much sense to redo basement floor twice within 3 years. Also note Albert hired his relative to do basement floor back then also. We just did kitchen floor but amazingly Chloe was in the basement for the entire job while we were there. 

No one with a lawn as ugly as Brian Albert’s would use disposable income to replace a floor twice in four years. It’s not proof of anything, but it debunks the myth lying attorney Greg Henning stated in a May 3 motion that a realtor urged him to to replace the floor in order to increase the home’s value.

Fact check – the home sold for $50K less than asking price, and the Alberts had no plans to sell their home prior to John O’Keefe’s death. People who viewed the home were told by the realtor that they could not take any pictures inside 34 Fairview Road, which I’ve never heard a realtor say before.

There is only way reason for Brian Albert to get rid of a basement floor that he just paid to redo a couple years prior – it was covered in blood that had come gushing out of the gash in John O’Keefe’s head.

A few months ago a source like this would never come forward out of fear, as Brian Albert will likely know who sent this tip in. That says a lot about the effect our reporting has had on the atmosphere in Canton. When Karen Read was first arrested and charged with killing John O’Keefe no one in town wanted to cooperate with the defense, and cowards like Brian “Lucky” Loughran were changing their stories and refusing to sign affidavits.

But now we’ve shown that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Brian Albert fled town, Jen McCabe is running to Stouhgton District Court because she’s “fearing” I might show up at a lacrosse game, and Chris Albert is calling the cops because an award winning journalist wants to try his mediocre chicken parm.



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