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Canton Cover-Up Part 6: Canton Police Chief Posts Condescending Press Release Smearing Accurate Reporting Of John O’Keefe’s Murder, Urges People To Stop Listening To Defense Attorneys 

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Canton Police Chief Helena Rafferty responded on social media yesterday with a condescending press release urging people not to jump to conclusions about the undeniable new evidence showing that Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe was not killed by his girlfriend Karen Read last January.

Translation – I’m smarter than you dumb citizens who blindly believe everything you see on the Internet.

It’s easy to ask for patience when you’re not being charged with a murder you didn’t commit. No, we don’t need patience. We need action. Now is the time to step up and be a leader, not just a “team player” regurgitating talking points that read like they came from the DA’s Office. Think of how powerful it would be if she came out and said, “John O’Keefe was a resident of Canton who served his community as a law enforcement officer. He was murdered in the town where he lived and sends his children to school, and based on new information it appears as if the wrong individual is charged. We will not rest until the people responsible for killing him have been brought to justice.”

Or here’s a thought – maybe ask people who have any information about the death of John O’Keefe to come forward.

But she won’t say that because police chiefs are all politically connected hacks who want to shy away from controversy. Keep in mind, the Chief is hired by the Board of Selectmen. Chris Albert, the father of Colin Albert and the brother of Brian Albert, is on the Board of Selectmen. He is her direct boss. Brian Albert’s brother is a Canton Police Officer. She has a vested interest in covering for the family.

The Canton Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police botched this investigation so badly that it has necessitated the FBI to become involved and finally begin questioning the people who should’ve been the prime suspects from the beginning. As Chief should feel nothing but embarrassment and humiliation for that. She knows, as we all know, that there are currently MULTIPLE MURDERERS walking around her town, going to youth lacrosse games like none of this ever happened. How is anyone supposed to feel safe with blood thirsty killers walking around, knowing they can get away with murder?

“Members of the Canton Police Department have read and watched the same sensational accounts as our townsfolk in the last few days.”

Notice her word choice of “sensational.” Sensationalism is defined as, “the use of exciting or shocking stories or language at the expense of accuracy.” By using this word the Chief is attempting to paint our extremely accurate and in-depth reporting as nothing more than sensationalist tabloid journalism. In reality we’ve done significantly more detective work in a week than her department and the State Police assigned to this case. Her use of that word is an attempt to get people in town who still trust the institution of the police to believe that what they have read on Turtleboy Daily News is inaccurate.

“Unlike defense attorneys, prosecutors and police are ethically constrained to what can be said outside the courtroom – particularly in criminal trials.”

She linked to the Massachusetts ethics rules in that sentence, but ALL lawyers in Massachusetts are bound by the same ethics. Prosecutors and defense attorneys do not have different ethical rules they have to follow which only favor the defense. But that’s how she’s trying to frame this – Karen Read’s defense attorneys are lying to the public and the only reason the DA’s office isn’t rebutting their claims is because the rules don’t allow them to. That is a complete lie from a hack police chief, trying to provide cover for her own department’s failures.

In reality there is no way the DA’s office can combat any of the new evidence that has come up from the phone records. They can’t say the time of the 2:27 “how long to die in snow” Google search was off by 4 hours, because it would mean everything was off by 4 hours. Instead, sources I have spoken with from WITHIN the Norfolk County DA’s office have said that the plan is to explain why John O’Keefe’s injuries could have come from Karen Read backing into him at 5 mph during a three point turn.

The DA’s Office is sticking to the fairy tale that Read was blackout drunk and constantly fought with John, because they have too much pride to admit they got this wrong. But I’ve spoken with dozens of people who knew John and Karen and they’ve all said the opposite. According to every person we spoke with, Karen loved John’s kids and acted as a motherly figure. The police put it in the heads of the children that she killed him, and of course they believe police because their uncle was a Boston cop.

There was absolutely no reason for Chief Rafferty to say anything at all. She effectively made an announcement stating that she fully trusts people who have proven themselves to be dishonest and untrustworthy (MSP, DA’s office), and she expects everyone else to do the same. If you use your own brain then you’re a sensational conspiracy theorist. You should just let this play out in court, even though the court’s failures are how we arrived here in the first place.

A source we spoke with saw Jennifer McCabe at a lacrosse game this past weekend against Braintree, despite the fact that her name was in the news for deleting incriminating messages on the night O’Keefe died. He described her as the “Queen B,” surrounded by her minions of suburban Moms like Meg Kennedy, who blocked me after this DM exchange on Twitter:

Apparently I’m not allowed to have an opinion because I don’t live in the incestuous town of Canton.

Meg Kennedy followed me on Twitter and wrote me those messages before I published the blog. She knew my reputation as a thorough reporter and didn’t want to see her friends get castigated. She thought that messaging me like this would prevent me from reporting what happened. She, like all of the Albert’s supporters, claims that “the truth will come out” at an upcoming court date, but has no explanation for any of the cell phone data showing a coverup.

She claims that the O’Keefe family is hurting, and thus I should not write about this. But the O’Keefe family has been lied to from the beginning, and the people who killed their loved one are still free. I spoke with sources today who told me that the family is upset with the DA’s Office for their vague comments about how they’re going to refute all of this evidence in court. This woman wants me to cover for John O’Keefe’s murderers because they are her friends, and is using the pain of John’s family members to try to guilt me out of exposing them.

After I wrote my blog she still wasn’t convinced because “I know the real story and so does the family.” She just couldn’t tell me what the real story was.

Meg Kennedy is just as bad as the rest of them. She is actively trying to provide cover for murderers, which is unfortunate because she is an adjustment counselor at Stoughton High School.

People this dumb should not have access to other people’s children. It is because of people like Meg Kennedy that people like Jennifer McCabe have no problem showing their face in public, while carrying on like none of this happened. And in fairness, most people had no idea who Jennifer McCabe was until we wrote about her. Anyone telling you to remain quiet and “wait and see how this plays out in court,” is actively covering for John O’Keefe’s killers. Every moment wasted on Karen Read is time that could be spent questioning witnesses and collaborating with the FBI. Chief Rafferty should be ashamed of herself, as should anyone still supporting this clan of bullying killers.




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