Carlisle Firefighter And Business Owner Douglas Stevenson Keeps Job Despite Admitting To Pleasuring Himself In Tenant’s Bedroom, Stealing Her Panties


This is Douglas A. Stevenson from Carlisle.

Doug is a well respected father of three in town who previously was elected to the Board of Selectmen. He is currently the owner of Kistler and Knapp Builders (home construction), and is also a firefighter in Carlisle.

His wife teaches elementary school in town as well. They live at 271 Cross Street, and own the property next door at 273 Cross Street, which he rents out to a single Mom named Carol Rash. One day Carol noticed that she had underwear missing and set up Ring cameras in her house. According to a complaint filed in Middlesex Superior Court those cameras caught Doug Stevenson smelling her panties and pleasuring himself to climax in her bedroom in April.

Not only was Spanky Doodle Dandy not arrested for this, despite admitting to doing it (twice) and being caught on film, he still works as a firefighter in town. Part of his duties include going into people’s homes for inspections. Apparently he has since recanted his confession (despite video of him being there), and Chief Bryan Sorrows has decided to leave his pal on the department.

Again, according to the complaint he admitted to choking the chicken “at least twice” and stole her underpants.

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Case closed.

Although he has not been charged, the victim did get a restraining order against him and is now suing him and looking for $300K in damages because she was forced to move out. She also lives in fear and is understandably suffering from emotional distress. Ya know, because he masturbated on her bed. But Stevenson’s attorneys are trying to prevent this from happening because they argue the $300K number is arbitrary.

However, they are admitting that he paid over $15K per court order for damages already inflicted by being forced to move out of the house where she paid over $3K a month in rent.

The judge ruled against Spanky Doodle and allowed the plaintiff’s motion for approval of attachment on real property for $100K.

Apparently his insurance would not cover damages inflicted from jerkin the gherkin in a tenant’s bedroom, but I’m pretty sure someone who owns a house that’s worth close to $1 million and a profitable home building company can afford to pay those damages. Either way, the fact that this guy isn’t being charged with a crime and is allowed to continue to serve on the Carlisle Fire Department seems problematic for residents of the affluent town.


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