CNN Covers For Dasha Kelly, Says She Considers Herself Like A Mom, Fox News Steals Our Story Without Crediting


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On Saturday CNN responded to our reporting on the ongoing Dasha Kelly GoFundMe scam, announcing that they were investigating claims that she was not the mother of the three girls who she used as bait to solicit $233K via GoFundMe.

That investigation was concluded in all of 24 hours, and instead of removing their original story, or providing any sort of editor’s note or update, they simply retitled their original reporting and changed the wording in the article.

A single mother of 3 is going to elicit a lot more sympathy and donations than the girlfriend of an unemployed able bodied male who doesn’t like paying her rent. The girl’s father, David Allison, had to have left the apartment intentionally when CNN was taping, which means they both knew that too.

The newest version of the story, which CNN has not acknowledged was originally misreported, says that Dasha Kelly cares for the girls part time. It also repeats the lie, without evidence, that Dasha lost her job as a Las Vegas card dealer due to the pandemic. Dasha Kelly was never a card dealer and her current employment status has nothing to do with the pandemic. CNN knew this woman lied to them about being the mother of three children, but took her word that she was laid off as a card dealer in order to promote the bigger picture that 11 million deadbeats were in danger of getting evicted.

Their story also wrongly states that the GoFundMe was started on Monday August 2, and that within 24 hours it had raised all this money. It briefly acknowledges at the end that the real mother is Shadia Hilo, which they only know because we interviewed her on Thursday night.

But that is also a lie. The GoFundMe was started on July 14, which CNN is well aware of since it says it right on there.

The most recent update from Dasha Kelly acknowledges that during the first month it was up she had not received a single donation. She also admits that CNN contacted her, wanting to share her story.

But how would CNN have found this random story in Nevada that had raised no money and had no buzz if Dasha Kelly did not contact them to promote it? Simple – CNN searched for keyword “eviction” in the GoFundMe search bar, knowing that the eviction moratorium would be a contentious political issue, because they needed a tear jerking story to get ratings. And the very first fundraiser out of 18,735 that comes up when you search for eviction on GoFundMe is Dasha Kelly’s.

Her update on August 4 is filled with lies, repeatedly referring to the girls as “my family.” She also says that she’s buying a car, which will allow her to work again, even though she told CNN that the reason she couldn’t work is because she was laid off due to pandemic cut backs.

CNN did offer some updates on their business section, some of which were not included in their “updated” story. They stated that Dasha Kelly “clarified to CNN that she is not the mother of the three children in the story.”

Translation – she lied to us about the most significant aspect of this story and we are now passing it off as a miscommunication.

She allegedly told CNN she only described herself as the mother because she considers herself to be like one to them.

In other words, she identifies as their mother, therefore she’s their mother. These are the same people that tell you that men who identify as women are in fact women, so at least they’re consistent.

The update says that CNN “has learned the children are also cared for by their mother.”

They forgot to point out that they were also raised by Shadia Hilo, belong to her legally, and mostly live with her. Shadia has a job and Dasha does not.

GoFundMe says they will hold onto the funds until they can verify her information.

This means they’re going to give her a pass by giving her the benefit of the doubt that she meant “like a mother to them,” when she repeatedly referred to herself as their mother on CNN.

For the record I don’t believe for a second that CNN actually spoke with Dasha Kelly. Their update said they couldn’t reach her “despite repeated attempts.”

What CNN did here was cover their own ass by downplaying their fake new reporting and characterizing it as a miscommunication. Dasha wouldn’t cooperate with them because she knew she was busted, so they spoke for her.

No one will see this new version of the story because they won’t re-share it on Facebook or Twitter with an update that they got it wrong. Erin Burnett will not invite Cori Bush on to fawn over the children and pat themselves on the back for being so righteous. They already got what they wanted out of this story which was two things:

  1. The CDC to extend the eviction moratorium
  2. COVID fear porn by blaming Dasha’s unemployment on people not wearing masks

CNN exists to make you fear COVID.

They put four reporters on this story, and not only did they get it wrong the first time, they covered for her with their “update” as well. Meanwhile I am a lone man sitting in my home in Worcester County, MA, and I was able to track down and interview the real mother, and report the truth. Let’s meet the four incompetent CNN reporters who got this one wrong.

The story is written by Amanda Jackson, whose bio literally says that she produces content on “trending topics,” and “loves feel good stories.”

That’s why she chose this story. It felt good to her and was trendy. She didn’t care about the truth. Feel free to reach out to her on Twitter @AmandaJ_TX

Dasha herself stated in her interview with Erin Burnett that Kim Berryman was the one who initially reached out to her. Kim is a senior producer.

She has retweeted this story and aided in Dasha Kelly’s fraud repeatedly.

A review of her Twitter timeline shows that she has repeatedly amplified stories about people getting evicted due to the pandemic, along with promoting COVID fear porn.


She can be reached on Twiiter @BerrymanKim.

This story was also aided by “Breaking News” report Aya Elamroussi, who almost exclusively shares stories like Dasha’s, designed to make viewers believe that people not wearing masks and getting vaccinated are the reason that people like Dasha Kelly are getting evicted.

She can be reached on Twitter @aya_elamroussi.

As I am writing this Fox News has now picked up the story after hundreds of you contacted them. However, they have not cited TB Daily News in their reporting. Please reach out to Brian Flood and demand that he do so. His DMs on Twitter are open. I take great pride in my work, did all the reporting on this, and now Fox News is passing it along as their own. This story has the potential to reach millions of viewers, and they deserve to know where it came from.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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