Chicopee Man Begs Badass 77 Year Old Chesterfield Woman To Call 911 After He Broke Into Her Home And Got Stabbed By Her


If I were to show you a picture of a criminal, what would you guess this man’s crime was?

Heroin possession or distribution? Larceny? Failure to shower?

Wrong. This gentleman’s name is Adam Lord, and he has a tendency to break into old lady’s homes in the middle of the night, wake them up, refuse to leave, and then get stabbed.

A Chicopee man who allegedly broke into a Chesterfield home early Saturday was stabbed by a 77-year-old woman after he refused to leave, state police said. The Daily Hampshire Gazette, citing court documents, reported the woman told investigators she stabbed the 20-year-old man twice in self-defense. The suspect, Adam A. Lord Jr., was treated at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield and arraigned Monday on multiple charges pertaining to the incident.

 It began shortly after 3:30 a.m. when state police responded to a report of a single-car crash in the area of 283 Main Road, the Gazette reported, citing an application for criminal complaint filed by state Trooper Christian Wolferseder. State police, however, did not find a vehicle at the scene. Troopers were then summoned to 75 Munson Road at about 4:20 a.m. for a report of an active breaking and entering and that the suspect had been stabbed, the Gazette reported. Wolferseder wrote he found Lord, who smelled of alcohol, lying in the mudroom complaining of pain and being assisted by another trooper. The mudroom door had reportedly been damaged and forced open.

The woman told state police she was sleeping in her upstairs bedroom when she heard noises in the kitchen downstairs. She said she stabbed the suspect after he refused to leave, state police said. The woman called 911 and Lord was taken to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield.

Lord was reportedly arraigned Monday in Northampton District Court on charges of breaking and entering at nighttime with intent to commit a felony, assault, malicious destruction of property, unarmed burglary and assault, operating under the influence of liquor (second offense), leaving the scene of property damage, receiving stolen property, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, driving with a suspended or revoked license; and other traffic offenses.

In March, Lord was found guilty of drunken driving and had his driver’s license suspended, according to Wolferseder’s report. In that 2018 incident, Lord was alleged to have intentionally struck a police officer with a car in Williamsburg.

I feel like we’re kind of glazing over the ending there. He was arrested just a year ago for hitting a Williamsburg cop with his car while drunk? And he’s not in jail? What happened?

Adam A. Lord Jr. of Chicopee has pleaded not guilty to various charges associated with a Saturday incident in which he is alleged to have intentionally struck a police officer with his car two times. Lord, 19, is charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, operating a motor vehicle without a license, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, assault and battery on a police officer, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, transporting alcohol as a minor and possessing an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle. Lord’s passenger, Sean Dauber, 47, was also arrested under obstruction of justice charges for allegedly “removing an open bottle of rum from the vehicle,” court records state.

This was his passenger.

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I for one see nothing weird or creepy about a 47 year old man in mesh shorts and knee high socks hangs out with a 19 year old degenerate who drives him around drunk in the middle of nowhere.

What I am wondering though, is how someone who seems to have grown up in the Williamsburg – Chesterfield area came under the impression that he’s some sort of hoodrat hero.

Sir, you were stabbed by an elderly woman in a nightie. How are you going to explain that one in jail? You can’t even say that a rival gang member cut you up because you stiffed him on a drug deal. You have to tell the boys in prison that you’re there because you broke into a 77 year old woman’s home, she gave you a chance to leave, you decided not to take her up on her offer, so she stabbed you twice. And then, in the most emasculating turn of events possible, you asked her to call the police for you. Waiting for the State Police to get there from Northampton or Russell must’ve not been very awkward at all.

“So, sonny, I stabbed your bitch ass. Would you like a cup of tea?”


In this state it sadly wouldn’t surprise me if the old lady was charged for not retreating in her own home. If she had shot him there’s no doubt in my mind she’d be in trouble. So the lesson here is simply then – if you try breaking into an old lady’s home in Chesterfield, you better come strapped. Because elderly women in Chesterfield don’t play, and they will stab a ho.


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