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Canton Cover-Up Part 88: Elizabeth Proctor Reveals New Prosecution Theory Of Karen Read’s 2 Point Turn 


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Last night on Turtle Club we discussed how Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of conflicted State Trooper Michael Proctor who harassed people at their workplaces for posting negative comments about her criminal husband, was using one of her many fake accounts called Angel Catte to post some revealing information. First she is now pushing a narrative that John O’Keefe wasn’t killed by Karen doing a 3 point turn, he was killed by Karen doing a 2 point turn.

As a turtle rider showed us in Part 73, it would’ve been impossible for the right side of Karen’s car to strike John during a 3 point turn.

After we published that they realized they’d need a story that explains how Karen Read broke her right tail light. Michael Proctor works directly with the DA’s Office, so his wife would have first hand knowledge of whatever theory they were going with this week. If Lizzy Proctor is saying it’s a two point turn, I can all but guarantee you this will be Adam Lally’s working theory in the near future.

But think how ridiculous this is. Just read it again:

Karen Read dropped John off, he stood in the road, she pulled up far enough to be able to accelerate to 27 mph in reverse before striking him, and he just stood there and patiently waited for her to run him over. She cut the wheel to the right while doing so, then put the car in drive and cut it sharply to the left so she could go back the way she came from, which would justify Lizzy’s husband not pulling Ring surveillance video from any of the other houses on Fairview Road. Columbo up in this beyoch!

But remember, the DA’s Office wants the defense to be gagged for leaking information to the press. Meanwhile they’re doing the same exact thing through Lizzy Proctor, who also complained that Karen’s attorneys are causing reasonable doubt, almost as if that’s their job.

No dear, they’re doing much more than creating reasonable doubt. They’re solving the murder despite obvious obstruction from the police officers who are responsible for killing him.

Meanwhile, they are desperately trying to censor my reporting for the same reason they’re trying to gag the defense – because they don’t want the truth being told. Lizzy found out I was invited to do an interview on Court TV and immediately organized a campaign to prevent that from happening. She even wrote a template they all could copy and paste, since these people aren’t very good at thinking for themselves. Here’s what they sent the Court TV Facebook page, which an intern monitoring it likely ignored because of the rambling and incoherent nonsense.

When you have no facts or evidence to prove your innocence you have to rely on smearing other people, and imaginary death threats against children.

“Don’t pay attention to all the factual things Aidan Kearney is saying. Pay attention to imaginary sexual harassment charges and made up stories about his teaching days that I have no evidence of as a reason to discredit everything he’s saying. Just because he won in court and has never been charged with anything doesn’t mean he’s innocent.”

He needed really good lawyers to beat Rian Waters and Mike Gaffney in court!

She mentions that people’s lives are being ruined, but doesn’t seem to mind the fact that they are all trying to ruin Karen Read’s life. Perhaps she should consider the possibility tht their lives deserve to be ruined, since an innocent man was killed in their town and they’re all covering up what happened.

If you’re gonna send a message like this to Court TV you should probably keep it short and sweet, and get to the point. Instead they rambled on without saying much, while making no attempts to prove anything I’ve said wrong.

I’m not harassing or intimidating anyone. I’m just asking Jen McCabe and her friends some simple questions. Why can’t they answer them if they have nothing to hide? Shouldn’t she be able to explain the 2:27 AM Google search if she’s innocent? Shouldn’t they be able to provide an alibi for Colin Albert? Don’t they have some pictures from that night showing themselves hanging out inside 34 Fairview Road without John being there? There are a million and one ways these people could prove us all wrong, but they insist on not talking. Why is that?

The answer is because they’re guilty, and they have no facts to work with. It’s why they have to rely on theatrics, paint themselves as the victims, claim to be “fearing,” and try to get court orders.

Also, pro tip – don’t DM Court TV on Facebook and tell them what they can and can’t air on their channel. And especially don’t urge them to read all the court documents, because those documents are what makes everyone with a brain think you’re guilty.

She just kept repeating herself.

He doesn’t even have any certificates! You can’t let this guy on your show! Listen to me instead – an anonymous person on the Internet demanding that you not to report on my murderous friends and family.

“He is simply a blogger trying to cause an uproar for fame and money.”

You can do two things at the same time. Of course I wanna be rich and famous – who doesn’t? This is America, after all. Thomas Edison wanted to be rich and famous, but he also wanted to see in the dark. Like Edison, money and fame are a bi-product of the work I’m passionate about. This is the most important story I’ve ever written because we’re exposing the most corruption I’ve ever seen. Truth and justice are what drives me more than anything, and we’re gonna get it.


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  1. Can we see the tattooed white trash supporters having a beer with TB again? Is having a gunt required for membership in the TB’s fan club?

    1. If a gut was required Matt MacCabe’s got the presidency for life wrapped up. Poor Jenn, she must look like Wiley Coyote hovering off the cliff when Matt roles over to make his move…

    2. You took the time to think of this moronic post, came to the webpage, made the effort to make a comment … about overweight people in America?

      Which moron are you related to? This has to be an Albert. Low IQ. Big threats. Little dicks.

      The funniest thing I’ve ever heard is changing a theory, mid-case, from a 3-point to a 2-point AFTER TB proved it impossible!!!! This is fantastic they’ve come up with the 2 point turn theory.

      She’s either trashed or she’s able to speed in reverse and cut then wheel? Cmon. Your family is about to be exposed to the *entire* world.

  2. Justice is not only about dropping the false charges against Karen Read.
    Justice requires holding all of those individuals responsible for the murder of John O’Keefe, fully accountable.

    The Albert’s need to be charged with murder.

    1. Did an image search of deep dog bite injuries to the arm from a large dog they look identical to the autopsy photos. It’s a very specific type of injury you will immediately recognize it. Prosecute the Alberts and their minions!!!

  3. So…if this is the new theory, how did Matt McCabe see a “V” in the snow from a 3-point turn? I mean, we know he was staring wistfully out the door (or window or maybe using his x-Ray vision to look through the wall) during the party, thinking about the meaning of life, lurking like a pedo near an elementary school.
    Surely Matt McCabe is a reliable witness, right?

    1. If they try to change their theory now, to make it fit… they’re so screwed.
      First it was the cocktail glass
      Then the 3-point turn
      Now we’ve got a 2 point turn
      Give it up, Lally!

  4. This is a terrible look for the wife of a lead investigator to be posting shit like this on FB, even under a weak alias that she’s not even stealth about sharing. Astounded at the hubris, unprofessionalism, arrogance. These people are like a cult.

  5. Lizzy you look like a damn fool like Jackie parroting what your piece of shit dirty LEO hubbies tell you. If you care so much where were you Tuesday at court? Please continue being a laughing stock of your town.

  6. Turtle power bitches!!🐢💪🐢💪🔥🔥🔥we need a canton cover up freestyle tonight

  7. MEET and Greet The Albert’s .
    Football Games Start September 2nd at Bridgewater State University and Colin Albert #47 will be the Starting linebacker for BSU 🏈.
    Come Jeer them on folks.

  8. How exactly does Liz Proctor explain the fact that Ryan Nagel saw Karen Read ALONE in the car, no damage to her vehicle, and no body on the ground? She’s losing touch with reality because the walls are closing in on her husband. Only a matter of time, Lizzy.

    1. She has to pretend it never happened. Just like they’re now saying it went from 3pt to 2pt.

      She’s cracking and proctors giving her some BS to make her believe they’re gonna be ok.

      They’ll all let their wives take the hit first, they won’t realize that until it happens, though.

  9. I understand Instron is trying to fill many roles. And here is their HR Manager hard at work.

  10. There should be dozens of pictures of middle-aged losers drinking with under aged Bridgewater State University football players and other family punks. Some are probably right up jen MacCabe’s alley (literally and figuratively) since there’s no way FattMatt could go for more than 35 seconds without stroking out. We’d be treated to clenched fists, middle fingers (displaying collective IQs) and unfortunate chest tats.

    I see that Dugal’s wife took down her personal training site. That’s gonna hurt and it’s just a start…marathas Carpeting, proctors employer @instron is on Twitter, D&E has no site but reviews are welcome bc they care about their customer experience. Sean’s weight loss clinic is open for business.

  11. Google “Town of Canton employee salaries”
    100k to work 3 half days a week looks kosher.

    I can’t post the link because well you just can’t TB rules…..but you can find out what these mother fuckers steal from you.like most small towns…names are same same past 100 years if you do a deep dive.

  12. Can we get all parties involved in front of a Grand Jury and all phone records from that night
    Put this farce of implicating Karen Read to rest and find out who really was responsible for the death of a Boston Police Officer

  13. Obama Spotted at Golf Course with Bandaged Fingers, Days After Mysterious Paddle Boarding Accident Claims the Life of His Personal Chef and Friend

  14. Anyone have experience being (as lunchbox says) really drunk, pulling forward at least the length of a football field, throwing it into reverse in a snow storm, reaching 27mph, and a direct hit on a man idly standing and watching you approach while you run him over then calmly throwing the big/heavy suv into a clean two or three point turn with no skid/slip marks then driving by the library during a two minute technical glitch? Sounds pretty Fast and Furious-like to me.

  15. A few things I may have missed or gotten wrong:

    1. Was he found out in the snow without his coat? If so, where was the coat and how did it make its way into police custody? Does the coat have bite/scratch damage on the sleeve?
    2. Has the dog been located?
    3. Is someone seriously suggesting he was hit hard enough by a car going in reverse that it knocked him out of his shoe? I think that only happens in the cartoons.
    4. Was there any lower body injury? If he was hit by a car hard enough to cause the visible degree of head injury (presumably when he hit the ground, I suppose they are suggesting) he should have massive lower body injury where the car made contact, maybe pelvic or femur fractures.
    5. Another thing about the car impact theory: if the driver was going fast enough to inflict the degree of damage seen, it is unlikely she would have been able to stop (on snowy ground) before actually running him over or even crashing into the house or other cars that were likely parked there. Any broken legs?
    6. Is the pathologist’s report available for review?
    7. Have any other medical people offered an opinion? I would not want to be the prosecution’s medical expert, who is going to be eviscerated in cross-examination.
  16. I need to move to Canton. Wilbur, can you find a nice barn with a home? I’ll feel right at home with all those other horse face smiles!

  17. As someone who managed social media for multiple networks for years, I would like to offer my assurances that a total of exactly 0 people at courttv read any of that nonsense.

  18. Looks like you may should be taking that seat off your peleton for the next several years while someone near and dear to you may be rotting in jail. @instron @instron.com

    Hang up the phone and start looking for an Hr job

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