Charlton Middle School Teacher Arrested For Raping His Daughter Hundreds Of Times, Superintendent Sends Out Vague Email Referencing Arrest In Leicester


This is Charlton Middle School ELA teacher Todd Peloquin, who lives in Leicester.

Dudley-Charlton Regional School District Superintendent Steven Lamarche sent out an email over the weekend to parents in the district alerting them that Peloquin was arrested in Leicester, but didn’t say what for.

This left a lot of parents confused and startled. What stood out to me most was that the superintendent wrote that the charges are not related to any student. He wouldn’t feel the need to state that if Peloquin was charged with a DUI or larceny. He wouldn’t send out an email at all if the charges weren’t alarming, so I looked up his court records. As it turns out Todd Peloquin was arrested and charged with aggravated rape of a child, incest, two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, and one count of assault and battery on a child over 14.


According to the statement of facts filed in East Brookfield District Court Peloquin’s now grown daughter accused him of:

  • Reaching into her pants and rubbing the outside of her vagina more than 100 times while she was in bed between the ages of 6 and 12
  • Grabbing her breasts over her shirt while she was in bed
  • Inserting a finger into her vagina, and on one occasion using two fingers to aggressively slide in and out, which she says made her feel “broken” and hurt
  • Sharing a bed with him despite having other options on where to sleep
  • Showering with him on a routine basis
  • Requiring her to refer to him as Daddy while answering all questions (Yes, Daddy)
  • Rewarding her with gifts when she sat on his lap or was overly affectionate
  • According to the statement of facts, the victim’s mother “expressed how uncomfortable she was with this behavior but it continued.”
  • The victim claims that she thought this was an appropriate way to show love at the time
  • She says that she repressed these incidents, which last happened 10 years ago, but that they were triggered when he grabbed her ass at a family party in the summer of 2021
  • A witness named Corey Reynolds said that he witnessed the grabbing of the buttocks at the family party

Bail was set at $25,000, which he posted on March 10.

Peloquin is 52 years old and spent the first 20 years of his career 20 years in a managerial position as a pharmacy retailer before deciding to become a teacher around 2011-12. He got his teaching license and began substitute teaching at Worcester South High School before landing his current position at Charlton Middle School in 2013. In a 2020 interview with the CMS Principal he said that one day he might pursue becoming an administrator, but that he was “loving my experience with kids too much.”

“Down the line as my kids get older and they move up and await bigger and better things I can see myself wanting to do something in educational leadership.”

I expect that they will likely remove this interview now, but to be clear – no one in administration at Charlton Middle School had any idea that these sort of accusations were out there. The fact that this man bragged about loving his “experience” with children, who are the same age as his daughter was when he allegedly raped and molested her, is disturbing.

At the time he said that he may pursue administration after his kids get older and presumably become adults. Peloquin has 3 daughters, although they look much different from him (skin color) so it’s not clear if they are his biological children. According to divorce documents from Worcester probate court his children at the time of that video were 14, 17, and 19.

Her children now use their mother’s maiden name on social media accounts we found. The younger two are listed as living with her. The older daughter is listed as living with him, and her date of birth is consistent with the allegations made in the statement of facts.

That document references an original separation agreement from 2001 from his now ex-wife Tammy, who initially filed for divorce in 2001, shortly after the birth of their first daughter. They were not divorced until 2018 though.

In Providence/Bristol County probate court in Rhode Island a Todd Peloquin with his exact same birthday also filed for divorce from Tammy in 2005. The filing was dismissed and they remained legally married.

This is noteworthy because in the same state a man named Todd Peloquin is a registered sex offender after being charged with possession of child pornography.

I suspected that perhaps this man could have crossed state lines to obtain his teaching license and not had it come up on a CORI search, since CORI’s don’t often pick up on crimes committed in other states. However, despite their similar facial features and crimes, this Todd Peloquin is 3 years younger from CMS Todd Peloquin. Just an amazing and horrible coincidence.

According to documents filed by Todd Peloquin in Worcester probate court, he physically separated from his wife in 2013, as she moved out of their Stafford Street home and into a house a stone’s throw away on Mill Street in Leicester. The documents state that he loves his children very much, and requests that he not be forced to take a parenting education class.

According to the statement of facts, the victim’s mother “expressed how uncomfortable she was with this behavior but it continued.” She moved out of their house in 2013, shortly after the daughter alleges that she was being assaulted by her father. It’s unclear what her mother knew, but no petitions were made for full custody in the probate court documents.

His daughter said that when she was younger she thought that being molested was an expression of love, and Peloquin likely showered her with love bombing in order to keep her close and quiet. His teaching style was the same way, as he was a well liked and entertaining teacher to students at CMS. During COVID he made YouTube videos in which he dressed up as The Beast and taught grammar. Kids in the comments seem to enjoy it.



But this is what groomers do – make kids feel comfortable around them.

In an Instagram post made by one of his daughters last year someone who goes by Englishteach81 commented on how they all looked stunning.

Her father taught English at CMS, but it’s unclear if this account belongs to him. Todd Peloquin is listed as the husband of a Christine Peloquin in a 2022 obituary

The email Superintendent Lamarche sent out was intentionally misleading and covered up horrific allegations of crimes committed against a girl who was the same age as children he teaches in class. People who sexually assault children don’t just stop one day because they no longer have an urge to. It’s even less rare that a victim would make up such specific details about the alleged sexual assault committed by her father. The fact that his daughters use a different last name, that he is not in ANY of their social media pictures (but their Mom is), his comments about wanting to be around kids, and the bizarre videos he made during COVID, only make me believe the allegations more.

The Dudley-Charlton Regional School District has an obligation to alert the community to exactly what the charges against this teacher are. Any parent whose child had this man in class for the last 10 years should speak to their children, as he has interacted with likely thousands of kids during that time.


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