Canton Cover-Up Part 92: Video Of Karen Read’s Lexus In State Police Custody Shows No Dents, Tail Light Completely Gone


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In May of 2022, three months after Karen Read was charged with manslaughter (before she was charged with murder) the State Police allowed a private investigator to film Read’s Lexus LX 570. The video shows that her right tail light is completely gone.

This is not what a car looks like when it crashes into a 217 pound man with enough force to kill him.

The other side of the car, which would have struck John O’Keefe if he was killed while Karen Read was doing a three point turn, is completely unscathed.

Why was the tail light completely taken out? When did that happen? Who oversaw it? None of this was mentioned in any court filings by the Commonwealth.

Notice the marker “embedded” in the quarter panel.

That’s where they “found” the piece of glass after it traveled 100 miles in a snowstorm and was towed from William Read’s home in Dighton. The scratch above the tail light is right where her car would’ve gotten scratched after bumping into John O’Keefe’s back wiper of his Chevy Traverse.

Michael Proctor had the car towed from Dighton at 4:12 PM, despite stating in his report that the car was towed at 5:30 PM. This gave him one hour and 18 minutes unaccounted for with the vehicle. It was brought to the Canton Police Department instead of a MSP barracks, despite the fact that State Police had taken over the investigation. At 5:45 another search of the lawn in Canton was conducted in which they “found” more tail light fragments and John’s other shoe, which the Canton Police Department somehow missed in their initial search.

This video has not been will be aired on Boston 25 News tonight at 10:15 in an interview with the Read family. We have MUCH more coming as well. Stay tuned.


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