City Of Boston Is Building 800 Low Income Housing Units Because City Councillor Kendra Lara Won’t Move Out Of Her Low Income Housing Unit That She Doesn’t Qualify For 


Yesterday Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced that the city would be spending $67 million to build 800 income restricted housing units.

They call this an “investment,” but I’ve yet to see a city where the addition of housing projects has ever improved the quality of life for people who live there. Investments are supposed to yield more money in return for what you put in. This is just gonna lead to more crime, but it won’t be in Michelle Wu’s neighborhood so she doesn’t care. The projects will mostly be in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Jamiaca Plain.

But what’s really interesting is that standing behind Mayor Wu at the press conference was City Councillor Kendra Lara.

This is relevant because in September we were first to report that the woke District 6 Councillor lives in income restricted housing in Jamaica Plain that she does not qualify for due to her salary.



One month later Lara was part of a 9-4 majority that voted to increase her salary to $125K by 2026, and $115K this year.

Yet no other media outlet has written about this because providing cover for powerful people is what the Boston Globe does better than anyone. Then again, they also didn’t report how we did a records request which proved that she lied at a City Council meeting when she said received daily emails calling her the n word, and that she participated in a naked post-sex video that included her 5 year old autistic son. Last time the Globe reported the truth about Lara she lashed out at them.

They fear her the same way they used to fear Monica Cannon-Grant, and for the same reasons.

The City wouldn’t need 800 additional low income housing units if they just kicked out people like Lara who don’t qualify for the existing low income housing units. Instead they’re “investing” $67 million to avoid holding people like her responsible.


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