Cole Buckley Livestreamed Himself Getting Arrested For Throwing Bottle At Kyrie Irving, Said He Dindu Nuffin, Then Was Greeted By Bro Hugs And Twisted Tea After Posting Bail


Yesterday I published a blog about Cole Buckley, the Braintree bro who was arrested and charged with a felony for throwing a bottle at Kyrie Irving after the disgraced conspiracy theorist stomped on the Celtics logo following the Nets Game 4 beatdown. I should not that Cole graduated from Braintree High School, not Thayer Academy, not that it matters that much. Later that night Cole was bailed out of jail and returned home to quite the greeting from his homies.

I’m guessing this is the first criminal arrested in Suffolk County that the Mass Bail Fund didn’t pay to get out of jail.

I’m actually glad to see that. I don’t feel bad for him because he chose to do this, and he knew he’d be arrested if he did, but the reaction to what he did is disproportionate to the crime and is only happening because he’s a white kid with a zero fade in Boston. A lot of people would be worried about the fact that it’s going to be.a lot harder to get a job now, or that they’re being wrongly labeled as the face of Boston racism by the blue checkmark brigade, or that URI will probably treat expel him once the mob comes after them too. But apparently 21 year old Cole here is oblivious to how the world works because he just wants to drink Keystone Light and bro it out with his friends.

Here’s another video he uploaded to Snapface that was sent to us today in case you had any inclination to feel bad for him, showing Cole livestreaming his arrest while screaming “they’re trying to arrest the wrong guy right now.”

That man right there is heavily inebriated and isn’t worried about his plight in the least. If he doesn’t care then neither should you. But he clearly has no idea the level of woke justice that’s about to reign down on him. He’s about to get the January 6th treatment.

There was a lot of negative blowback my way for writing about it, as can be seen in the comments on our Facebook post. (Follow Turtleboy on Facebook by clicking here to keep up with the banter):

Here’s a sampling of some of the complaints:

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Calm down Susan. You are the reason women couldn’t vote until 1920.

  1. Your Dad dying doesn’t give you a license to whip bottles at NBA players, no matter how horrible they are.
  2. He didn’t do this because he was “just set free due to COVID.”
  3. The MSM will paint him with a racist brush, but I’m not going to think twice about writing a story about someone because I’m worried about the liberal spin that others will put on it. I don’t cover for anyone.
  4. Black people can be doctors too.
  5. The funniest part about the whole thing was his recent Facebook post about protecting the environment because he’s now famous for littering.
  6. No other ratchet I’ve blogged about would get this level of excuse making from turtle riders. Just admit it – you’re biased. You only want me to crap on hardcore ratchets and BLM douchebags. I get it, they really suck. But you read TB because I’m consistent and call out ratchet behavior no matter who is doing it.

There is no way this person has EVER said “mistakes are made and hopefully become teachable moments” in regards to ANY other person previously featured on TB. If you have a problem with this blog but you like the other ones then you are the hypocrite, not me.

How bout this Sam? Instead of taking your advice I’m just gonna go ahead and keep writing whatever I feel like and you’re gonna keep reading it, because that will forever be the extent of our relationship. Good talk, see you outside.

Oh I see, Sam isn’t really a turtle rider. I know you’re a stupid person Sam, and I’m embarrassed to have you as a casual reader, but I’ll explain it to you anyway. I posted this on Sunday night as a joke:

I hate Talcum X and I’ve written about him many times before. But it would be hilarious if we fed him intentionally false information that led to him wrongly doxxing a horrible ratchet like Michael Giannetti to millions of people. Because Giannetti literally killed multiple women by feeding them drugs. Smart people got the joke. Dumb people like you needed it explained to them.

For the record, I called out Kyrie Irving in the blog too, which none of these morons seemed to read.

“Kyrie earned that bottle thrown at him yesterday.”

Boom. Roasted.

Never speak again.

Let’s be clear – this kid is going to be overcharged because he’s a white Boston fan. He will become a sacrifice to wokeness in order to prove that the system isn’t racist, but in reality it will be doing just that. Rachael Rollins will throw the book at him specifically because he’s a white kid from Braintree who came into her county and threw an object at a rich black douchebag, while letting actual dangerous criminals go free. But Kyrie Irving is a bitch who got exactly what was coming to him. He knew was asking for it the moment he stepped on the logo, and unfortunately he got exactly what he wanted.

Fans have been throwing objects at athletes for years without one of them whining about racism. Tomorrow night on the Turtle Club live show I’ll be showing incidents that were much worse than this to show just how overblown this whole thing was. Click here to become a member. It’s not like you’ll have to waste your time watching the Celtics get kicked out of the playoffs. Kevin Garnett responded to Kyrie stepping on Lucky but not a single current player has. If they don’t care then why should you?

Also, if Cole wants to come on the Live Show at all this week he’s more than welcomed to email me at [email protected] because I assume he’s 10 years too young to use Facebook.


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