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Canton Cover-Up Part 68: Boston Police Detective Karl Dugal Explains How Karen Read Hurting His Feelings Made Him Believe She Killed John O’Keefe


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Karl Dugal is a Boston Police Detective, an alleged friend of John O’Keefe, and the only person dumb enough to still go on record and profess his belief that Karen Read killed O’Keefe. He appears to be the only person who truly believes this, which makes him especially dumb, and brings up concerns about his ability to do his job as a BPD detective.

Karl messaged me in April and told me that he would “like to know the truth about what happened” to his friend. He also admitted that I “may be right” about the Alberts killing John.

This seemed to indicate that he was open to the idea that John was murdered by the people inside 34 Fairview Road, and wanted the autopsy photos removed to protect John’s niece and nephew from seeing what those animals did to him. However, it’s become clear as time has gone on that Karl wasn’t looking to protect John’s niece and nephew, he was looking to protect his killers. Karl never had any intention of being open minded or considering anyone except Karen Read was the murderer. On the Norfolk County Courthouse steps he interrupted Karen Read’s press conference at the 5 minute mark and asked her “why did you admit to it?” His skag wife Jackie also shouted things periodically at Karen. When I followed them and asked who they were after that they had nothing to say.

Normally when a police officer is killed there are no shortage of fellow officers supporting him in court. But with O’Keefe it’s only been Karl for over a year. The people who killed John know that Karen didn’t do it, so they’re grateful to have a naive token cop they can parade around and provide cover for them. On Friday Karl made a Facebook post that was shared by Jen McCabe, Kerry Roberts, Paul O’Keefe, Angie Rizzitano, and others, explaining why he believed Karen killed John.

“I haven’t been able to say much.”

Why can’t you say what you want, Jen? You haven’t been charged with a crime and claim to be completely innocent, so what’s stopping you from speaking freely? Is it because you had to testify in front of a federal grand jury on May 4? Is it because your attorney Kevin Reddington advised you to keep your mouth shut? Have you come up with an explanation for your 2:27 AM “hos long to die in cold” Google search?

Notice how she also added, “I wanted to share this post from John’s friend.” John had lots of friends, including people who met him at CF McCarthy’s on the night he was murdered. None of those friends have come to any of Karen Read’s court dates because they know she didn’t kill him. However, some of his friends go regularly to support Karen Read. The Steve Wilkos looking dude who sits directly behind Karen Read in court and is part of her entourage appeared on several images John posted on social media.

And the dude directly behind him named Jon Silveira was also friends with John O’Keefe.

Almost as if they knew John AND Karen better than Karl ever did. Where was Karl when John needed help raising the 2 kids he adopted? I know where Karen Read was.

Let’s look at Karl’s post that Kerry Roberts copy and pasted.

TL;DR – “Karen rubbed me the wrong way the morning John died and wasn’t sensitive enough to my feelings. Therefore she’s a murderer. Case closed.”

This man is a Boston detective. It’s truly scary how stupid he is.

She didn’t call him and say “Karl I’m sorry you lost your friend.” Because apparently it was incumbent upon the person who was closest to John, who was experiencing trauma, to check in on poor Karl to see how he was holding up.

“John’s family told me later that day that she quickly fled to Dighton not long after watching emotionlessly as John’s folks told his niece and nephew he was gone.”

Translation – Karen left 1 Meadows Ave once John’s mother started accusing her of killing her son, because it was incredibly uncomfortable.

“I would be shouting from the rooftops that I was not the person responsible. I would be asking questions of anyone and everyone until I knew. It certainly would not take me 18 months to give a contrived, rehearsed statement from the courthouse steps.”

In a moment of trauma Karen Read could not immediately fathom that her boyfriend had been brutally murdered and thrown out like trash by a Boston Police Sergeant, and a bunch of soccer moms helped cover it up. Therefore she’s a murderer. Good stuff, detective!

Then he went into Doctor Karl mode, talking about how his years of training in psychology led him to believe that Karen Read experienced “parapraxis,” when she said, “we know who killed him,” instead of “no, I didn’t kill him.”

“She did it. She knew it then, and she knew it now.”

He’s a regular Sherlock Holmes. Is this how the Boston Police Department solves murders? “She did it, because I said so. And I said so before. And I say so now!”

“She is behind all this: the leaked autopsy photos…”

No, those are in court documents, detective.

“…the hailmary mis-information campaign, the lies and accusations….”

Hail Mary’s get completed 1% of the time. There is a 100% chance Karen Read will not be found guilty. This isn’t a Hail Mary, it’s her taking a knee with a 40 point lead. Karen doesn’t need misinformation or lying because all the facts are on her side.

“….the encouraging of social media cartoon characters and their followers to attack and harass any witness, family member, or friend who tells the truth about what happened…”

Translation – “Leave Jennifer McCabe alone!!!”

Except no one is being harassed, and all of the people we’ve attempted to speak to remain silent when we question them because their lies won’t hold up to scrutiny.

“…It’s her, manipulating you all the way she manipulated John into staying with her longer than he would have liked…”

Hey Karl, if you can show me a single text message from John indicating that he planned to break up with Karen before she “manipulated” a 46 year old grown ass man into staying with her, I’ll gladly publish it.

“Manipulating my friend into believing her lies, with her phantom brain tumor….”

Here is confirmation of Karen going to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to have a tumor looked at.

See that Karl? It’s easy to prove things when you have the truth on your side. How come no one on your side can? Do you think falsely accusing a woman of lying about a brain tumor makes you more of a man?

“No one in that house had an issue with John or would have reason to strike him.”

Brian Albert regularly went around punching other Boston cops like Eddie Hernandez. You’d know that if you had any ability to do basic detective work.

“Please do not invoke his name during your pre planned pep rally.”

You sit with the people who murdered him in court while they wear “Justice for JJ” buttons and laugh to themselves about what a gullible and useful idiot you are. Have several seats.

“You insult his legacy, his family, and the multitude of people who tried in vain to help him.”

The only person on scene who tried saving his life was Karen Read. Jen McCabe sat in the car and called her sister, warning her not to come outside.

Jen McCabe’s idiotic friends were loving it though.

Tammy Mutch Doyle is related to the man who the Mutch Classic Golf Tournament was named after. The same tournament attended by Matt McCabe and Michael Proctor.

Kelly Kane’s says that “we’re all behind you,” yet doesn’t show up for court when I’m there to question Jen.

Noreen Rowland is sorry for everything Jen has been through, which includes getting away with murder and then being asked some questions about it a year later.

Polly Weeks, Kathy Galvin, and Michelle Reardon are family.

Casey Bradley was the incompetent baby sitter John O’Keefe fired because she kept falling asleep when she was supposed to be watching the kids. Luckily Karen came into his life and she was no longer needed.

Billy Adams parties with the McCabes.

Michelle O’Toole-Gallery says that I will pay for reporting on what her murdering friends did, but that’s OK because Michelle is a Canton pass-around who some poor fool ended up marrying. Here’s her bratty twin teenagers who went to the prom with Colin Albert.


If you let your daughters hang around with white trash like Colin Albert it really says more about you than anything.

Notice Colin has an Albert crest tattooed on his chest. This is how the Albert family views themselves – Canton royalty. No one fucks with an Albert, no matter how old they are. If one of them starts giving you a hard time, or throws beer cans on your lawn, or trespasses on your property, you better keep your mouth shut about it. If you don’t, then they’re gonna have to tune you up a bit until you’ve learned how things work in Canton. Hopefully it doesn’t get carried away and lead to a massive head wound that ends up killing you.

Meanwhile, Paul O’Keefe continues to be a disgrace who no one should feel sorry for. Here’s how he provided cover for his brother’s killers in a recent conversation.

Hey Paul, you see those 2 inch long parallel things on his arm?

Those are claw scratch marks, not bite marks. But please, explain to me how a Lexus causes marks like that but no burning or abrasions. I’m sure you’ve put a lot of thought into this while you’re hanging out with the people who killed him.

Just a reminder that Paul O’Keefe nearly killed an elderly man 3 years ago after hours of day drinking. He called Karen Read to bail him out. He’s put zero effort into researching the facts regarding the murder of his brother, because ultimately he just doesn’t care about John that much. You can continue to feel sorry for him and “wait for him to come around,” but I’m gonna treat him like the grown man that he is and shame him for providing cover for his brother’s killers.

The only reason that Paul O’Keefe, Kerry Roberts, and Karl Dugal “believe” that Karen Read did this, is because they are so blinded by their hatred for her that they won’t consider the mountains of evidence proving that she had nothing to do with killing him. Karl said it himself – she rubbed him the wrong way with her behavior on January 29. It’s the only thing he thinks about, and he’s willing to ignore the Google searches, the dog scratches, and Brian Albert’s incriminating behavior because Karen Read hurt his precious feelings.


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  1. Karl,
    I am wondering if Brian McCabe also rubbed you the wrong way when he did not come out of his house despite the fact that there were EMT’s, State Police, Canton Police and a dead body that happened to be a fellow BPD officer on his lawn?

  2. TLDR is the statement of the century.

    I have read EVERY update on this story. I have no interest in reading this psychotic propaganda. How incredible the guilty parties all shared it.

    I cannot wait to meet this CTE moron and fahkin JACKI!!! I have comments to make, too. Questions.
    They are *stupid* and arrogant.
    “Friend of”
    Funny how close you find out people were to someone after their dead? Weird, they never once mentioned you? But here you are covering up their brutal and savage murder.

    The Sea of Green will drown them.

    SINK THESE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This state is deeply fucked.

    Just look at how they handled the children exposed to a dead overdosed state employee, sex toys, unstable young adults, and more drug paraphernalia.
    All state funded.
    This cover up is state funded.
    Expose them all.

    Taxachusetts… where we pay to get fucked over.

  3. As fat as the marks on his arm go, depending on the force of the bite and other factors that could very well be teeth marks. They are located in a place that where the bottom jaw would have connected is much softer tissue and would be less likely to puncture whereas the top jaw would connect where the bone is much closer to the surface meaning there isn’t the same amount of movement/squishing of the tissue available. Last year, I got bit on my finger by a small dog. The skin was only punctured on the top side which left me with a visible scar. The underside which is much softer tissue only got red but not swollen or punctured where the teeth connected. They could also obviously be scratch marks.

  4. Thank you Canton for giving us all a visual representation of what WHITE TRASH actually means.

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