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Canton Cover-Up Part 80: New Footage From The Today Show Shows John O’Keefe Embracing Karen Read Shortly Before He Died, Planted Tail Light Fragments On Top Of Foot Of Snow


This morning Karen Read and her Attorney Alan Jackson were featured on a two minute Today Show segment promoting an upcoming episode of Dateline that will be covering this case. We learned a few things by watching it which I discussed during an impromptu live stream this morning.

The charging documents paint the picture of a drunk, angry woman, who intentionally backed into her boyfriend with her Lexus in order to kill him. Suggesting that their relationship was toxic was necessary for them to up-charge her with murder.

But for the first time we are now seeing how Karen Read greeted John O’Keefe when she walked into CF McCarthy’s at 9:45 PM. John is there with two of his friends, Karen walks up to him, puts her arm around him. He then puts his arm around her, pulls her closer to him, and they whisper something in each other’s ears while smiling.

This is not how people who hate each other embrace. Yet the Commonwealth wants you to believe that this is what Karen Read looked like while she was plotting to murder John O’Keefe.

They show images from 7 AM from where John’s body was discovered, after he had been taken to the hospital. Notice there is barely over an inch of snow on the ground at the time, and almost no blood splatter, despite O’Keefe allegedly bleeding out on that one inch of snow for 5.5 hours.

Three Canton Police officers – Lt. Paul Gallagher, Detective Lt Michael Lank (then a Sergeant), and Sergeant Goode – searched around John’s body and only found a broken cocktail glass and six small blood samples in the snow.

Why were they taking blood samples if they thought he was hit by a car? Police do that when they believe that the blood might have come from the suspect, but cars don’t bleed.

Most importantly, there is no mention anywhere of tail light fragments.

Twelve hours later over a foot of snow had fallen. During that time Michael Proctor towed Karen Read’s Lexus from her parent’s home in Dighton to the Canton Police Department, despite the fact that the Canton Police were no longer involved in the investigation due to conflicts (Kevin Albert is a Canton Police Officer). During those 12 hours the crime scene was completely unsecured and there were pictures taken of people walking their dogs through the area where John’s body was found. Yet when State Police did a second search of the crime scene at 5:45 (12 hours after Canton Police arrived), they found three things the Canton Police somehow missed – John’s missing black sneaker (he had only one shoe on when they found him, which CPD didn’t think was suspicious), two red plastic pieces of tail light, and one clear plastic piece of tail light.

It was already unbelievable to think that two sergeants and a lieutenant from the Canton Police Department could not see a shoe and three pieces of tail light, but we now know that the SERT team found the red tail light piece ON TOP OF THE SNOW!!

Like it floated to the top. You would think that a foot of snow would bury a small piece of tail light, forcing investigators to dig up the snow to find it. But luckily for them the laws of physics cease to exist in the town of Canton, and the tail light remained on top of the snow, no matter how much more snow fell on top of it.

In the coming days the crime scene remain completely open to the public. These images were shown on the Today Show segment.

Then on February 4, Ken Berkowtiz, who was NOT the acting Police Chief at the time, and was NOT on duty, decided to drive across town to go by the house for the hell of it. He noticed from his moving vehicle what Brian Albert and Deputy Chief Tom Keleher (who lives across the street) did not see the dozens of times they had driven by that crime scene since John O’Keefe was found dead – more tail light fragments.

Karen Read’s attorneys know that they are likely to be gagged tomorrow, and there is a chance Judge Cannone (who is not the assigned judge anymore but has kicked Judge O’Shea off the case) will revoke Attorney Alan Jackson and Liza Little’s pro hac vice status. For attorneys who are not barred to practice law in Massachusetts they must be vouched for pro hac vice by another attorney, who is essentially advocating that they understand procedures and rules in Commonwealth courtrooms. This was previously granted by Judge Krupp, but since public opinion has turned against the Commonwealth they want to revoke it. They know that the reason Alan Jackson has been so effective is that he has gotten the media to pay attention to a case that was not getting the attention it deserved for well over a year. They preferred when no one was paying attention to this case, they want to shut Alan Jackson up, and hurt Karen Read in the process.

This is why we are protesting at the hearing tomorrow. They can gag the defense attorneys but they cannot gag us all. We will be starting the protest on the steps of Norfolk Superior Courthouse in Dedham at 12:15, in anticipation of the 2 PM hearing. As Martin Luther King Jr. said,

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

This isn’t just Karen Read’s fight, it’s OUR fight. If they can do this to her they can do it to anyone. Karen is our Mockingjay, a symbol of resistance against tyranny.

The courtroom is open to the public, but has limited seating. Protesters who do not go in the courtroom and those at home are able to watch the hearing on Zoom, which you can get the code for by calling the courthouse. It will also likely be streamed by multiple media outlets, including Canton Television.

The only thing I insist of all protesters is that we remain peaceful. The other side is getting desperate and unhinged (see Chris Albert), and it is highly likely that they will try to provoke a violent reaction in the hopes that we will respond in kind on video. They would love nothing more than to paint our side as unhinged and violent, but we won’t let that happen. We are there to peacefully protest an outrageous injustice, and our passive, nonviolent resistance will stand in sharp contrast to provocations from the forces of evil.


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  1. It’s important to note that Canton Police didn’t find a single piece of broken tail light during their morning search. And the State Police later didn’t find any broken cocktail glass.

    This is evidence that the CPD did a thorough search finding all of the broken cocktail glass in the morning. And when the MA State Police showed up later they only found what was placed there by Conflicted Michael Proctor after the first search.

  2. Just release the data from all the phones in the house that night and let’s go from there. All the physical evidence is gone but if it ever went to trial, there would be convictions on the phone calls alone.

  3. So they want to gag the defense? And remove Jackson from the trial? What’s the matter guys, you don’t like it when the truth comes out? This whole case still going on and nothing being done about the real criminals and the coverup, make this state no longer livable. If they can do this to that lovely young lady, what could they do to any of us?

  4. I want Judge D bags denial ON THE RECORD, that she does not know or ever associated with Sean McCabe. Her rulings on this case are curious at best and it would not shock me to find out they are pals. Right Auntie Bev??? They should take your fucking pension if they could ever prove any connection to these people you are protecting. Why did it take over a year to release the evidence requested? Criminals, the lot of you, and the list is long.

    Brian Albert
    jen McCabe
    Michael Proctor
    Colin Albert
    anyone else in that house that has remained silent
    Chief on a whim Berkowitz
    adam Lally
    Michael Morrissey
    Trooper Guarino
    Beverly Cannone

    I hope you spend an eternity in hell where you all belong

  5. Even if the state wins and the defense is gagged it will never stop us. I talk of this case to every person I see and refer them here if they are unfamiliar, as this is the only place to find the truth. Sadly there will be none in Norfolk county courthouse tomorrow.

      1. Is charging an innocent person, for murder, legal?
        Judges are douchebags. Overpaid political hacks.
        They took the McJob. If they stick to their ethics, no one will go to their mansions. If they are dirty, then WE THE PEOPLE, who pay their over inflated salaries, have THE RIGHT, to call them out.
        It’s a Government OF THE PEOPLE , FOR THE PEOPLE.
        Fuck this useless hack. I hope she never has a decent night of rest, ever. Fuck her. Got her law degree from a box of Cracker Jack

  6. Jesus, what’s in the firewater in Canton? All these MFers do is hangout in bars at 40+ years old. If Chris Albert had skipped a few nights at the Waterfall and gone home to raise his children, Colin might not have turned out to be the POS that he’s has become. I wonder if the Waterfall plays “Glory Days” 24/7 while these losers show up wearing their HS letter jackets with “98” or so on the sleeve. Dear lord…get some f’ing semblance of a life…it’s too late for that as prison looms. I bet the boys in Cell Block D are looking forward to the fresh meat from the tough streets of Canton.

  7. I’d rather do business with hardcore criminals and gangsters… at least they don’t try to hide what they are

  8. There’s a goddamn footprint right next to the planted ‘evidence’! They could have tripped over it. Absolutely no securing the scene or trail of evidence practices. Unbelievable.

  9. Martin Luther King raped multiple women. Was a liar, plagiarized multiple authors, believes white people should not be forgiven for slavery and was an immoral husband and father. Love the intent, but could go without the affect.

    I don’t need to listen about anymore phonies who pretend to be something they are not or, never were.

  10. It’s mind boggling that not one f person has a conscience not one damn person who was there or at least knows what really happened,it’s sickening. Your a human being there’s part of the brain where you do have empathy,not one feels bad an innocent woman is going through this when you could easily say SOMETHING. Anyone with power in c*ntown is in on it.Well we’ll see how the cult stays together when it’s their time. It’s not that people don’t see and know it’s a cover up my child can see that it’s the part where they are letting this happen. When they said she waited and seen him put his head in that’s probably when the dog grabbed him then ,well we all know what happens

    1. This happens all the time.
      Covid shots
      New England Compounding Center Murders
      Joe Biden corruption

  11. Not sure who came up with the name “Taillight Murder”, but that’s a biased moniker, and doesn’t leave room to broaden the scope of the investigation to include anyone but Karen as suspect. It automatically assumes O’Keefe was killed by Read’s car. This case should have a broader name, preventing people from honing in on the car as the cause of death.

    Perhaps a more generic name such as “Fairview Murder”, “Blizzard Murder,” “Snow Fall Murder” or “the Canton Cover Up Case” (the latter name insinuating that the murder was the result of something other than a car).

    Food for thought. Good luck tomorrow in court, Aidan.

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