Charlotte McFarland Threatened To Burn My House Down With A Molotov Cocktail, ADA Margaret Hegarty Pursues Criminal Charges Against Me


Update on the story from yesterday about psycho BLT-123 Charlie McFarland trying and failing to get a harassment order against me, and corrupt criminal ADA Margaret Hegarty using the powers of the state to threaten me with trumped up criminal charges for writing a blog she doesn’t like. I will be going to Leominster District Court on Monday to file for a harassment order against Charlie, since he’s been harassing myself, the blog, and turtle riders for the last two years now. In order to get a harassment order you have to file a police report and provide 3 examples of harassment on separate occasions. Luckily I have dozens, since this thing is an insane, disgusting, worthless leach and does it openly on social media. I gave the police a whole bunch of threats she’s posted, including this one which I didn’t post in the original blog.

Oh look, she’s threatening to burn my house down with a molotov cocktail. A threat that obviously should be taken seriously since he has a lot of experience as an unemployed fire gypsy.

This is a dangerous and unhinged lunatic, and this DISGRACEFUL excuse for an assistant district attorney, Margaret Hegarty, is not only humoring this criminal, but is using the power of the state to come after a law abiding citizen in myself. Make no doubt about it – I will not rest until Margaret Hegarty is held accountable for threatening me yesterday in Brookline District Court.

She is the most corrupt and evil person I’ve ever blogged about. She’s letting her political opinions affect how she conducts her job. I have done nothing wrong. I have committed no crimes. I publish a blog that expresses opinions that some people agree with and other people don’t. I don’t threaten anyone, I just blog about them. This is not a crime in a free society. At least it was until this woman on a power trip became ADA.

Margaret Hegarty views herself as a champion of social justice causes, instead of someone who is supposed to fairly enforce the law. She heard this “gender queer” (Charlie is a dude) spewing all the right buzzwords, painting the blog as misogynistic, anti-abortion (we don’t blog about abortion), racist, pro death-threats, etc. And instead of doing some basic research and seeing that Charlie is mentally deranged, the ADA assumes that everything Charlie’s saying is true, and that this is some BLT-123 hate crime victim being picked on by an evil conservative blog. She then goes beyond the scope of her duties (that the taxpayers pay her to do) and starts acting as an advocate for this nutjob, instead of acting as a prosecutor. The judge fairly denied this ridiculous harassment order brought forward by a person who has been harassing me for the last 2 years, and she approaches me in the hallway and threatens me out of pure social justice vengeance.

I am filing a complaint against her with the BBO and ethics commission. Then I’ll be doing the same with Rachael Rollins office, and although that may not go anywhere at least it will all be in writing and this woman will have to answer for it.

The other guy who’s getting a shitty deal here is Bret Killoran. He’s no angel, and I recognize that. But yesterday she was able to get a restraining without him being served, and without him being able to defend himself.

This is your judicial system ladies and gentlemen. This is what happens in America when you have opinions that people like Margaret Hegarty disagree with.

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Don’t worry though, because Turtleboy isn’t the type to back down. I thank you who donated yesterday, because we’re probably going to need it. But let me be perfectly clear – Margaret Hegarty will be held responsible for her corruption.


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