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Canton Teacher Censors 5th Grader’s Class President Speech For Saying “Let’s Make JFK School Great Again,” District Holds Equity Audit With Meetings Segregated By Race 


A fifth grade student at JFK Elementary School running for Class President was prepared to give her campaign speech this week, but according to her mother it was censored by her teacher for including the phrase “let’s make the JFK great again.” Here is the email Annmarie Rizzotti O’Brien received from 5th grade teacher Elizabeth Earle.

“This phrase can be so polarizing.”

What could possibly be polarizing about wanting to make your school great? Ya know what’s polarizing? Demoralizing an 11 year old child who’s enthusiastic about running for class president because you’re butthurt that Donald Trump won in 2016. How bout if she said ” build back better?” Or “ask not what JFK can do for you, ask what you can do for JFK?” Or “the only thing we have to fear is, homework itself.” Maybe “a school divided amongst itself cannot stand.” John F. Kennedy, who your school is named after, literally got shot in the head, which sounds slightly more polarizing.

It was a funny little anecdote this poor girl wanted to throw in at the end of her speech. Not a single kid would’ve been offended or hurt by it. Just the adults who get triggered at the thought of something that reminds them of the former President who still gives them nightmares to this day. Why would this girl ever run for class president or participate in something school related again? The adults made it all about them.

Mom responded perfectly.


To her credit, Principal Saundra Watson admitted that she was wrong to step in after the speech was already given. But she also tried to pretend it was to protect the little girl because 5th graders at JFK are immature and unkind to each other.

If you have a problem with bullying at this school then the appropriate response from teachers and administrators is to hold the bullies accountable for their behavior, not censor their victims so as to not trigger the bullies. But there is no way a 5th grader is going to be endangered by her classmates over that line. No one that young cares enough to do that. Just the adults.

Based on some of the things coming out of the Canton Public Schools this is pretty consistent with the district’s values. Last year we published a blog about an 8th grade who withdrew from school after being repeatedly bullied on the bus because she voiced opposition to BLM in a class discussion. When she went to her principal and activist guidance counselor for support they blamed her for having such divisive opinions, and they excused the bullying because “unfortunately white males and females do not have the same rights.” As a result the girl was socially ostracized and no one wanted to be friends with her.

This is what the Canton Public Schools do to kids who come from conservative homes when they are bullied at school. First they create the culture where one side of the aisle is presented as evil and the other side virtuous. Then they sit back and do nothing when the kids who believe they are on the virtuous side pick on the kids who they believes are on the bad side. Then instead of holding the bullies accountable they victim blame and censor them, so as not to provoke the bullies any more.

I wonder what their policies on sexual assault are. “Sorry girls, but you can’t wear shorts to school because the horned up boys might grope you. We’re doing it for your protection.”

Last week parents in the district received an email alerting them that their tax dollars were being used to line the pockets of a consulting group called “Public Consulting Group,” so that they could conduct an “equity audit” of the schools.

Because how did schools function before their were equity audits?

Just a reminder, that the difference between equity and equality is that equality means that everyone is given the same opportunity to succeed, while equity means that everyone must finish in the same place. One of them is fair and realistic, the other is communism. The Canton Public Schools are pushing communism.

To make matters worse Kate Christie from PCG told parents that the equity focus groups would be segregated by race.

Why is this woman promoting racism, discrimination, and segregation?

What qualifies as a black person? How black do you have to be to gain entrance to the “BIPOC only” focus group? Do Hawaiians count as Asian? How bout Portuguese? They’re kind of a tweener. And will there be a “coloreds only” sign at the meeting to remind white parents that they are unwelcomed at this school sanctioned event?

This is critical race theory in practice, and unless people start pushing back against this sort of racism it then our society will become more and more racially polarized. People like this make a living off of dividing us by race, and you shouldn’t put up with it. Feel free to contact Superintendent Derek Folan to ask him why his district is segregating parents by race and stifling creative thought from 5th graders.

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