Childless Worcester Musician Starts $80K GoFundMe For His Birthday To Pay Off Student Loans From Private Music School


Here’s your GoFundMe scam of the day from Worcester “musician” Chris Kazarian.

This is what a world looks like where people have no shame. It’s the healthiest economy in American history and a grown man wants 4,444 Facebook friends to just give him $20 because it’s his 30th birthday and he doesn’t feel like paying back the $80,000 he voluntarily chose to borrow to pay for a worthless degree.

There are no words for how pathetic this is.

The worst part is that he says he wants to “normalize” begging strangers to pay for the poor life decisions of others. So while his friends made personal sacrifices to pay off their loans, or went to state school, or perhaps didn’t go to college at all, he went on a $100,000 three year vacation to music school and emerged with absolutely nothing of value to show for it. He wants these people to now bail him out because he wanted to become a free spirit instead of an actual man.

Here’s an idea – maybe you’re not making money playing music because you’re not very good at it. I challenge you anyone to listen to this entire video and say “I’d like to give him money to hear the entire album” after you’re done.

That song gave me ear cancer. Newsflash – growing your hair out and paying a lot of money for equipment doesn’t mean you’re an actual musician. Give up the dream because it’s clearly going nowhere.

The explanation is even worse.

So let me get this straight. He left a state school (UMass) because it wasn’t providing any promise of a great music career, to go to the much more expensive Berklee School of Music, which clearly has not provided him with a great music career either. Maybe because it’s stupid, cliche, and ridiculous for a grown man to think he can still make it as a musician at the age of 30. Face the facts dude, you’re just not very good. You might be able to play a few songs, but at the end of the day no one is willing to pay you for it which makes it a hobby. You’re not a musician, you’re just a grown man who refuses to face reality.

The sobbing continued….

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His mother is paying off half is loans too.

This is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read in my entire life.

According to Chris, “trying to establish myself as an adult has become next to impossible.”

You know what’s a great way to establish yourself as an adult? Getting a real job and pay your own bills instead relying on Mommy and Facebook.

It gets worse….

He wants to live on his own? As in, he currently lives with Mom? That’s what it sounds like to me. A grown man with no children and no mortgage, whose student loans are being subsidized by his mother, wants other people to take care of his finances so he can try to become a grownup. Maybe instead of worrying about going to birthday parties he should fid a way to be a self-sufficient adult.

In a sane world a post like this would get absolutely destroyed, because I’m sure many of his 4,444 Facebook friends would like to tell him what a loser he sounds like. Because they all have grownup problems too, but they’d never lower themselves to do something like this.

But instead you have Sarah here praising him for being “open” about the “serious problem” that he voluntarily took on instead of staying at UMass and pursuing an actual career.

This is the world we’re living in now. A place where you’re considered brave for “speaking out” about how pathetic you are because you used the handclap emoji like AOC taught you.

He also has a girlfriend apparently.

So that’s two incomes, no children, and no mortgage. But he can’t pay his bills.

One woman who actually appears to be a responsible adult announced that she paid off $70K in student loans, and the reaction was just priceless.

Show me your ways!! Teach me about this thing called, “responsibility.” I’m not familiar with it.

Is there ANY doubt who he voted for? I mean ANY doubt at all???!!!

Of COURSE he voted for Bernie!! Because it’s a rule that every sad, pitiful, self loathing, talentless clown is required to vote for Bernie. Gownups know that Bernie is a moron who has also never had a real job, and got kicked out of a commune because he wouldn’t do his chores. Bernie Sanders, and everything he preaches is cancer. It appeals to stupid, lazy people who don’t want to grow up and be responsible adults. It leads to people like Chris Kazarian starting GoFundMe’s like this with zero shame, and it needs to be called out more often.


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