Charlie Baker’s Reopening Phase 1 Keeps Businesses Locked Down Indefinitely In Massachusetts


According to a memo from the Mass Municipal Association to Charlie Baker, businesses across Massachusetts will not be allowed to open up tomorrow.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you have a business, just open it. Stop being cowards. Stop letting these tyrants destroy everything you’ve built. The government doesn’t “allow” you to open your business. They had no authority to close your business in the first place.

Open up your eyes – every single time people have fought back against the government they have won. The golf course owners got Charlie Baker to cave and allow them to reopen. Now they are thriving. The Wisconsin Supreme Court said the lockdown in that state was unconstitutional. A judge in Texas ruled that Shelley Luther couldn’t be thrown in jail for refusing to shut down her salon. I know people who opened their businesses two weeks ago and nothing has happened.

Just open your doors and customers will come in. It’s your business. You built it, you paid for it, and it belongs to you. Charlie Baker doesn’t get to decide if you’re allowed to accept money from customers for good and services. Stop being slaves to the government. This is Massachusetts. There is no America without us. In the years leading up to the American Revolution coward states like South Carolina and New York didn’t want to join in our acts of rebellion because it might upset the crown. They thought if they played nice that King George would ease restrictions on their freedoms.

But tyrants don’t ease restrictions when they know the people won’t fight back; they increase them. If every business owner starts opening their doors they will be powerless to stop you. The police will be put to the test in your city, and as long as you don’t live in Chicopee there’s a good chance you won’t be treated like a criminal. If you don’t fight back, and you accept Charlie Baker as your master then you deserve to be a slave and lose everything.

For what it’s worth, Team Lockdown thinks Baker is going TOO FAR by allowing churches and manufacturers to open up.

This guy lists his pronouns in his bio and works for Jamie “Captain Planet” Eldridge.

Nuff said.

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Coronabros like him are not serious people. The minute they mention lives being lost is the minute you can tune them out completely. No lives will be lost to this. Not one. It’s just a bunch of free loaders who are making bank off the lockdown and don’t want to go back work. They use fear and hysteria to get their way because the facts and data don’t back them up. Nothing they say is grounded in science, none of them own businesses or have ever contributed anything to society, and none of them is missing a paycheck over this. Most importantly, there is no date before November 3 that would suit them for “opening up.”

I’m back on the Gerry Callahan Podcast tomorrow and I’m sure both he and I will have strong takes on this one. Click here to like the GCP Facebook page and tune in live tomorrow morning around 8.


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