Childless Chicopee Man Price Gouges To Raise Money For Imaginary Daughter, Turns Down Free Food, Says He’s Not An Addict, Removes Post And Price Gouges For Imaginary Wedding


Community yard sale pages on Facebook are filled with scammers and drug addicts looking to rip people off in order to fund their habits. When this was posted in the 413 Sell it All Facebook group, it raised a few red flags.

Needs it gone tonight? Why would you desperately need to sell some speakers at almost 10 PM on a Sunday?

He needs money to buy food for his “daughter,” who is an infant awake at 10 PM, and who for some reason has not eaten any food. This child, who I’m sure is VERY real, is completely dependent on Zachary Martin from Chicopee’s ability to sell bluetooth speakers on Facebook. If he can’t sell them then she starves to death. And he seems more than capable of raising his own crotch fruits.

He says he paid $400 for those speakers, but for some reason has to get rid of them tonight for half price. Sure he could just obtain employment or apply for government assistance, but instead he’s elected to price gouge on Facebook.

Except there’s just one problem.

He doesn’t appear to have a daughter. Just a girlfriend, a bad haircut, and a pile of broken dreams.

I know some people don’t put pictures of their kids up on Facebook, but there seems to be no trace whatsoever that Mr. Martin has created his own crotch fruit. He has created his own Google trophies though.

I guess he was banking on no one using the Google machine to see that the pile of crap he was selling isn’t actually worth the $800 he claimed it was.

He also posted this close to 10 PM and said his daughter was hungry. This would lead any rational person to ask him, “Why do you have custody of a child if you depend on people buying your overpriced, possibly stolen tradable goods in order to feed them? And why on earth are you waiting until 10 PM to do this?” He only had one thing to say to people who questioned his pill seeking behavior.

Mind your own business. If he chooses to starve his imaginary child and let her stay up all hours of the night, then that’s a parenting decision he has to make on his own. Please, do not criticize the parenting skills of this law abiding, non-drug addicted, upstanding member of society.

Then came the whining about hard it is to be poor.

Putting food in an imaginary baby’s mouth isn’t as easy as it looks guys. You have to (gasp) get a job, and work for a living. It’s the worst.

And just in case you had any reservations about his truthfulness, a kind-hearted gentleman offered to take the speakers in exchange for a week’s worth of food for his family.

What a kind offer! If his story was real then Mr. Martin could get the food he so desperately needed while avoiding a trip to the grocery store (which is a real burden when you don’t have a license). But instead of addressing the offer he just complained some more about how hard it is being poor, and something about his imaginary daughter being in danger of her “biological family.”

So I guess it’s not his kid anymore. He just takes in strays who get abused by their real parents, but he only feeds them if he’s able to successfully sell bluetooth speakers on 413 Sell it All at 10 PM.

When someone mentioned DCF he didn’t want to hear about that.

Luckly for Mr. Martin the DCF fairy cannot confiscate your child if they don’t exist.

And in one of the most obvious self giveaways of all time Zachary accidentally exposed himself when someone brought up the offer for free food again.

Zachary Martin: “I need money so I can buy food for my family and daughter.”

Also Zachary Martin: “I’m not gonna take the food ur offering.”

He wants food, he just wants to add unnecessary steps in between in order to acquire it. Now please give him your money and assume that it won’t be spent on drugs.

According to him the reason he had to turn down the free food was also because he wants to be strong and independent.

And nothing says “independent” quite like depending on other people to give you money to “survive.”

Then just hours later he was selling a PS3.

This 2007 technology is in great condition, so he wasn’t willing to go under $55 for it. But this time he was raising money for a new cause.

His $55 wedding. Luckily the child got some all you can eat Chinese buffet and no longer required bluetooth revenue.

When someone brought up the fact that he literally was raising money for a starving child just a couple hours previously, he accused her of being a stalker.

Sounds legit.

Also, he’s going to report anyone who posts his screenshots for harassment.

So scared.

People like this only do what they do because they’re counting on no one calling them out. They do it because they know that enablers will line up to make excuses for them.

“There is no good reason to call him out.”

Actually, there’s a great reason to call him out. For one, he’s lying about having a child and an upcoming wedding. But more importantly he’s also probably an addict, and you’ll be complicit in his demise if he uses your money to buy drugs. You’re not a good person because you’re too cowardly to call these people out on their public behavior.


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