Canton Cover-Up Part 77: Chris And Julie Albert Posted Condolences To Michael Proctor On His Grandmother’s 2009 Obituary Despite Not Knowing Each Other


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On May 3 ADA Adam Lally stated in open court that there was no conflict between MSP Detective Michael Proctor and the Albert family. After all, they made formal introductions on February 21, 2022.

However, we recently discovered a 2009 obituary for Diane Barsamian, the maternal grandmother of Michael Proctor, which contained a personal message from Chis and Julie Albert.

I can only speak from personal experience when I say that I do not offer condolences to people when their 83 year old grandmother dies unless I know them very well. Julie and Chris Albert knew the Proctor family so well in 2009, almost 14 years ago, that they felt the need to post thoughts and prayers to the Proctor family. These people didn’t just know each other, they loved and cared about each other.

I’ve believed for some time now that the person who first alerted Michael Proctor to what happened wasn’t Brian Albert, it was Chris Albert. His son FLED 34 Fairview Road sometime around 12:30 after calling various people for rides. There is no way he did not tell his parents what happened. They immediately sought to protect their son, as many parents would. Who would be the first person they called? Seems like the off-duty State Police detective who lives in their town, who they’ve been close family friends with for possibly decades, would be the likely choice.

I’ve often wondered why Michael Proctor was at 34 Fairview Road by 6:30 AM if he wasn’t on duty. State Police were not in charge of the investigation until almost 8 AM, so why was Proctor or any MSP there at all? Motions have been filed by the defense to find out how and why Proctor was chosen as the lead investigator, but they’ve been obstructed.

Michael Proctor never questioned Colin Albert about whether he saw a body on the front lawn, and never listed him in any of his reports as being present inside the home. He treated Colin Albert exactly the way a detective would if a family friend asked him to protect their son. Michael Proctor may not have ever hung out with Colin Albert, considered him a friend, or had anything more than a passing conversation with him, since he’s 20 years older than Colin.

But if Chris Albert called his sister Courtney, and begged her for a favor, there was no chance she wouldn’t help her best friend Jill Daniels’ Godson out. These people aren’t just friends, they’re practically family.

If Proctor had followed normal protocol he would’ve spoken to everyone in the house, found out that Colin Albert was there, and questioned him in person. At that point he would’ve noticed bruising under Colin’s right eye, and cuts on his knuckles. He would’ve asked Colin if he had any interactions with John O’Keefe previously, and if they had issues with each other. If Colin lied about that Karen Read would be able to disprove that. He would’ve asked Colin if he saw a body on the front lawn when he left the house, which would’ve forced Colin to say that he didn’t (or else why didn’t he tell someone?), which would’ve proven Karen Read never hit John O’Keefe with her car.

But it wasn’t enough for Proctor to just not question Colin Albert. In order to keep Colin from ever being considered a suspect Proctor had to arrest someone. Karen Read seemed like an easy target because she had been driving after drinking, and had made statements questioning whether she could have hit him. The problem was there was no evidence of that due to the lack of tail light damage. So he made plans to have her car towed from Dighton to as close to the scene of the crime as possible, lie about what time he took the car, break her tail light, and scatter pieces of it at the wide open scene of the crime before the SERT team arrived at 5:45 PM.

This is why Chris Albert screamed at a strange woman in a parking lot that “Karen Read f***ing ran John over.”

The only way for his son to avoid being looked into is for Karen Read to take the fall for Colin.



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