Canton Cover-Up Part 95: 911 Tape From Turtleboy D&E Pizza Incident Reveals Canton Police Officer Kevin Albert Made 911 Call On Behalf Of Brother Chris Albert


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In June I did a public records request that they dragged their feet on and attempted not to fulfill. They had 10 business days to give me what I requested, and ended up taking over 30. Nevertheless, I persisted, and finally got the following back this week:

  • They’re not giving me Jen McCabe’s 8:38 AM phone call to Albert family friend Lt. Michael Lank, in which she called him back to 34 Fairview Road because she suddenly “recalled” that Karen Read said something incriminating about striking John O’Keefe with her car. This is because it’s part of an “ongoing investigation.” Keep in mind, the Canton Police are not investigating John O’Keefe’s murder, the State Police are.
  • Chris Albert has not talked about the major players in the case using his town email, likely because he struggles with the concept of emails in general.
  • They are not giving me information on what time ATF Agent Brian Higgins clocked into work on the morning of January 29 because he is not an employee of the Town of Canton. If that is the case then why did the Town of Canton allow him to have an office set up in a taxpayer funded institution? Who authorized that?
  • They want me to narrow down my search for town officials using keywords “Jen McCabe” and “Jennifer McCabe” because there are apparently so many of them.
  • They want to charge me $150 for all emails sent or received by Ken Berkowitz andKevin Albert in the week after John O’Keefe was allegedly murdered by Sgt. Albert’s brother and nephew. I will be hand delivering them a check in person in the near future.

But the best part was the 911 call and police report from my June 27 trip to Canton. If you’ll recall, Chris Albert was already on the phone with police when I walked into D&E Pizza. However, it wasn’t Chris on the 911 call, it was his brother Kevin Albert.

Dispatcher: “Hey Kevin.”

Kevin Albert: “Can you send someone down to D&E for harassment and a disturbance.”

Chris Albert knew that his whiny 911 call would be publicly accessible and didn’t want it to be replayed on Turtleboy. So he did what politically connected corrupt officials like Chicken Parm Charlie always do – made a phone call to a family member who took care of it for him. But why was Kevin Albert dispatching police if he didn’t witness anything happen? He wasn’t at D&E Pizza when I arrived and his brother threatened me. Was he even on duty? If so, is it the policy of the Canton Police Department that family members of police officers do not have to call 911, and can simply have their brothers do it for them?

Chris also repeatedly lied to the two responding officers in their report.

Fact check:

1. The Canton Police asked for my name and ID for their official report and actually spelled it correctly, which is rare. Interesting that they made sure to be this meticulous for such a minor event, but on an official report for a murder investigation Michael Proctor misspelled the names of 5 potential witnesses.

2. Chris lied when he said I “did not leave when first asked.” He asked me to leave at the 40 second mark, and within 20 seconds I was already out the door. I informed him I was a reporter who had a question, he refused to answer (which is his right), and told me to “get out of my store right now.” The next words out of my mouth were “OK” and I walked out the door.

3. Chris says he “asked me to leave multiple times”, but that I would not step out of the door after multiple attempts. In fact the video shows me walking out of the store immediately after being asked to. He then proceeded to call me a loser.

4. Officer Cavanagh chose not to include in his report that Chris Albert came out of the store a minute later and provoked and threatened me by saying “You are a f***ing loser. Wait till you get it dude, wait.”

Our brief interaction illustrated everything that is rotten about the town of Canton. This man is an elected official. He oversees the Police, DPW, and other town agencies. The fact that he knew he could make a simple phone call to his cop brother that would fix his problems tells you everything you need to know about how he views the town and its resources. They are a toy he can use to solve problems HE CREATES! It’s why he felt so comfortable alerting then off duty legally drunk Officer Lank about a fight he got in almost 20 years ago with the Lopilato brothers, that ended up getting the town sued when the brothers were wrongly arrested by the inebriated the officer. Unlike other Canton residents he can make a quick phone call to his brother, and he knows the problem will be taken care of.

Now imagine what he would do if he found out his son murdered someone. Who would he call and ask for a favor? Perhaps he’d contact Detective Michael Proctor, a murder police in his county for the Norfolk County DA’s Office, who has been a close family friend for 25 years. Chris Albert views the institution of the police as a tool he can weaponize against people he finds inconvenient – like Turtleboy, the Lopilato brothers, and Karen Read.

Chris lied multiple times in his police report and should be charged with filing a false police report. Maybe if I get around to it I’ll file my own criminal complaint, since I know the useless Canton Police aren’t going to investigate the brother of one of their own.


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