Canton Cover-Up Part 86: Boston Police Called Brian Albert A “Surveillance Expert” For Solving The Boston Strangler Mystery 


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People who still profess that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe point to how difficult it would be to orchestrate an elaborate coverup in such a short amount of time. But who would better suited to know what to do in a situation like that than a murder police like Brian Albert?

One piece of information that we haven’t brought up is that in 2013 Brian Albert was responsible for officially bringing the Boston Strangler case to a close, when he used his skills as a detective to prove that Albert DeSalvo was responsible for raping and killing 19 year old Mary Sullivan. According to an ABC News story Brian Albert surveilled DeSalvo’s nephew until he saw him throw away a bottle of water. Albert had the bottle tested for DNA, compared it to DNA found on Mary Sullivan, and it was a match for Tim DeSalvo’s uncle. As a result of his detective work DeSalvo’s corpse was dug up and tested.

Notice how Albert is described by the Boston Police Department – a surveillance expert. Who would be better at getting a body from inside a house to the front of his lawn without being noticed than a surveillance expert? Who would know exactly how police would respond and investigate a dead body on someone’s property than Brian Albert? Who could use their connections to get ahead of that better than Brian Albert?

He knew that Matt McCabe said that he saw Karen Read idling near the flagpole and fire hydrant, so that was where the body needed to be put. He knew that as long as everyone stuck to their story that they never saw John O’Keefe come inside the house, then there were no more lies they would need to tell. He knew that he could use his family connections with the Canton and State Police to prevent them from asking him probing questions, taking pictures of his face and hands, and doing the same for his nephew Colin. He knew that under normal circumstances the police would immediately search his house, which is why he likely made phone calls that night to make sure it never happened. He could prove us all wrong by handing over his phone, but he won’t do that.

Brian Albert has been one of BPD’s most trusted and respected officers for years. He made over $250K a year, and was politically connected to Marty Walsh. What do you think is better for the Boston Police Department –  having John O’Keefe’s killer be a highly respected fellow officer who appeared on TV shows and solved the Boston Strangler mystery, or having it be the drunken girlfriend who ran John over with her car?

Unfortunately for him we’re pretty good at surveillance too, and Brian Albert’s time as a free man grows shorter by the day.


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