Canton Cover-Up Part 72: Colin Albert Had Noticeable Black Eye 2 Weeks After John O’Keefe Was Murdered In Picture Posted To Social Media 


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A turtle rider sent us this image last week, which Colin Albert posted on his VSCO and IG accounts on February 12, 2022, before deleting his account when we began reporting on his alleged involvement in the death of John O’Keefe.

The man next to him is Jack Albert, the youngest twin son of Brian Albert (Colin’s cousin) who is in the Marines. It is not believed that Jack was inside 34 Fairview Road on the night John O’Keefe was killed.

My primary focus when looking at this image was to focus on the matching Albert crest tattoos that they got on their chests. In my opinion it was indicative of how the Alberts viewed themselves – a historic and honorable family that sticks together through anything, and as Tim Albert put it “you don’t f*** with them.”

But one thing I missed in that picture was Colin’s face. Look at his right eye (left from our perspective).

That’s clearly swollen. Keep in mind, this was 2 weeks to the day from when O’Keefe was killed. I have no proof that John O’Keefe did that to him, but anyone who has ever broken their hand punching something before knows that the bruises on John’s hand came from punching something.

I believe, and this is just my opinion, that John O’Keefe was intentionally lured to that house by Jen McCabe, who knew that Colin and Brian Albert would be there. I don’t believe they intended to murder him, but I do think that Colin had been complaining to his uncle about O’Keefe yelling at him for throwing beer cans on his lawn and speeding on his street. I believe that Brian Albert wanted to make it clear to O’Keefe that no one disrespects the Albert family in Canton, no matter how young they are. They control the police department, the Board of Selectmen, and they have crest tattoos.

John’s phone data backs up my assertion, since it shows him descending or ascending stairs inside the house from 12:21 to 12:24. He arrived at the house no earlier than 12:20, Jen McCabe answered his phone in order to pretend that he was conscious at 12:29, and his phone was moved to the front lawn at 12:32. He had told Karen Read he was going to text her once he was inside to let her know it was safe and that she could leave. The fact that he never did only further validates the theory he was attacked almost immediately after entering, which means it was likely premeditated.

Colin posted this image two days later on February 14 at Bridgewater State, alongside two of Brian Albert’s sons – Jack and Brendan, with the caption “f*** yo gang.”

Colin Albert is an out of control, entitled psychopath, enabled by his parents, aunts, and uncles. They did nothing to discourage public behavior like this:


It’s unclear when Colin got the tattoo on his chest, but there is redness around it, which normally indicates the tattoo is only a few days old.

If that’s the case then it means he got the tattoo AFTER John O’Keefe was killed. Could this have been some sort of initiation into Albert manhood? Do they only allow the young males in the family to get the family brand after they prove they can be hardos? Obviously the purpose of this picture was to show off the tattoo, which is why they both have their shirt off. It’s likely that it was new.

To this day Colin Albert has never been questioned by State Police or Canton Police about what he did the night John O’Keefe was killed. The Alberts hid the fact that he was even in the house at all until  Brian Albert revealed that information during grand jury testimony in April of 2022. Although we don’t know how Colin got home that night, we do know as a fact that Colin called a 17 year old classmate at 12:31 AM, looking for a ride home. We know that the man who inserted himself as the lead detective for the State Police that day was Michael Proctor, and that under normal circumstances he would track down everyone who was inside that house and bring them in for questioning. We also know that Proctor intentionally hid the fact that he has known Colin Albert since Colin was a little boy, as can be seen in his sister’s wedding photos.

We know that Proctor’s sister commented on how much she loved Colin’s Tito’s Vodka sweater on Christmas.

We know that if Proctor was investigating a murder of a police officer that didn’t involve Colin Albert that he would have tracked him down, made note of any cuts or bruises on his body, and asked probing questions that could later be used to charge him. We know that his failure to do so allowed Colin’s wounds to heal.

And finally we know that John O’Keefe’s eyes would not be swollen shut if he was rear ended by his girlfriend and landed on the front lawn of 34 Fairview Road. O’Keefe’s autopsy photos look very similar to Tyre Nichols’, who died after being beaten by 5 Memphis cops.

I have not seen Colin Albert in the flesh, but I will eventually, and I have some questions for him that Detective Proctor never asked. Colin, I know you’re reading this, so I want you to listen to me. If you plan on playing football at Bridgewater State this year, I and several other people will be at all of your practices and games, and I will cause a HUGE distraction for your team that other players and coaches won’t want. You need to come clean about what you did that night, because the truth won’t stay hidden forever.


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