Charlie Baker Forces Free People To Wear Masks Despite Flattened Curve Because That’s What Tyrannical Governments Do


We were told that restrictions would be eased in Massachusetts once we flattened the curve. We were told that May 4 was the date we’d start doing this. Then this week that was pushed to May 18, and today Baker unilaterally declared that everyone must wear masks in public:

Gov. Charlie Baker signed an executive order Friday requiring residents to wear masks in public, including people who take public transit and grocery shopping.

“We view this as common sense,” said Baker, a Republican.

The executive order takes effect on May 6. Masks and face coverings are mandatory in grocery stores, pharmacies and other retail shops, as well as on public transportation. The order does not apply to children under the age of 2 and people with medical conditions who would be negatively affected by the requirement. People who are found violating the order could get a $300 fine. Face coverings are also mandatory out in parks and sidewalks, particularly in times and places where people have trouble staying at least 6 feet apart, according to the order.

Baker suggested, for example, that someone who goes out for a run at dawn likely won’t need a mask because few people are around. Yet someone who goes out in the late afternoon and walks or runs in the company of others must wear a mask under the executive order because socially distancing will likely be impossible.

“I think most people should carry it with them and anticipate that they will,” Baker said. “When my wife and I go for a walk in Swampscott, we carry it.”

Baker encouraged people to make face coverings if they can’t buy them, and he urged people to avoid buying medical-grade respirators because hospitals need them.

Let me be clear – I will not wear a mask in public. It’s not because I want people to get sick. It’s because there’s no evidence that an added mandate from the government will keep anyone safer. It’s the same thing with curfews and other restrictions on freedom – if the government can’t explain why they’re doing something, then they shouldn’t do it. Eventually you have to reach the conclusion that people like Charlie Baker are drunk on power and will continue to add unnecessary restrictions because their voting base of Karens will applaud them for doing so.

If you think I’m going to wear a mask when I go running you can kiss my ass. Anyone who thinks that’s reasonable probably doesn’t exercise much. Ya know, because you can’t breathe. When I come near people while running either I move out of their way or they move out of my way. It’s really not hard.

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The biggest joke about this is that they let you make your own masks. What is medical or scientific about that? What studies have been done that show that bandanas or t-shirts around my face will prevent diseases from being transmitted? If I don’t have the commie cold then why do I have to wear one? Why can’t I just cover my mouth in the store with my hand? None of this makes any sense because they haven’t thought any of it through. They’re just adding rules because they can.

I’ve about had it. I reached my breaking point today when my wife had to do a zoom call for work. My two year old son, who hasn’t seen another child in two months now, knew that he was not to interrupt. Of course this makes him want to interrupt her more, because he’s a two year old boy. I spent an hour attempting to prevent him from climbing the stairs as he screamed and cried for absolutely no reason. Consequently I could not work during that time. There is no reason daycare cannot be opened. Children do not transmit the disease, nor do they die from it. Like face masks, the closing of schools and daycares is just an unnecessary restriction that has no basis in logic or science.

People are starting to rebel, and I would encourage them to do it more. Defy everything. If you have a store then open it. If Karen tells you to do something, do the opposite. If you have kids then schedule a playdate with another family and do it in public. They can’t arrest us all. And quite frankly it’s time police were put to the test. Did they sign up to ticket people for not wearing masks? Or will they use discretion like they can do when they see someone driving 65 in a 55, and allow free people to remain free in a free society?


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