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Charlie Baker’s 4 Step “Plan” To Reopen Makes It Clear That They Have No Intention Of Actually Reopening This Year


The long awaited four point plan to reopening the economy was presented yesterday by Governor Baker, and it was pretty much what we expected.

Vague, meaningless nonsense from a feckless coward. This is not a plan. Phase 4 is my favorite, “New Normal – Vaccine saves us all.” The underpants gnomes had a more thorough plan than this.

The vaccine won’t be here for years, and even then it will be experimental. If your plan is to not be fully opened until you have a vaccine then you don’t have a plan.

So what exactly are the 3 other phases before we get to the totally NOT Orwellian “New Normal?” Let’s see.

The four-phase reopening first will allow a limited number of businesses resume operations with “severe restrictions” in place, followed by a second wave of industries reopening with restrictions and capacity limits. The third wave of industries will be allowed to reopen with public health guidance. In the fourth phase, Massachusetts will try to return to a “new normal” after a vaccine is developed, Gov. Charlie Baker said Monday.

Baker did not attach specific dates to the phases, but he said he could see the state’s approach mirror those of other states that have spaced out phases four weeks apart if the state sees a sustained positive trend.

Whatever they’re doing in Michigan, we’ll just copy that. Not Georgia or Florida though. We wouldn’t want to model ourselves after a plan that, ya know, worked. And we’re going to do each phase four weeks apart only if we see a “sustained positive trend.”


Tranlation – at any point we can go right back to the lockdown if I don’t like the way a chart looks.


Of course when you open up you’re almost guaranteed to get a small increase in the number of cases, which again is nothing to fear because for 99% of people the virus cannot kill you. What happens then?

If the state sees a spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, it could return to an earlier phase and again impose additional restrictions on companies.

We start all over again.


This is like a game of Chutes and Ladders where you constantly end up on #87.

They’ve established the precedent now that they can shut down your business at any time, so long as they deem it to be in the best interest of the public. They tested us and they found out they could get away with it without much pushback. This is what the “New Normal” really means.

At this point it should be abundantly clear that the “plan” is to keep feeding the public nonsense like this and tell them you’re doing it to save lives. It will work because this state is filled with simpletons like this.

“Thank you for keeping us safe.”

Massachusetts has four times the casualties as Florida with a fourth of the population. You are statistically much more in danger in Massachusetts, but only if you are elderly or have existing health issues.

“Governor Baker is thinking about the people.”

No, he’s thinking about his poll numbers. He’s not thinking about the hundreds of thousands of people in this state who lost their jobs and businesses. He’s not thinking about the kids who are being abused at home with no one to advocate for them because they don’t have access to their teachers. He’s not thinking about the fact that “the people” are better served being outside and developing herd immunity to the virus. He’s thinking about pleasing idiots like this so he can pleasure himself to his poll numbers.

Every business owner in this state should just start opening up. They have no right to do this, there’s no law that gives them the power to do this, and if everyone just says “no more” like the golf courses did then they will be powerless to stop you.


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