Canton Cover-Up Part 99: Colin Albert Unenrolled As Bridgewater State Student Athlete 


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Football practice begins tomorrow for the Bridgewater State University Football team, but sources from the school are reporting exclusively to Turtleboy Daily News that linebacker Colin Albert has unenrolled himself as a student and will not be playing football his sophomore year.

We have no other information to report at this time. Colin Albert has been accused in court documents of being involved in the murder of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe inside the home of his uncle Brian Albert. He does not come from a family with a lot of money, but yet he has retained a well respected attorney named Joe Krowski, and is rumored to have been subpoenaed to appear in front of a federal grand jury.

Colin has a history of violence, hostility, and aggression, and did not get along with his former neighbor, whose property he frequently threw beer cans on.

It has been theorized by Karen Read’s attorneys and her father that Colin Albert sucker punched O’Keefe in the basement of 34 Fairview Road, which led to a fight in which O’Keefe was bit by Brian Albert’s German Shepherd, and hit in the back of the head with a blunt object, causing massive bleeding and multiple skull fractures. Colin Albert called a friend looking for a ride at 12:33 AM, but it is unclear how he got home. His presence in the house was confirmed by Brian Albert in his April 2022 grand jury testimony which led to murder charges against Karen Read.

In my opinion, Colin is only doing this because something drastic has happened. Perhaps he knows he is going to be charged with a crime in the near future. His father Chris Albert has been on edge lately – yelling sexual remarks at women in parking lots, and telling award winning journalists that they are “looosssaaaahhhs,” who are “gonna get it.” It’s almost as if he’s stressed because he knows something life altering is about to happen to his family.

From what I know about the Albert and McCabe families, Colin would have no problem playing football this year, even if he knew that most people believe he was involved in killing O’Keefe. These people like to go on living their lives like nothing happened as part of their plan to prove their innocence.

Keep in mind, Chris Albert is a very stubborn man who is refusing to resign from the Board of Selectman, despite demands from the taxpayers to do so. He knows his family is in the spotlight for bad reasons, and that he has been exposed for killing a man 20 years ago, as well having over $65K in tax liens against him. It must be extremely awkward and uncomfortable to sit at these meetings and get berated by women who point these embarrassing things out on public record.

But he refuses to resign, because Alberts don’t back down. That’s what makes the news that Colin will not be playing football or attending school more interesting. This entire coverup was orchestrated to protect Colin Albert’s bright future. There is no way Chris would allow him drastically change his life path, after so many people put their own freedom in jeopardy to make sure he didn’t have to do that, by voluntarily giving up something he loves.

It would take a lot for Colin Albert to give up football, so we are left to wonder what made him do this.


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