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Childless Bangor Man Brags About Destroying Small Businesses With Fraudulent Reviews For Not Agreeing With COVID Mandates




This is Jeff Kirlin, a speech pathologist, part-time photographer, and Democratic party operative from Bangor, Maine.

Shamus Shitdick is the face of modern day liberalism and the Democratic party as a whole – financially sound, pretentious glasses, educated elitist, looks down on non-college degree laborers while pretending to champion them, constant need to virtue signal about what a good person he is, and pretends to care about the plight of people of color while intentionally living in a state that has almost no diversity.

Jeff is infamous for riling up online mobs to attack local businesses if the business owners don’t completely align with his brand of left wing politics. His latest victim is this woman:

Joanna Cates Liberatore recently opened some sort of IV therapy business called Riverlight Restorative Health. Her husband Anthony is an orthodontist who owns a business called Smiles Inc, and is an elected official on the Hampden School Committee, which voted not to force their children to wear masks in school.

They believe in medical freedom, oppose the abusive and scientifically unnecessary practice of masking children in schools (we are the only Western nation in the world that does this), and don’t believe that people should lose their livelihoods for choosing not to take a vaccine that clearly doesn’t do much to stop the transmissions of COVID. Because Anthony voted against the abusive practice of masking children Jeff decided to belittle him as an “anti-vaxxer,” demeaned his profession, and urged his friends to give Smiles Inc fraudulent bad reviews.


Just a reminder, while Anthony helps straighten people’s teeth out for the rest of their lives, Jeff is a grown man who takes pictures of stuff. He’s also a SPEECH PATHOLOGIST who wants kids to wear masks, which is the last thing any qualified speech pathologist would suggest. He’s quite possibly the least essential person who has ever existed, which is why he was so proud to “stay the fuck home” during the pandemic.

Because absolutely nobody would miss him if he did.

As for Joanna’s business, he believes any customer who dies there will deserve it because Joanna has different political opinions than he does.

He’s really proud of himself for saying outrageous things to hurt people online and then calling these same people butthurt when they don’t like it.

He’s so self important that he believes businesses should “play it safe” by staying below his radar.

Lest he send a mob to give your business fraudulent reviews. What a badass.

Save some chicks for the rest of us dude.

Normally Jeff Kirlin targets people like this, but in Joanna’s case he decided to show her mercy, and announced on Facebook that unlike other businesses he sent mobs after she would be receiving a reprieve.

The orchard he went after a few weeks ago over politics was Treworgy’s.

Cake Mama is a family owned business that just opened in August of 2020, supports the police, and makes some amazing looking cakes.

Naturally they were an easy target.

Bangor is one of the largest towns in the second congressional district of Maine, which is one of 2 states that doesn’t give all of its electoral votes to one candidate. Instead both of their congressional districts give one vote based on which candidate wins there. The first congressional district is solidly blue, but Bangor’s district voted for Trump twice, and has one of the most highly contested congressional races every two years (a Democrat won the same year Trump won). It is one of the country’s most important swing districts, and for that reason political campaigns often stop there during the height of the election season.

In September of 2020 Donald Trump Jr. was in town and bought a cake from CakeMama, which they posted on Facebook. It created tons of controversy, as you would imagine.

Republicans cannot eat cake. The left simply won’t allow it. So Jeff Kirlin made it his business to send a mob and flood their reviews on Google and Facebook.

Afterwards Jeff and his tolerant friends bragged about how blowing up a one month old family business was the “best day of the pandemic,” and how she “shut the fuck up and never referenced me again” after that.

He’s so hardcore.

Take THAT Cake Mama!

Nice to see Joe Bartek took the day off from trying to look like Santa Sex Offender to damage people he never met before because they voted for someone he doesn’t agree with.

They’re the good guys. Steffi Leigh too.

Because I like to take business and medical advice from human sperm banks.

Destroying local business is something Jeff is quite proud of, and he really hates it when business owners whine about it.

You’re a pathetic old bespectacled beta male who types words on Facebook. You’re not nearly the bad ass you think you are.

He regularly mocks healthcare workers, who know much more about healthcare than he ever will about science, and thinks it’s funny when they lose their jobs and are unable to provide for their families because they don’t want to be vaccinated for something that isn’t a serious threat to their lives.


Again, every one of those people is smarter than him and more useful to the functioning of our society. We need them, but we definitely do not need Jeff Kirlin.

Jeff pretends to be a morally altruistic person who wants you to get vaccinated because he really cares about saving lives. Meanwhile he cheers when the unvaccinated die from COVID, which is like laughing when a fat person has a heart attack.

He calls it “improving the gene pool” when his political adversaries die.

He just goes and says the quiet part out loud –

He wants you to die because you’re not as smart as him. You wasted your time going to community college and opened your own business. He got a bunch of degrees from elite schools and rubs elbows with the elitists, movers, and shakers in Maine. He’s a much better person than you, and the thought of you dying makes him harder than a suitcase full of Viagra.

These are not people we can agree to disagree with. They are psychologically damaged Nazis who want you dead, and they must be destroyed. The quicker you realize that they are your enemy the better.

Despite being a miserable and childless old man who proudly has gotten three shots of the vaccine that he believes works, he still believes children he has no contact with should be forced to smother themselves with masks in school and get vaccinated for a virus that presents no threat to them.

Don’t get it twisted though – he has absolutely no intention of wearing masks while indoors with his friends, despite being at much higher risk of dying from COVID than a child.

None of the people telling you to be afraid of coronavirus are actually afraid of coronavirus. This is all about powerless people getting off on telling you what to do so they can convince themselves they’re the good guys.

The ironic part about this is that the world would be a much, much better place if Jeff Kirlin simply stopped existing tomorrow. He has no real friends, and he couldn’t find anyone to marry him or give him children, so he takes his anger and frustration out on more accomplished and loved strangers, because it makes him feel less awful about himself. He’s not used to people like me punching back and putting him in his place.

Nevertheless, I hereby invite Jeff to come on the Live Show tomorrow night to discuss his behavior and why he thinks it’s OK to advocate for child abuse while harming those who don’t. Message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson if you’re interested Jeff!


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