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Chicopee City Councilor Blames Women For Being Sexually Harassed, Says It Happens To Him Frequently, Explains How Women Become Loose


This is Lucjan Galecki from Chicopee.

He’s a local meathead who cuts trees for a living and somehow got elected to a City Council seat in the third largest city west of 495.

He’s currently under fire after sharing this thoughts on what women could do to avoid being sexually harassed.

Kaween Fernando is somewhat of an agitator himself, and has run for office and lost multiple times, including to Lucjan. But he got exactly the response he was looking for because clearly Lucjan is a bit of a moron.

Let’s be clear – if there are areas that are “known for sexually harassing girls,” then the problem isn’t what girls in that area are wearing, it’s that the area exists in the first place. I’m not quite sure what “areas” those are, perhaps a strip club? But girls there literally sign up to be groped for money, so I don’t think they’re going to complain about sexual harassment at the Magic Lantern.

The places women don’t want to be sexually harassed in are places like work, but according to Lucjan if it’s a workplace that’s “known for sexual harassment,” then you should just find an alternative place to work rather than address the issue of sexual harassment.

He kept going though.

Here’s an idea – maybe we shouldn’t accept at face value that women will know that they’ll be sexually harassed anywhere?

Great analogy Kielbasa Kenny. We should have the same expectations for men as we do for hungry grizzly bears.

Here’s a thought. If we had areas of Chicopee that were known for man-eating grizzly bears, we would probably do something to eliminate them or somehow address that issue, rather than throwing our hands up in the air and say, “oh well, you knew there were hungry man-eating grizzly bears there.” Just sayin.

His comments caught the attention of Masslive who wrote about it a couple days ago, but Kielbasa Kenny is refusing to back down.

“I’m not resigning, it’s not happening,” Chicopee City Councilor Lucjan Galecki told MassLive Wednesday afternoon.

“Somebody asked me a question and I answered it. I didn’t go out of my way to attack sexually abused women,” he said. “So, I don’t feel that I need to resign. I truthfully answered the question the way that I believe, and this is the answer. So, why should I have to resign for stating my own opinion?”

Lucjan Galecki appears to be a Trump supporter who ironically changed his profile picture to a vote for Bernie thing. And although I appreciate the sentiment of never backing down to a woke mob, this is more like a common sense mob. He and I probably agree on a lot of issues, including COVID. But in my opinion, it’s best that people like him not get elected to public office, because they are in fact an embarrassment.

He’s now claiming that his comments were taken out of context, which seems unlikely because he’s actually said much worse than this before. For instance, he believes that women shouldn’t complain about sexual harassment because you don’t hear him complaining about it when throngs of lustful women throw themselves at him, which happens every time he runs without his shirt off.

Just for the record, this guy only get “cat-called” by women in his imagination, which he then vociferously uses to pleasure himself as soon as he gets home. However, I have no doubt that the runs without a shirt on any time the weather cracks 50 degrees.

This is an actual picture he has on Instagram.

Dude, just come out of the closet already. Please. This is painful. Any man who has ever taken a selfie like that and posted it to social media desperately wants to have sex with themselves. That’s just science.

He also embraced his newfound shame by promoting his business.

And in the comments he told women that he also gets sexually harassed when he’s cutting down trees in a tank top in November.

Is there anywhere Luc be a Lady can go without women trying to grab his yogurt slinger?

Come on girls, he’s trying to cut down trees and run the city. Take a number and wait in line.

Then there are his thoughts on loose vaginas, because of course he has publicly shared his thoughts as a city official on the topic of loose vaginas and how they got that way.

“I dated a girl who was with a huge guy a month before I went in there (her vagina). I was surprised how easily it fit in. It slid right in.” – Chicopee City Councillor.

The thing about vaginas is, they’re often easier to penetrate when they’re wet, something he seems unfamiliar with in general, and I think we all know why.

Of course he also does gym selfies and posts videos of himself lifting weights in thong sandals.

Because he is the complete douchebag package.

Here’s the best part – he has a burner account on Facebook called James Rusk, which he uses to prop himself up, and then responds to his fake account using his real account.


He insists that this will not affect his re-election chances, and maybe he’s right. Sadly in our country miscreants like this have no problem getting re-elected on either side of the aisle, as long as the people electing them agree with their politics. But as a Trump supporter like I’m sure he is, I would never vote for someone like him because he is an embarrassment, and the less people like him we have representing our viewpoints the better.


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