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Canton Cover-Up Part 69: Accused Pedophile Fired From Duxbury Public Schools Finds Acceptance In Canton, Donates To Chris Albert Campaign


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This is John Blake from Canton.

John was the boys hockey coach at Duxbury High School until 2021 and taught physical education at Duxbury Middle School before losing his job after being accused of sexually assaulting a former student named Parker Foley in the mid 2000’s. Parker Foley lived in Minnesota and died alone in an apartment from drug addiction, which his parents claimed in a lawsuit they filed in 2021, began as a result of the trauma he experienced.

According to the complaint Parker began crying inexplicably in 2018 after watching a news clip about a boy being killed in Texas. His parents began asking questions after the unusual outburst and Parker told them that Blake abused him in middle school, and that he brought a knife to school to threaten him to stop. Parker was adamant that his parents not tell police because it was too humiliating. After Parker died in October of 2020 his parents found a note in his apartment detailing the abuse, and spoke with his former girlfriend who said that Parker would curl up in the fetal position and share specific details about being raped by Blake. Parker told his girlfriend that the rapes occurred in an empty room in the school.

Another girl named Sophia DiMartino, who was friends with Parker in high school, told his parents that Parker confided about the abuse to her, and said he was raped in a room that had furniture piled up in the corner during gym class.

Mr. Parker didn’t honor his son’s request not to tell anyone about the abuse, and in 2018 he sent the school an anonymous email while Parker was still alive, but nothing came of it. After Parker died in 2020 the parents no longer had to honor their son’s request and came forward with their lawsuit.

After suing the School District in 2021 Blake was placed on leave. An independent investigator named Regina Ryan interviewed him as part of her investigation and determined that Blake “engaged in unwelcomed conduct of a sexual nature against Parker,” lied about having no memory of who Parker was, and lied about other sexual relationships he had.

Parker was in a class with only 2 other kids, which John Blake co-taught with another teacher named Carolyn Killeen. They would alternate who would bring the kids into the gym while the other remained in the office. When kids didn’t dress for gym class, as Parker frequently didn’t do, they were supposed to sit in the bleachers and watch gym class. The other teacher told investigators that she remembered Parker Foley not dressing for class, but not being in the gym, suggesting that he was being raped during those instances. The investigator found it implausible that John Blake wouldn’t remember a class that small, especially since he remembered the other two kids in the class. The other two kids in the class also recall this happening.

John Blake also lied about a coworker who he was having a sexual affair with, and who told investigators that they had engaged in sex in the exact places where Parker Foley had told his girlfriend and friend that John Blake had raped him.

This established that Blake was not above having sex inside Duxbury Middle School.


After the Foleys filed their lawsuit dozens of current and former Duxbury kids came forward and told their stories on a Facebook group called Duxbury Helping Duxbury.

An anonymous teacher posted and said that they were prohibited from discussing the allegations by administrators, who have since resigned or retired.

Many former and current students claimed that they went to guidance counselors with their concerns, which were dismissed. One of the guidance counselors was Shira Limmer, the woman John Blake was having a sexual affair with.

She fully admitted to having an affair with him, and because he denied that to investigators it proved he was a liar. If he lied about having sex with this woman in school, then it added to the credibility of Parker Foley who said that he was raped in some of those same locations.

Yet for some reason Limmer had no problem obtaining employment at Newton South High School later in 2021 after the scandal became public.


The lawsuit alleges that Parker was forced to touch and be touched by John Blake, as well as being forced to partake in oral and anal sex. This scarred Parker Foley for life and led him to drug addiction and an early grave. He shared details of what happened with his therapist.

Based on the independent investigation the district found grounds to terminate John Blake as a teacher and coach. He then retaliated by counter-suing the Foleys, before suddenly dropping the lawsuit two weeks later. The Foley’s lawsuit is still ongoing, and had a court date on June 6.

Despite these looming allegations and the fact that Duxbury fired him because they found the allegations credible, John Blake still coaches youth hockey in Canton.

He is still married to his wife Kelley Blake, who teaches at Canton High School.

Their son Colin Blake is on Canton’s State Championship hockey team, and dates one of Jennifer McCabe’s daughters.


Blake posted a picture of the boy’s team topless on Twitter.

He also followed me on Twitter the day I began making comments insinuating that I was looking into this story.

Blake is good friends with the McCabe and Albert families, donated money to Chris Albert’s campaign, and attended a fundraiser for Albert that was on Albert’s Selectman page (before being removed entirely).


John Blake is not shunned in the least bit in Canton social circles, and regularly attends parties and family events in town. Here he is at a recent party.

The blonde woman who looks like she’s from Brockton is Lt. Michael Lank’s wife.

Lank was not working on the morning of January 29, 2022, but was still called to 34 Fairview Road and was the only officer who initially went inside the house. He was also off duty during an incident 20 years ago when Chris Albert called him to take care of two brothers who Chris had just gotten into a fight with. The brothers were wrongfully charged with a crime and ended up suing the town.

Here is Chris Albert posing for a family photo with his wife and son.

Here’s Colin Albert in October 2022 posting that all his “dogs” are TKK (trained to kill).

Here is Colin Albert in a February 2022 image with Jack Albert, the youngest son of Brian Albert. Notice the chest tattoos.

Unfortunately you cannot see Colin’s right knuckle, as it was weeks after John O’Keefe was murdered. But if your family initiates you into the group with a tattoo, or if your family has an official family crest to begin with, then you’re not in a family – you’re in a cult. You will protect your family no matter what it takes. If someone insults a member of your family you will physically assault them, and potentially kill them, in order to teach them that that sort of behavior is unacceptable. If a younger member of your family is involved in a murder you will take steps to extricate them from the house, and hide their presence there, so that they’re not questioned by your State Trooper detective friends as part of the murder investigation.

What John Blake has done is eerily similar to what the McCabe’s have done. There is strong evidence that he was involved in a heinous crime, yet he walks around town like none of it ever happened. He donates to political campaigns for his well connected friends, attends social events with police officers, and is involved in kid’s athletics. His kid dates a McCabe girl and he gives money to the Alberts. Parents in Canton don’t have a problem letting their children play for him, because well connected jack families in town can’t possibly commit crimes.

So the lesson here is that if you’re ever suspected of a crime but you’re not criminally charged (yet), and you want to keep living your life without any social consequences, move to Canton. It’s a real judgment free zone, unless your name is Karen Read.


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  1. Someone ought to ask Melinda Hayes at Matt Kellys Pub if she knows John Blake. I would be QUITE INTERESTED in hearing her reply.

  2. Looks like Colin has some swelling under his right eye in the picture with his brother…. keep that right up!

  3. If allegations are true there might be other victims of John Blake. Turtle boy keep digging on this. There could be other potential current or future victims. If allegations are true he should be stopped before any other children are harmed. If there are any victims out there report to police and turtle boy right away.

  4. Does anyone know when the 10-part documentary of TurtleBoys coverage of this story will be available on NETFLIX?

  5. The longer Karen Read trial goes on the more Canton corruption will be uncovered. Everyone in Canton will be potentially under the microscope of turtle boy until Karen read trial is over. It’s in the towns best interest to come forward with information that could help end the trial so Turtle boy moves on to a new town.

    1. I don’t think this much dirt has been dug up since George Michael’s colonoscopy

    2. As soon as he gets close to uncovering something else, they’ll all change their tune. Someone deeper connected will put and end to it to save themselves.

  6. I don’t understand how he’s not in jail?? Because the accuser is dead?? How is he fucking MARRIED? 🤢People get your kids off this team… The fact that the coaches are always in the locker rooms and watching these kids getting undressed is very disturbing.

    1. It’s vile. A psychotic serial rapist and he remains employed. People in canton Dom make excuses for anyone and any thing

  7. Given the credible allegations against this man, I hope every canton hockey parent is calling up the youth hockey league and demanding Blake be removed as a coach.

    1. Truly. If they are so blissfully ignorant they’ve never heard this story, it should make them all violently ill and deeply furious. And the rapist’s **kid** is with McCabe’s kid?! That’s god awful. What a fucking mess.

  8. This is disgusting. Take. Them. All. Down. .

    These people are all exactly the same. They really do not care if someone in their ranks rapes children, as long as it’s not theirs…… and even then, they probably don’t give a fuck.

    It’s sick. It’s just fucking sick.
    The number of victims these people have created by breaking every law and having it all “taken care of.” Who takes care of them? Sea of Green. We multiply.

  9. If only there was some kind of government agency in town that was responsible for upholding justice…nah this is canton. It lives by the Albert code.

  10. The one in the picture with the brockton wife wearing the yellow top is the one that sold 34 Fairview Road.

  11. All it takes is a gentle breeze to topple the first domino, and then they all will fall.

  12. The Albert family pic of Colin and his parents with the middle fingers shows what type of people they really are. No class white trash bunch of losers.

    1. Yes, private 9 hole in canton. Heard it is very nice, never had the opportunity to play it.

      1. I’ve heard its a beautiful but also heard all the townies run the place and they are very unfriendly to outsiders

  13. The picture of the three women at the party could be a metaphor for the politics of Canton.
    Spiritually and morally bankrupt and physically ugly b/c of it.
    The eyes are the tell.

  14. Kelly and Colin must be so proud. Poor kid can’t choose his family, but he sure as hell should choose to disown these two losers. Enjoy your senior year , now that every classmate knows what your fing loser parents are all about. you poor bastard.

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