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CEO Of Southcoast Health Arrested For Domestic Assault And Battery After Firing Nurses For Not Fulfilling “Moral Obligation” To Care For Others By Getting Vaccinated


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The CEO of Southcoast Health was arrested with assault and battery over the weekend and had his day in court yesterday.

WBSM: Southcoast Health’s president and CEO Keith Hovan has been charged with assault and battery for an incident that took place at his Rochester home on Saturday. According to court documents, Hovan was arraigned Monday on one count of assault and battery following the incident. The alleged assault took place at his Mary’s Pond Road home at around 10:20 p.m. on Nov. 6, and involved a domestic dispute. Court documents show that Hovan owns a large number of firearms, which were confiscated by Rochester Police. His license to carry firearms has been revoked.

A message from Southcoast Health’s board of trustees and addressed to the community states that Hovan “immediately” alerted the board of the incident the following morning. The statement notes that the board met several times to go over details and discuss next steps, and that it will not give further comment on the incident out of respect for the family’s privacy.

“The Hovan family has the full support of the Board as they deal with this personal family matter,” the message reads.

Rochester Police Chief, Robert Small, confirmed with Boston 25 that Southcoast Hospital Group’s President, Keith Hovan was arrested for a single charge of domestic assault and battery on Nov. 6. Southcoast Health’s Board of Trustees issued the following statement Tuesday morning to all employees stating: “an incident took place at the home of President & CEO Keith A. Hovan and President Hovan immediately made the Board aware the following morning. The Board met on several occasions to review the details as they became available and discussed next steps.”

Unlike Keith Hovan all Southcoast Health Care employees worked with COVID patients throughout the pandemic without a vaccine. Here he is thanking them for being frontline heroes with the goal of “flattening the curve” (remember when that was the goal?):


At the 5:05 mark he said: “Administrative and operational leadership has your back. We always have and we always will.”

Yet in September he wrote a letter telling them that “we must all accept the personal responsibility we have to each other” while spreading misinformation about the dangers of the virus itself. He also spread ridiculous, cartoonish fear porn about ending up in the ICU and suggested that those who are hesitant about being vaccinated are only doing so because they believe COVID “isn’t real.”



It starts off by thanking them for their service on the front lines, calling them heroes.

He then says that he is writing to them out of concern for their loved ones and his, and says it’s not political to force employees to take the vaccine (even though blue states are the only states that are making employees do this) .

He’s so concerned about his family so much that he gets arrested for assaulting them. He then has the audacity to lecture his employees about personal responsibility.

You know what a great way to practice personal responsibility is? Not getting arrested for assaulting them.

Not only is that letter absurd and ridiculous, it’s also written by a man who caused direct physical harm to his own family with his body. A virus didn’t do that. He did. And he has the nerve to lecture other people about keeping their family safe. Several nurses and other healthcare workers in his hospital have been terminated for refusing to get vaccinated while he collects a salary of $2,382,050.

And you wonder why your healthcare premiums are so high. Keep in mind, this is allegedly a “not-for-profit” too, and he has the nerve to accept that salary. Now people who actually risked their lives during the pandemic will be destitute because of this alleged domestic abuser’s political pseudo-science.

Human resources sent out this letter to all Southcoast employees in October, lecturing them about how they are “morally obligated” to get the vaccine, because if they don’t get the jab then no one else will follow their lead. That’s literally the argument they make. If you don’t do get vaccinated people will start to question why and become hesitant.

One nurse I spoke with was recently fired for not getting vaccinated, despite treating COVID patients from the start of the pandemic. Every year thus far she has received a religious exemption for the flu shot, but this year she did not receive it for the flu or COVID. Here is the rejection letter she got from the arbitrary “religious exemption committee.”

“We have made no determination regarding the sincerity of your religious beliefs….”

That’s literally the purpose of the religious exemption process, but they didn’t even consider it. The only thing that matters are that her hysterical coworkers feel unsafe “coming into contact with unvaccinated” coworkers, as if they are AIDS patients trying to rape them. These people are so scared of the unvaccinated despite the fact that they not only are vaccinated, but will literally be treating patients WITH COVID! That’s how stupid the people are who are in charge of your Southcoast Health. No wonder 700K people have died. I would literally rather die in the streets than ever consider going to a Southcoast Health hospital if this is the way their employees really think.

This is the letter that Southcoast sent out about Keith Hovan’s arrest for domestic assault and battery:

“The Hovan family has the full support of the board as they deal with this personal family matter.”

This isn’t a personal family matter. It’s domestic assault and battery. It’s a crime. And it’s happening in a public court of law.

Southcoast Health is an evil corporation that supports domestic abusers making millions of dollars a year, and fires heroes who won’t get raped with a vaccine against their will. If you’re ever sick and feel like dying, feel free to head on down there and get treated by one of their moronic employees who feels unsafe around unvaccinated nurses, but perfectly safe around domestic abusers.


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