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CBS Shares Video Of Plus Sized Nurse IG Model Who Lied About Quitting Job Over Lack Of Masks, Bernie Sander Retweets Solidarity


CBS News tweeted out a video of a Chicago nurse they found on IG who had allegedly just quit her job because they wouldn’t let her wear a mask in the ICU, and they added some sad background music to it for dramatic effect.

Thots and shares.

Did CBS find out where she worked? Of course not.

Did they verify any of it? LOL.

How bout her name? Do they even know her name?

Nah. Too much work.

None of that actually matters, so long as she was saying the things that the media wants her to say. And the media for the last month has been trying to monetize the COVID crisis by ginning up fear, and pushing the narrative that hospitals are unprepared because Trump failed them. Headlines like this from the USA Today.

Everything the woman said in that video aligns with those goals so nothing else mattered.

The tweet was called out immediately by conservatives because it was not properly sourced and seemed made up. We’ve been down this road with Jussie Smollett and many have learned their lessons about it. But CBS and Bernie Sanders have not.

This is just what Bernie Sanders does – he falls for viral hoaxes and uses lies to push his political agenda. He not only fell for the Jussie hoax, he also endorsed the DA who dropped the charges against Smollett once it was revealed that he had lied.

Bernie also fell for the Ryan Kyote hoax.

Ryan Kyote’s mother Kylie Kirkpatrick was arrested two weeks ago and is facing 8 felony charges for defrauding hundreds of thousands of dollars from people off of this lie about her crotch fruit. Her lie was propagated by Bernie Sanders and the mainstream media which allowed Kirkpatrick to defraud the community for months until we investigated the story, which triggered the criminal investigation of Kirkpatrick by the Napa Police.

This nurse doesn’t seem as interested in nursing as she does about pursuing a career as a plus sized IG influencer/model.

On Facebook she says she’s into singing, photography, blogging, and cosplay, but doesn’t mention nursing.

She also likes to post memes about white women.

Her five year plan is to go from taking pictures of her posterior (which is in both eastern and central time zone), to making millions of dollars, buying a house, buying a sports car, getting married, and firing out some crotch fruits.

You’ll notice that she’s doing Starbuck’s gift card giveaways, in her bio she calls herself a fashion Latina creator, and she makes it clear that she’s partnering with Cherokee Uniforms.

Cherokee Uniforms sells healthcare related clothing. They have affiliate marketing programs where you can effectively become a salesperson for the company and get a cut of each sale you make. It says it right on her Twitter bio – sponsored by Cherokee Uniforms.

She also has links to the Latina RN page in her profile, and seems to be promoting them.

As well as Holliblu, a company that has used her as a model.

She has a link to a Holliblu survey in her bio and her viral post, which is most likely being used for data mining.

Then there’s this video that she has since removed because she goes full ratchet and tells people they have nothing to worry about with coronavirus.

“Coronavirus!! Shit is real! Shit is getting real!! Don’t worry, every single person you come in contact with has no coronavirus. Don’t worry, coronavirus only last for three days on clean surfaces.”

This is a woman the mainstream media wants us to trust when it comes to healthcare decisions.

Her real name is Imaris Rivera (she goes by one name, like Cher), and according to a Facebook post she just started working after a two week vacation on March 26 and suffered from bipolar depression and anxiety.

That day she was posting about how she was triggered to go back to work.

Almost like she’s a mentally unstable woman who has no business being a nurse, and just wants to be a nurse so she can post about being a nurse and sell medical clothing drenched in identity politics on her IG. Four days later she quit because they wouldn’t let her wear a mask.

Now she’s changed her story and said she was issued a mask by the hospital, which can’t comment on why she quit because it’s a personnel matter.


Her story was initially spread by a British blue checkmark of no particular significance who fancies himself a journalist.

Jon Danzig is an agenda driven British idiot with barely over 10,000 Facebook followers who has continued to spread this woman’s lie, and has since blocked me from his Facebook page after expressing doubt about the woman’s story.

If you feel the need to post “please retweet,” and you’re not even using Twitter, then you have no business using the Internet.

Meanwhile Nurse Nutella has been loving all the attention she’s getting.

She’s pinned Bernie’s tweet to the top of her page.

This is what the media does. They lie, spread fake news, push their agenda, and then profit off of it. Then the politicians come in and use the lies to get elected by promising to sell the antidote to the non-existent problem.


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